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Question 1: How Malaysian-owned Freight Delivery Service companies could be transformed to be At least at par with Fredex’s position?

Question 2: How Fedex could help the aims of transferring Malaysian Electronic based Business become reality?

Question 3:  How IT strengthens Fedex's position in the industry?

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Executive Summary 

The study done in the assignment focuses on the implication of the IT system within the business sector. Special focus has been laid on the Fedex Company, which is a well-known postal company famous for delivering couriers or parcels for their customers overnight. The following study will be representing the background of the company. Ways have been discussed, which can be used by the Malaysian based Freight Delivery Service, can adopt for strengthening their positions like Fedex. Further, discussion done is on how Fedex can help those companies implicating the IT system within their working process and achieve their aim.



The assignment offers a detailed discussion on the innovative and creative skills in business with reference to FEDEX Company.  Therefore, background of the company has been discussed in detail. Further, focus has been laid on studying how the freight delivery company owned by a Malaysian company could be transformed as par position with Fedex (Hickman & Silva, 2018).  Hence, discussions have been made on how Fedex helped the Malaysian Electronic based business become reality.  Thereby, in depth, study of the case study has been done and the ways by which IT can help Fedex to strengthen its position is discussed. 

Background of the company 

FEDEX or Federal Express was founded in the early seventies by Frederick Wallace Smith. Fedex’s headquarter has been found to be situated in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. In the starting days, the company started it courier delivery services.  Fedex is also known as the powerhouse of the Fedex Corporation. The company tends to provide its service within twenty four to forty eight hours with door-to-door delivery system and money back guarantee. They started it courier delivery services on the year 1973 in the month of March 12.  The company started its first Asia Pacific Hub in the Subic Bay, Philippines in the year 1995 of September and started their overnight service with AsiaOne network. The company’s Asia headquarter is located in Hong Kong (Adie, 2017).The company is based on the innovative hub and spokes concept. Currently, Fedex connects eighteen financial and economic centers in the region through the Asia Pacific Hub. The company at present has more than 138,000 employees working within the company. In addition, for the proper infrastructure the company is able to provide reliable services and faster.  Other resource present in the company includes six hundred forty three aircrafts, 42,969 drop-off locations and 43,000 vehicles.  The company has been able to cope up with the rapid growth in the courier delivery services and maintained customer satisfaction and loyalty (Nowak & Hough, 2018).

Question 1: How Malaysian-owned Freight Delivery Service companies could be transformed to be At least at par with Fredex’s position  

Fedex has been considered as one of the successful company in the world with the implementation of the IT within their working. Therefore, with the evolution of the IT Fedex has showed that it can be one of the major tools which will help in the development of the business.  
However, with the implication of IT strategies in Fedex the following working strategy will be easier for the transferring the Malaysian  owned Freight Delivery Services at par with Fedex’s position as follows:
Implication of Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia refers to the postal delivery system and is among one of the oldest courier delivery system dating back from early 1800s.  It is a registered mail delivery system, which offers postal services in many countries and Pos Malaysia verifies the sender before accepting the courier that is to be delivered (Izzah, Rifai & Yao, 2016). Thereby, electronic verification is also included in the whole process, which confirms that, the delivery.  For attracting more number of people using this service the Pos Malaysia can use make interactive videos, which will represent their way of working to all the customers and for the others. Followed by they can use tracking devices in the couriers they are shipping and upgrade their current technologies. Employees should be trained efficiently with the use of the IT System for smooth flow of work. Hence, they can also introduce new overnight delivery system with the implications of  IT (Roslan, Mohd Nor & Wahab, 2015).
 Implication of SkyNet

SkyNet refers to the fictional neural net-based artificial intelligence and conscious group that features centrally in the terminator franchise and acts as the main antagonist in the system. SkyNet system can be implemented in the delivery process (Nowak & Hough, 2018). This will help the Tedex to use the super tracker system, which in return will be allowing the employees for tracking their deliveries. Implication of SkyNet within the system if integrated within the mobile apps, then the consumers will be access the detailed information about their couriers.  Hence, the time the parcels and the destinations reached will be known to the consumers and help them to receive the parcels in the given time (Kollara, 2017). Further, this will enable the consumers to communicate properly with the drivers and guide them to give their parcels and if drop off is necessary can be done.
 Implication of PosLaju-subsidiary of Pos Malaysia

PosLaju- subsidiary is also a part present within the Pos Malaysia. In this system of Pos Malaysia, PosLaju Subsidiary provides facilities like the packing should be obtaining organized packing technologies system as they receive several parcels in a day (Houck, 2015). This will help them to sort out the parcels accordingly and thereby, this process will help to enhance the whole working done within the workplace. Further, with the implementation of the Pos Laju subsidiary will help to reduce the mistakes, which normally occurs. Thereby, the damages caused can be prevented to some extent compared to using the traditional manual method, which is being used (Crew & Brennan, 2015).

Question 2: How Fedex could help the aims of transferring Malaysian Electronic based Business become reality 

Fedex can help the developed aim of the Malaysian based electronic business for transferring into reality by numerous ways as follows:

a)      Effective communication and using of the Electronic Data Interchange, this will help in transferring the data from one computer to another.This enables for proper handling the high transactional traffics among the companies and hence, helps in exchanging the formatted orders in business orders and the payments that are being done (Grosse, 2016).

b)  The communication and the service network of Fedex is very large thereby, they will be able to help to the Malaysian electronic based business transferring into reality (Bidgoli, 2016).This is possible as the Fedex covers a huge geographic area within their system of working and this will hence, enable for the transactions to be done properly.

c)  Time management is strictly followed by the Fedex. Fedex tends to deliver their services overnight an on time (Li,Jiang, Yang & Wu, 2018). Thereby, the Malaysian electronic based company
can trust on the Fedex for involving them into their business. The working strategy used b y the Fedex Company helps in running of the B2B transactions that are being done within the company.

d) Fedex aims in delivering the couriers to the customers without making any damage to
them. So, the Malaysian electronic based company can be ensured that their
goods will be transferred to the proper places safely and without being damaged.
Safety conditions remain one of the vital factors and among the users who are availing
the service of e-commerce transactions.

e)  Fedex works in well and organized manner. They have their own ecommerce assist,
which helps both the users and the workers to deliver the parcels on time. The users are able to track their parcels and thereby, they can contact their person delivering them and guide them. Provided this also helps the person delivering the parcels.

f)   The Malaysian electronic based company can rely on the Fedex on their services as
the company uses Zapmail service. The Zapmail service uses the fax machine within the workplace for transferring the required reports to the customers residing in the urban communities (Shenkar, Luo & Chi, 2014). The report made helps the consumers that the work is done properly from both the sides and ensures that their parcels are delivered safely.

g)  During the process of working Fedex uses the Tele hub system. By using Tele hub system
Fedex is able to record the information and thereby conveying the same to all and connect to the earth station (Stephenson, 2018).

h)  Fedex also uses the DADS within their working. This is a network system present nationwide
and provides dispatch network. This is also a two-way system of communication of data, which help in communicating daily with the customers for the delivery orders and the pickups.

Question 3:How IT strengthens Fedex's position in the industry 

It is able to strengthen Fedex’s position in the industry in the following ways as follows:

a)   Fedex is a well-known brand known worldwide.  Fedex is well established and in terms of their relations with the foreign countries. Fedex uses the It system within their working strategies for effectively communicating with the customers (Meysmans, 2014). Offering the customers with the express mail services and delivering the parcels in the time promised. Fedex develops apps which uses the IS or the Information Systems for the making it easier for the customers which they can also access from their smart phones and thereby, tracking their parcels from anywhere.

b)  Fedex is also well known for delivering their parcels within twenty-four hours to forty-eight
hours and door-to-door delivery is being done. They also have policy for refunding the transactions done if any issue occurs during the whole process. Due to the overnight delivery system, Fedex profits in increasing the costs. These in return benefit the whole company. Hence, the customers are ensured that they will receive the parcels in proper condition and within the time. The customers recognize the work done efficiently also so they tend to avail the overnight delivery service provided by the Fedex (PilinkienÄ—, DeltuvaitÄ—, DaunorienÄ— & Gaidelys, 2017).

c)  By the implication of the IT in the system of  Fedex, it provides an innovative applications within the current system. This innovative system further helps in providing direct strategic
benefits to the companies of the same type and help in competing with their rivals. Fedex being the first company to develop, create databases that can be accessible to the customers through the internet system. Thereby, it is also the first company to adopt the IT system and used it for tracking the locations of the each and individual package that have been registered within their

d) Another system, which is used by the Fedex, can be the service differentiation. Service differentiation helps the companies which are using the IS system integrated within their system by differentiating their services in various ways. One of the methods used is the barcode system. Not all can access the bar codes, thus, it is reliable for detecting the items present and to be mailed. This ensures safe and secure delivering of the parcels and the whole process.

e)  The Fedex can also use the JIT/ electronic inventory. By implementing this system, it
will create links among the organization and can alter the balance power of the
relationship with customers (Zhang, Kolte, Kettinger & Yoo, 2018). This will help in enhancing the relationships with the customers as they can directly communicate through the internet system and resolve any issue occurred during their working.


The study done above provides us in depth knowledge about the company Fedex. Fedex started their journey from delivering their parcels overnight and with twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours. Thereby, the efficient working done by all the resources available of the company. The implications of IT for the development and strengthen their own business is been discussed in detail. In addition, focus has been laid on the implication of the IT and the Fedex for enhancing the business of electronic company that is Malaysian based. Further, discussions have been done on how the implication of the IT system helped in strengthens the position of the Fedex company more strongly.