INP605 Industry Placement: Learning Portfolio Assessment Answer

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Subject Code and NameINP605: Industry Placement
AssessmentLearning Portfolio
Length5000 words
Learning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:
  • Identify & illustrate key performance competencies for success in the industry
  • Critically evaluate the operations of a hospitality, events or tourism organisation from a management perspective
  • Assess and compare the differences of employability trends in a global context
  • Evaluate and implement strategies for personal & professional action planning.
  • Analyse the value of interrelationships between various internal stakeholders to achieve strategic business objectives.
WeightingPart A = 25% Part B = 25%
Mid-term proof of hours=15%
Total proof of hours = 35%
Total Marks100 marks


Part A: Reflective Essay (2,500 words)- Weighting: 25%

To fulfil Part (A) you are to construct a reflective essaythat addresses the following key points:

  • A brief overview of your organization and position.
  • Your performance as it relates tosecuring your placement, particularly the preparation, application and selection process.
  • Critical evaluationyourinduction andtrainingprocesses intothe organization and related department.
  • Identification and comparison of your department’s operating objectives and their alignment with the organization’s overall objectives. Critique of the overall performance concerning departmental andorganizational objectives.
  • Recommendations for improvement of the recruitment, induction and training process of theorganization.

Part B: Report (2,500 words)- Weighting: 25%

To fulfil Part B, you must construct a report that addresses the following key points:

  • Criticallyanalysehowyourdepartment’sinternalandexternalstakeholders contribute toward the department and hotel’s objectives. Draw conclusions from your experience and rely upon academic sources to explain and justify the importance of these relationships.
  • As an internal stakeholder, critically reflect on your performance and contribution toward the department and hotel’s objectives. Consider the following in your response:
    • Your keystrengths;
    • Areas of overall performance that could be improved;
    • How your placement has contributed to your leadership behaviour
    • A justificationof yourlong term (three to five year) career goals and your strategy to achieve them
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