INP201 Meriton Groups Workplace Against Effective Communication Principles Assessment Answer

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Subject Code and Title
INP201 – Industry Practicum 1
Industry Practicum Report
2000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes
  1. Apply knowledge, skill and abilities developed through prior studies to the work environment.
  2. Exhibit knowledge, skills and attributes of an effective member of a team through appropriate responses to projects and/or tasks.
  3. Analyse the impact the role has on the overall success of the department and organisation.
  4. Evaluate the interplay and relationship the organisation has within its microenvironment


The content/research for this report should be compiled throughout the subject and submitted at the end of a 400 hour industry placement. The aim of the report is to fully analyse the chosen workplace against the studied theory and principles of successful business and its environment. It offers an opportunity to apply and test the knowledge and skills of prior learning to a specific establishment in the chosen industry and will aid in the identification of further development needs.


The focus of the Report should be on critically analysing your industry placement organisation within its microenvironment. Your analyses should carefully contextualise the principles and theory studied in this course as well as other prior learning courses to your specifically approved industry placement company. The company should be fully introduced and its workings analysed in a full business report. You may use your findings in your reflection journal to inform your report.

The report should:

  • Be submitted in Week 11 after completion of the 400 hour industry placement.
  • Be written as a full business report (executive summary, page of contents, introduction, body, conclusion and reference list).
  • Consist of 2000 words (+/- 10%).
  • Thoroughly introduce the company as part of the introduction.
  • Analyse the company in the context of the studied topics in the modules of this course.
  • Clearly show the application of theory, principles and previous learning to the analyses.
  • Identify and motivate areas for improvement in context of the findings of the analyses.
  • Show thorough research of the business environment the company operates in.
  • Be fully referenced using the APA style both in-text as well as in a suitable reference list at the end of the report.

Use the following guiding notes as a framework for the report:

  • You are required to compile a comprehensive business report on the organisation you are doing your work experience at. The report should focus on critically analysing the organisation in terms of the theory and principles we studied during this course and prior studies with a focus on:
    • The strategic goals and structure of the organisation
    • The organisation’s culture
    • Communication in the organisation
    • Leadership in the organisation
    • Teamwork in the organisation and
    • Motivation in the organisation.
  • Be very specific in the analyses and comment on good practice as well as motivate areas for improvement in your organisation.
  • Use the prescribed sources as basis for information and extend these sources through the application of prior learning and further research, especially the business environment the organisation operates in. Good referencing is essential.
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Answer :

Industry Practicum Report

Executive summary 

The report has evaluated the Meriton Group's workplace against effective communication principles and Tuckman's theory for team building. The slogan of the company as MERIT with M for motivated, E for efficient, R for respectful and I for Innovative team. The corporate culture of less supportive team members and the poorly communicated workplace has caused new staffs, particularly for the guest service agent to have a hard time to fit in the organization. In such a situation, the application of Tuchman's team-building theory and principle for effectiveness communication practised in the organization has been adequate to foster workplace effectiveness. It has been recommended for the company to diversify their service department construction, innovate and utilized technological aspect to stay competitive at the international level of construction industry competitiveness. 

Introduction to the company 

The Meriton Group is the leading successful and biggest hotel corporate developing and depending speedily on a routine basis. The organization has nearly 75,000 apartments across Australia. The company was founded in the year 1963, where Meriton has been substantial gain impression within Australian hotel business environment. The organization noted to sell apartments and manage serviced apartments lodging or accommodation under the brand of Meriton Suites in the Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney (Meriton_corporate_profile, 2019). The year 2014 has been a good time for the apartment developers leading business's annual income reached nearly 50% to the £ 1.82 billion letting Meriton get 11th place within IBISWorld’s top 500 corporate. This report aims to thoroughly evaluate the selected workplace against the studied principles and theory of successfully corporate and its environment. It will provide an opportunity to test and apply the skills as well as knowledge of the before learning to the particular establishment within the selected industry. Later, the report will assist in the identification of further development requirements.  

Company in the context of the studied topics in the modules 

The Meriton has nearly 15,000 apartments within the improvement pipeline. In the current years, the organization transferred its concentration to offer recreational, childcare and retail amenities alongside the serviced as well as the residential apartments. The company noted to have the vision to be identified as the leader of the suite within the hotel accommodation industry of Australia (Meriton_corporate_profile, 2019). Concerning the mission, Meriton has constructed its slogan that highlight the meaning of name 'Meriton' as MERIT that stands for Motivated, Efficient, Respectful and Innovative team. As hospitality leaner in William Blue College, it is a proud moment to be part of the Meriton team serving the role of Guest Service agent. It is noted that Meriton has been inefficient to form Beverage and Food department with mainly concentrating on the room designation and services. The corporate structure of Meriton is divisional with owners or managing director to be at top followed by operation, hotel, front-office, and revenue, duty manager with guest service staff, Porter, revenue controller or others. 

The visible values of the Meriton workplace include the physical space, equipment and resources that ultimately alter the behaviour. The organization hold operation in approximately 75,000 apartments across Australia with the resources has been its staffs. The role of Guest service employee or agent noted to need a lot of knowledge and skills about the computer, customer service, skills and informational system. The lack of resources often leads staffs to become rude, short-tempered and competitive. The communication framework that operated by Meriton has led to its strong values, including sharing of best practices, processing recommendations, bringing strategy between the team members and to all the circumstances. The invisible benefits of the workplace are often hard to understand. The component of the hidden interior atmosphere involves beliefs, processes, history and implicit assumptions. In terms of operations, Meriton participating staffs for service outstanding, they offer training topic recommendation and open various opportunities for employees with suggesting its career improvement (Our Story | Meriton Suites, 2019). Thus, employees are encouraged to take adequate care of clients or guests. In context to company’s utilization of stories or ceremonies, it builds a social system that connects all within every Meriton corporate jointly that is called as Kudo walls. In here, all staffs noted to have a personal profile on the network, all positive feedback, achievements and good work are identified and posted on Kodo walls to shared among each other. This facility provided by the organization has formed the second family in which everyone quickly gets to understand each other. Depending on such, the corporate culture is observed to form on caring and sharing for the individuals. The slogan of the Meriton has always been to go ahead and look up. It has been undoubtedly about the improvement of the company in the 16 years operating the market within apartment styles in Goldcoast, Brisbane and Sydney amongst the tallest construction in the world. The Meriton noted to be big, and for an individual, it is not east to fit-in. A non-experienced employee like me; I have got a difficult start because I had to alter my work style to be the best with the latest environment. In working within the organization, an individual had to work as an F&B employee before undertaking job roles; they are poorly communicated and interacted primarily by team members. It has been noted that for a person to succeed in such environment, it is critical to be flexible and active due to trait of the specific job and observed that Meriton culture has been less supportive to employees. On the other hand, the award-giving culture of the company helps everyone grow better and together.  

For an organization, teamwork is the heart of development and sustain within the marketplace. In Meriton, the team development stages involve forming, norming and performing. In the forming stage, the teams for housekeeping, maintenance or front office are developed. In terms of size, the front-office team is small with 218 room to look after and full-time staffs (Our Services | Meriton, 2019). The housekeeping team have one supervisor and manager to be hotel employee having the role of administration in HSK team in the norming stage. The front-office maintenance team had guest service executive, the executive on duty, supervisor of front office in-charge for building strategy to encourage team and feedback from clients or guests. In the performing stage, the team cohesiveness help finish the task efficiently. The group contribution in every month let every person have individual work permitted to perform, support groups and imply deep understanding about the properties. This helps to transform the group into teams, and emotional intelligence is depicted through an election conducted every month to announce 'staff of the month' favoured by teams for the teamwork and best performances. All individuals working in the organization must have the idea to debate, which depict the duration to fix issues and encourage the latest ideas to operate.  

Clearly show the application of theory, principles and previous learning to the analyses 

In context to the previous understanding of the evaluation, the Tuckman’s team building theory would suit best for the Meriton organization. The respective theory is formulated on the approach in which the team tackles the work from the first formation to the group through to the finish of the project (Moser, 2018). The Tuckman’s theory is related explicitly to team building barriers in Meriton workplace with poorly communicated work environment as the situation pertains to finish a particular task led the team. While forming, norming and performing stages has analyzed to be adequate within the selected team formed, the storming and adjourning stage is the specific need to reduce competition or conflicts as person’s personalities emerge. The team performance often reduces in storming phage with energy placed into unproductive actions. In Meriton, the members noted to be often disagreeing on team objective, clique and subgroups might build around areas of conformity or strong personality. For this, adjourning phage focuses on wrapping the completed work and documents the results or efforts. In the selected company there has been regret from team ends about non-participation of the new staffs. Within such a situation, the ceremonial information of team success and work acknowledgement may be beneficial. The action of the team members guides the team cohesiveness and norms. In Meriton, the team norms would be helpful to set the standards for attitudes, performance and behaviour that every team individual is anticipated to follow. Moreover, the existence of ineffective communication between staffs of the different department has led new staffs in Meriton to encounter difficulty in understanding the job roles and workplace practices. In the existence of poorly communicated workplace, the effective communication principles of consistency, adequacy, attention, appropriate language and clarity within ideas are important (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2018).  The prime aim of communication is the appropriate exchange of perception or ideas amongst several individuals working within the Meriton. The procedure of communication would be helpful within the appropriate exchange of the information exchange. In accordance with the principle of consistency, communication framework needs to be maintained consistency within the enterprise objective, its process and process (Quintanilla & Wahl, 2018). It would depict that communication is led as per the corporate policy outlined for the same. It is important for the company to note that the information sufficiency based on the receiver’s capability. In the situation of the less capable receiver, for instance, new employee having a hard time to fit in the corporate culture, more detailed information needs to be communicated. In addition, the principle of feedback is likely to play a critical role. The feedback process helps corporate to recognize the effectiveness of the communication process and efficiently address the failure. 

Identify and motivate areas for improvement in the context of the findings of the analyses 

In references to the findings of the evaluation, it is identified that Mariton properties do not have a Beverage and Food department and corporate largely restricted to services and room designations. There has been the absence of more appealing gestures to the guests to keep them satisfied with the services. The working as the guest service agent has been challenging with diverse role provided to be met with less supportive and well-organized teams. In context to such a situation, it is recommended for Meriton to diversify their functional departments to adapt to the increasing workload effectively. It is important that the company, instead of limited to beverage and food services department, needs to extend F&B business, banquet package including discounted services for guest or clients lodging. The working of guest service agents is recommended to make effectiveness with more attention paid to artificial intelligence and digital transformation for hotel service apartment to meet consumer value with ease. The increased convenience within their consumer service communication and brand investing in technology are beneficial. In the chosen organization, the staffs having a hard time to fit-in may leave the company, and result employer faces an expensive way to lead a business. In such a situation, making on-boarding as the customizable experience would be advantageous. It is recommended to proceed as an essential part to bring new staffs onto the team, and effective on-boarding procedure may help confirm that staffs retain around for the long haul.  

Business environment the company operates in 

The Australian construction industry in which Meriton operate is considered as the designation of economic activity and relatively larger labour employer either indirectly within a huge number or directly as staffs of the small corporate that form the sector. The government takes active intend to develop the health of the construction sector. The Australian construction sector is valued nearly £ 136.27 billion in annual basis contributing nearly 9% towards the GDP growth (Australia - Building & Construction | export, 2019). In specific, engineering construction has observed to encounter improved activity throughout 2019 and 2018 (Pugalis & Tan, 2017). The rise in rail and road projects along with telecommunication or civil infrastructure would be beneficial for Meriton to increase its revenue from engagement within diverse development phage. With the nation losing its international competitiveness, require to innovate. Australia and construction sector of the nation require enhancing their innovation record or else would be left behind. 


In affirmation to the above study, it is concluded that the goals and mission of the company define their strong existence in the business environment. The Meriton Company works well in the construction sector of Australia with the corporate structure to be divisional, where every department has a specific role to play. The corporate culture to less supportive and ineffective communication making it hard to new guest service agent to fit-in, the Tuckman's theory as well as effective communication principles has been a major tool to address such issue.