Internal And External Environment Analysis Of A Management Consultancy

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1. Demonstrate an understanding of how to identify client needs and be able to develop appropriate research strategies for consultancy interventions.

2. Appraise the importance of expert tools and techniques to a consultant.

3. Evaluate the relationship between strategic management, leadership and leadership styles and principles that support organisational ethical and value-based approaches to leadership.

4. Evaluate the application of leadership strategies and the impact on organisational direction.

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In today’s fast growing competition in the corporate world, selecting the right candidate for the successful development of an organization is mandatory. Assurance of Learning Ltd., a management training consultancy, prepares people in the field of management by providing the appropriate teachings of management and leadership qualities. Looking at the needs of an organization which is ‘the need to change’, the company follows a method of ‘DISRUPTIVE’ thinking, wherein it is believed that one should fail so that he/she can learn and develop better.


Assurance of Learning Ltd. requires certain criteria for employees for the better development and success of the organization. The most important criteria of the organization is to focus on the presence of proper behavioural skills in its employees, so that a proper relationship is maintained between the organization’s clients and the organization. Other than behavioural skills, the organization looks for a minimum technical knowledge to be present in the candidates who are being hired in the company.

Taking care of such particulars that the organization needs, a proper assessment is made on it. On the basis of this assessment proper analysis is made and recommendations are given. Hence, a proper implementation is done for the selection of the candidates based on the required aspects.

The organization and environment

The client’s need and external environment

As the organization is a management consultancy, it needs skills which are going to complement the policy of the company. The external environment of this company includes its clients, associates, intermediaries, investors and the general public. In order to successfully fulfil the needs of the company and to communicate its goals and policies, the company needs employee, with behavioural skills, because they not only have to deal with the internal factors of the business but also the external factors impacting the business. Behavioural skills that are required are multitasking abilities, time management skills, good communication skill, positive attitude and good sales skill. Certain technical skills are also important for the company but it can be developed with proper training.

The macro level environmental factors, such as political, economical, social, technical, and environmental and the legal processes influence the business decisions and the business operations. It is important to keep all the necessary factors in mind while choosing the employees for the organization. All factors of a business are dealt and manipulated by the work force of the organization, it is vital to assess the candidates appearing for recruitment, on the basis of their behavioural skills as in a consultancy firm one’s attitude and perception matters more that his technical skills. Cultural diversity and gender equity are also an important factor in the company.

Different dimensions of external environment are important which include the regulation of the company, tax compliance requirements, the external relation of the company with other companies, relationship with the Government, legal framework which include the rights and responsibility of the company and the employees. (Kedia and Mukherjee, 2009).

            David Christie being a consultant to the organizations, play the main role to give priority to the skills required by its clients while selecting the candidates for the company to the desired position, by improving the candidates’ behavioural skills by giving them proper training and teachings as per the organization’s demands.

The problem which the company is going to face because of the macro environment in the UK is limited clients due to the business being based in a particular geographic location.

 The organization and its internal environment

 In analysing the internal environment of the organization, SWOT analysis has been performed. While carrying out the Swot analysis for the organization, the goals of the organization have been identified. 

Strength of the organization

The growth of the company primarily depends upon our relation with our valuable clients as well the personal growth of the employees. Over the years this company has evolved majorly based on certain strength that we have nourished

1. The entire unit is extremely bonded and the co-ordination in team is vividly reflected through the teamwork

2.  The company inculcates and encourages the passion for overall growth and not just individual goals. Thus we believe in celebrating the success of all individuals with the entire organization as a team. Continued celebration of each other’s success together portrays an unbiased team spirit as whole.(Gibson et al. 2008)

3. Our organization provides equal platforms and encourages treating every employee of any grade with respect and equality. Hierarchy is not prevailing in the organization.

4. Assurance of Learning Ltd. is based London, and has acquired a lot of business from new entrepreneurs to distinguished IT firms based in the city. London is witnessing a major growth in start up business recently and this in turn has opened up a good scope of business for our consultancy.

5. With increase in new business opportunities within London as well as new entrepreneurship developing in various segments, Assurance of Learning Ltd. is also expanding and has diversified its services in various fields to meet the varied business related requirements for its clients and has come up with many innovative ideas.

6. The company has always focused on recruiting individual with expertise in specific fields in coordination with its services thus it has always evolved as one of the best in the industry, maintaining quality process and highly efficient working procedure. 


1. In recent months company has not been able to invest much into its marketing and promotional activities due to limited finance allocations.

2. The price for expansion and other hiring intermediaries have been high lately. Investments received are usually less as consultancies work majorly on client needs and requirements.

3. Since the company primarily works on pro client mechanism thus handling multiple clients and providing them with accurate and quick solution is a major challenge. These highly target based job and its stringent work line becomes major issue for work stress.( Raghunath et al. 2013)

4. Assurance of Learning Ltd has its clients across industries. To understand and deliver the needs of the clients and to initiate business interactions on similar lines becomes mandatory. Thus round the clock work schedule and rotational shift is a vital part. Therefore employee will not have a fixed working hours throughout the year.

Opportunities for the organization

1. It provides opportunities to freshers out of high school to acquire work experience as good communication skill with basic IT knowledge is the requirement of the job profile.

2. As the company works with varied clients of multiple sectors across industries, so many brands will soon become well versed and the employees too can extend their horizon of creating business relations. (Willcocks et al.2009)

3. With custom modules as well as trainings we enable employees to develop new skills and techniques in terms of behavioural aspects as well as technical know how to build up leadership quality.

Threats to the organization

The biggest threat that the organization faces is a steep competition with the massively growing consulting businesses in the United Kingdom and abroad. Consulting firms in developing countries are also taking up a lot of International business. They are taking over a major part of the market compared to UK because of the high establishment cost of establishment in UK. Secondly the cost effectiveness in terms of quality employee to their salary ratio is much economical in developing countries as compared to UK. Secondly the government policies for establishing the consulting companies are extremely stringent in UK than in the developing nations

Analysis of Findings

After a critical analysis it is found that Assurance of Learning Ltd. generally focuses on the behavioural skill mostly. Since technical skill can be taught later by time. The organization focuses both on the technical skill as well as behavioural skill. It is important to maintain a good relationship between the company and the client. Technical skill can be taken as a secondary option for the on floor job. After the analysis of the company it has been evident that the company maintains a equal balance for both behavioural and technical skill. They have creative ideas for expanding their business and taking it into a higher position. Both the technical and behavioural skills are equally important for a company. The technical skill should be taken in consideration because without basic technical knowledge the employee won't be able to cooperate with the company. If the employee doesn’t have basic technical knowledge then they will take a lot of time to complete a basic work. The behavioural skill will help the company to communicate with the other companies. The behaviour not only plays an important role in the corporate world but also helps in business to overcome many problems which the company may face during the time of its operations. The company hires skilful staff for training other employee. 

No higher skill is required for some certain jobs but basic qualification and computer skill is necessary. Leadership plays an important role in the company for better ideas and business deals. The company also focuses on the overall growth and not only sees individual growth. The strength of the company is based on its team and working together as a unit. Team spirit is also an important factor the company’s development. Both higher and lower level workers are treated equally. Behavioural skill is important because the employee sometimes deals with the external affairs as well as the internal affairs. A positive attitude also is an important factor for dealing in a conference or meeting. It is seen that the company has some important factors which they need in their employees.


Though the organization, Assurance of Learning Ltd. is walking on the right part there are things that we should take into consideration. The company should focus more in behaviour skill which is an essential term. They should hire professionals for training the employee in their behavioural skills. The more they will develop their behaviour the stronger they will become to deal with the company’s other affairs related to internal and external affairs. Besides behavioural skill the company should also develop the technical skill. For technical skills special computer experts should be hired because lack of computer skills can create a negative impact on the company. Nowadays all the private as well as the government sectors hires people who have good knowledge in computer. So it is important for the company to put an effort on the computer skills. Rather than both behavioural and technical the company should also make some of their own terms and conditions. It should be kept in mind that a person who will violate the company’s law shall be terminated by the company. Besides that if the company should provide bonus for those who will do their work sincerely and seriously. 

There should be increments every two years so that the workers do their job with all responsibility. It is necessary that those who are the new employee to the company should be assisted which will be provided by the trainers. By this method the trainer can fix those problems which shall be committed by the new employees. Not only this but trainers should also provide some kind of extra skill based programmes so that the employee can get knowledge about different skills. The company should introduce job oriented trainings where they can go to different colleges or universities. They can train the students initially for particular purpose of hiring them in their company. This training should be provided during their time of their education. Then the company after framing the students can provide a placement for them. This will help the company to grow in a rapid speed because the company is being published.

 One more thing is there which the company can organize, is a programme in which people who have taken voluntary retirement from any government job or ex-army officers can participate. The company by arranging some kind of exam can select those who have performed well. By this new policy the company will be prominent and can expand their business. The trainers should maintain a separate team for different job. It should be kept in mind that a single team cannot perform multitasking. The company should manage a hospitality department so that for any emergency case the employee get the hospitality facility. The company should provide allowance like medical and transport allowance. By providing this allowance facility the people will get attracted towards the job and there will be less recruitment problem. The company should focus on the performance of the every employee and should provide them some extra credit for their job. By this greed the people working in the company will do their job sincerely. Another important thing is attitude issues. Being excess cheerful or excessive emotions of anger, irritation etc should be balanced in a proper way. By taking this into consideration it will help to accommodate with the corporate world.


David Christie believes that as an organization, Assurance of Learning Ltd should focus more on the behavioural skills while hiring a candidate for a specific job. As per the recommendation, the organization must dedicate a certain time on training the employees and new candidates for upgrading their knowledge system, thereby enhancing the organization’s scope for growth.

 In order to implement such training sessions, either professional trainers should be hired or some senior staff of the organization must be assigned. A professional trainer skilled in various technical aspects of the industry or a set of trainers from various technical backgrounds can be engaged in the organization in order to train the existing employees and the freshers who would be joining the organization. Implementation of such training programmes within the organization will help in the creation of a knowledge centre that in turn would be of help in promoting new ideas, business skills, technology, etc .among the employees. Creation of such a knowledge centre would help in the overall growth and development of the company in the long run.

For the implementation of such sessions the leadership in the organization has to be cooperative in nature. A participative leadership style can be a key to such changes as the employees expect constant support and motivation from the management during times of change. A participative leadership style would ensure learning at all levels of the organization, thereby ensuring that a spirit of equality among the employees is conveyed by the management. (UVM Continuing and Distance Education, 2017) In order to bring along the recommended changes the organization has to incorporate certain values within its company policies so that the manpower of the organization and relate to it on a personal level. Thus, encouraging employee loyalty towards the company.(Mathooko,2013) Thereby helping the organization in retaining quality employee for the long run.

Leadership of the organization plays a pivotal role in the implementation of new ideas and work processes. The consulting sector is usually diversified in nature and is expected to be adaptive. Therefore, the management needs to identify the key behavioural skills and technical skills required for a specific job.

The deliverables by the allocated professional trainers or senior staff of the organization must include the following:

 ●  Training and retraining: The new and existing employees must be provided with necessary training on the skills required for specific job roles. Retraining sessions too must be conducted from time to time for upgrading the skills of the employees of the organization.

●   On-job Assistance: It is advisable that the trainers provide assistance to the employees in the initial stages after the training sessions are completed. This would help the employees in rectifying their errors in the initial stages of work.

● Designing training programmes: The trainers’ job also includes designing and structuring training programmes for various skills. They are responsible for building effective course programmes and share relevant course materials for the skills allocated to them.

● Evaluation and Analysis: The trainers and/or senior employee responsible for the deliverance of the training are to evaluate the performance of the employees based on their performance during the training and also after it. They are also required to analyze the performance and identify the various scopes of improvement available and decide on the next processes.

● Team Building and training: The trainers must play an effective role in building up new work teams within the organization and must train them as per the guidelines of the job allocated to the team. Various interpersonal skills must also be taught to them in order to facilitate the learning process better and faster.

There are several on-job and off-job training methods by which various trainings can be provided to the employees of the organization. Though in most cases consultancies do not opt for on-job training programmes, but as per our recommendations both on-job and off-job training programmes too must be implemented in the organization’s learning process. The various on-job methods that might be included as part of the implementation process can be explained through the following points:

 ● Rotational Job Training: The employees must be trained in one aspect of the job, followed by another. Thereby, making the employees adept in all aspects of their job.

● Instructional Training: Employees are to be given general instructions and set of problem solving techniques related to their job requirements. The employees are expected to implement the same in delivering their performance and duties towards the organization.

There are several off-job training methods that can be implemented for improvising the work performance of the employees of the various clients of Assurance of Learning Ltd, and also of the employees of the consultant, along with the on-job training modules that are included. From a list diversified option the most effective off-job training module for the successful implementation of the training methods can be explained through the following points.

● Role play training: Role play training method can be used in order to create a real-life picture of the situation that might occur at the workplace.

● Lectures and Seminars: Special lectures and seminars related to the training modules can be conducted so as to provide a better overview of topics concerning the job roles. As lectures and seminars are delivered by specialized people outsourced from other companies, etc. a different perspective of learning is achieved by the employees.

●   Off-shore training process: The organization might consider the option of off-shore training to senior level employees. The employees are sent to a similar organization abroad to learn about their policy and work implementation processes.

Assurance of Learning Ltd’s implementation policy has to be in accordance with its leadership strategy for business growth in the long run. As a consultant, Assurance of Learning would be helping its employees and the leaders of its clients to design and train the various aspects of business, both in terms of technical skills as well as behavioural skills, as understood that for most businesses behavioural skills play a pivotal role over technical skills.

Critical Reflection

It has been thus concluded from the above module that the company considers selecting candidates who contains both behavioural and technical skills but gives more importance to the behavioural skills of the candidates. Thus to be ideal for such kind of organizations candidate must have proper communication skill, must be able to handle clients of the organization on a positive note. When it comes to behavioural skills, it also includes leadership qualities of the candidates which cite to be useful for both the organization and the employee itself. Thus, having leadership qualities means encouraging moral and ethical values for the organization and for oneself. This helps the organization in growing more in the business world by delivering proper work to its clients. 

Hence, in turn it helps the employees to have a better growth in their career. Beside behavioural skills, a candidate applying for the organization must also have technical skills as a limited amount of technical knowledge of computers basically is needed to work under a consulting company. The organization employs candidates after giving proper technical training to them. This also helps the candidate have experience in the technical grounds.

As David Christie’s organization is expanding in the Consulting industry in United Kingdom, the candidates getting hired for the organization or for the clients will get better exposure and experience. The organization also gives flexibility to the working hours for the employees, so one can gain experience in the work sector and also build their career as well as pursue managerial knowledge. Since, Assurance of Learning Ltd. provides proper training and classroom sessions to the employees, helping the employees to get their work executed in a fruitful way. This also gives the employees or candidates getting hired in the organization, a proper base for their personal development and also professional development.