Internet Marketing: A Case Study Of Smart Restorations Limited

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College: UK College of Business and Computing

Unit code: D/601/1102

Purpose of this assignment:

The assignment will test learner’s understanding of, and skills in, the use of the complex interactive digital media which comprise the tools of internet marketing.

Case study: Smart Restorations Limited

Contact: Leslie Mann, Managing Director
Location: London
Industry: Office Furniture
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: Confidential
Smart Restorations Limited is a small firm that specializes in buying and selling used and refurbished office furniture systems. In August 2014, as the nation was recovering from a recession, the company knew that it had to act quickly to position itself on the leading edge of the recovery. Smart Restorations knew that it could use the Internet to get its name out to customers that would be ready to buy when the economy picked up again.
After exploring options, the company has decided to consult with your firm True Search Marketing to improve their websites and conversion rate. Smart Restorations Limited’s has an ambitious project to triple its sales figure over a two-year period and increase its exposure on the major search engines to among the highest in the industry.
With an ever-changing inventory, the company's marketing team recognized that print brochures would not have as much versatility as their web site, making internet marketing a major priority.
As the e–Marketing manager for True Search Marketing you have been given the brief and the Managing Director of Smart Restorations Limited has requested a meeting to discuss how your company can support its ambitions.

Part 1:
You are required to prepare briefing notes for the meeting to;
1.1 Explain the elements of internet marketing
1.2 Evaluate the internet marketing mix
1.3 Compare internet marketing tools, eTools that will be used

1.4 Examine how the interactive order processing will work

Part 2:
For your meeting with Leslie Mann the Managing Director of Smart Restorations Limited you will demonstrate how the internet can be used for promotion using digital marketing communications. For the demonstration you will;
2.1 Prepare a briefing on the mechanics of search engine marketing – Your explanation should cover all or most of the following: definition, search engine optimisation, paid search engine marketing, landing pages, long tail concept, geo-targeting e.g. Google AdWords; opt in email and email marketing.
2.2 Write the copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter
2.3 Identify guidelines for best practice in online public relations and show how you would follow it for digital marketing communications
2.4 Demonstrate how Smart Restorations Limited can use new digital media communities’ such as file-sharing sites, instant messaging (IM), chatrooms, discussion groups, blogs etc.

Part 3:

Having agreed to the project brief from Smart Restorations Limited you will lead the marketing team to deliver on the brief.

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Answer :


Internet marketing can be termed as the inclusive marketing technique in businesses that uses online websites and portals in order to market its products and services. It plays an important role in businesses for smooth and effective running of the business. It covers various activities of a business and helps the business to aim for attracting new businesses, retention of the current business and developing the identity of the business. The assignment shows the various aspects of internet marketing used in a business like promotion of the products using digital marketing, supporting the customer relationship management, designing of the internet marketing plan for the company Smart Restorations Limited specializing in buying and selling of products that are used or refurbished office furniture systems. 

Part 1

1.1  The elements of internet marketing

There are various elements of internet marketing which are used in order to conduct a systematic marketing of the products and services of a business. The first element is the digital marketing, which can be defined as the strategy of marketing the products with the help of digital channels that is used as a medium of communication with the consumers and other businesses. This marketing form does not require the use of internet for marketing. The second form of internet marketing is the use of e-commerce and e-business. This form deals with the selling and buying of goods and services of the businesses using internet as a medium to communicate by providing an online catalog. The internet marketing of the businesses is influenced by various micro and macro environmental factors of the organization. The micro environmental factors influence the market place, customer base, buying behavior of the customers via internet of the products as the buyers and sellers opt for the best options available over the internet. There is also a steep influence on the competition for the business as the use of internet marketing by the organization is increasing every day. There are certain macro environmental factors, which are affected like better scope of exposure for the business as internet usage is increasing. The companies are exposed to updated technologies to be included in the business, thus increasing the efficiency of the business procedures. Internet marketing enables businesses to reach itself in the global market, increases the scope of the business, and allows the business to be interactive with the customers and the clients (Mathews et al, 2016). 

1.2  Internet marketing mix evaluation

Internet marketing mix can be evaluated with the help of 4P’s of marketing mix and 2P+2C+3S relational functions of the Internet marketing. 

The 4P’s of Internet Marketing Mix are:


For internet marketing, product of the marketing mix can be the internet, which is bought by the businesses to make use of internet marketing. The various elements those are included into the product selling and buying, by the businesses over websites and online applications can be termed as the product of the marketing mix.


Promotion is the advertising of the products and services of the businesses which is based on various digital marketing techniques that includes email marketing, search marketing, using of various websites and online applications to promote the products and services of the business (Srinivasan et al, 2016). 


In internet marketing, pricing can be defined as the price information of the products that is being given to the clients or the customers in the respective business websites or applications. Price is the base for the customer’s need to buy the products from online application and websites. 


In the context of internet marketing, price can be defined as the positioning in the search engines. The clients and the customers should be able to reach the websites through any search engines that is available to the customers.  

The 2P+2C+3S relational functions of the internet marketing mix are:


Identification of the customers at   individual level is essential, so that proper information regarding the   customer is gathered. It will allow the business to make the website   available to the customer based on the customer’s comfort. 


Ensuring the privacy of the   information that is being collected by the business from the customers and   its other clients forms the base of internet marketing. 

Customer service 

Providing the customers of the   business with appropriate support and service online defines customer service   in terms of internet marketing. 


It can be defined as the relation   that is built using such online websites allowing the customers to interact   with each other in order to get further details regarding the websites. 


It involves the accessibility of   the websites of the business from anywhere under any circumstances. The sites   should be available so that the customers and the clients can easily interact   with the business authorities whenever needed. 


Involves the development of online   security system of the transactions that are performed online by the   businesses. It also includes the measures to be taken to provide security for   the various data collected, confidential information of the clients and the   business from any third party intervention.

Sales promotion

It is the basic tool of marketing,   which is considered as the creative strategies and possibilities that can be   developed in order to promote the business with the help of definite online   promotional plan (Strauss,   2016).

1.3  Comparison of the internet marketing tools, e-Tools that are to be used 

To conduct the process of internet marketing, the organizations should rely on marketing tools based on the internet. There are various categories of online marketing tool. Some of which are given below.

Interactive digital television

It can be defined as the medium of marketing that is used to sell product and services to the customer by allowing the customers to place order to the companies using digital television. It contains certain information system, which can be used by the clients as these system provides similar capabilities like that of the computer systems.

Word press blog

It is a software that is sued by many business to promote their products and allows the customers to get a link to the website of the business. It allows business to link its website with various other portals, thus word press blog acts as a platform for the business to market itself. 


It is a search engine, which is widely used in the recent times by many businesses, ranging from small-scale business to large-scale business. It is a platform that uses internet as medium to share videos of the business as a method of advertising to the customers and the viewers. This is done so that the population can get the idea of the products and services that is being provided by the businesses. It also allows the business to communicate with the clients by creating their own channel in the website. 

Wireless application protocol

These are mobile devices that are used for the marketing of the business using various online applications. These applications are specially made for the wireless devices to support in their software mediums. This allows the customers to access the website at any point of time and from anywhere the customer is comfortable (Chaffey and Smith, 2017). 

1.4  Working of the interactive order processing

Interactive order processing can be defined as the base of e-commerce, which helps in presenting the business to the customers. Interactive order processing involves various activities that can be termed as payments using credit cards, payment of the products online, net banking, MasterCard or visa payments. In this type of processing system, security is considered to the main factor in order to make the use of interactive order processing more beneficial for the clients and for the business.  There is a series of activity, which is included in the interactive order processing. These processes are given below:

  • Searching for the products is the first activity that is conducted by the customers. The customers review the products then makes a final choice for the product that will be bought by the customers
  • The product that has been finalised by the client or the customer is ordered by providing the details that are necessary in order to complete an online buying method. This includes providing the address for the delivery of the product or service, the quantity of the products and many others
  • The third step that is followed by the customers is choosing the payment option for paying the bill that is generated online for the product and services that has been purchased by the customer
  • The fourth activity is the checking out of the product from the manufacturer or the supplier of the product so that the product can be delivered to the clients.
  • The fourth activity is the delivery of the services to the clients 
  • One the product is delivered to the clients, a feedback is to be obtained from the customers regarding the product quality and service that is being given to them (Boudewyn et al, 2017).

Part 2 

2.1 A brief on the mechanics of search engine marketing 

Search engine marketing can be defined as the strategy using which an organization will be able to modify its websites. This is done in such a way that the ranking of the business increases when the business is being searched in the website with the help of various search engines. These search engines can be,, or any many others. This marketing technique uses paid advertisements so that minute details or branding of the company appears on the various websites when search from different search engines. In this technique, keywords are used that are presented in the websites. When a person clicks on those keywords, the advertisement of the company is showed up in the search engine or on various different portals. These keywords needs to be managed by identifying them first that will be able to separate the business from the other businesses that use the same techniques of marketing (Halavais, 2013).

2.2 Copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter 

Opt-in email marketing can be defined as the strategy that is used by the companies in order to provide its customers with the benefits of signing in for the various updates from the company about the various business products and services and the recent deals that are available for the customers. It is an additional option for the customers to choose. The customers can easily opt out from this given service from the companies whenever they wish to (Mattila, 2016). A suitable copy for the company of opt-in email marketing is given below. 

2.3 Identification of the guidelines for the best practice in online public relations and its use in digital marketing communication

Various guidelines are there which are to be followed in order to maintain the best public relation with the customers and the clients of the company or the organizations. Some of these guidelines are given below:

  • The targeted public has to be identified by the organization or the manager of the organization. This will be included in the process of maintaining the public relation management in the organization
  • There has to be collection of information that  will help in reviewing the information and will allow the mange r of the business to analyse the content of the information that is being provided
  • Proper public relation tool must be used that will help the company to maintain the public relations and will help the company to avoid any unethical and illegal activity in the organization in terms of the using of the website
  • The websites should be monitored in the appropriate way so that the public relation is being maintained by the organization with the help of proper PR tool
  • Various feedbacks are obtained when such Public Relation tools are used in the organization. These feedbacks will allow the company to modify the process and methods that are being used by them in terms of maintaining public relation (Royle and Laing, 2014).

2.4 Demonstration of the use of new digital media communities by Smart Restoration Limited 

Smart Restoration Limited uses various business communities that prove to be advantageous for the business. Digital media communities include websites like file sharing websites or review websites. It changes the way the business communicates with the clients of the organization. Some of the business communities that can be used are given below:

Blogging: it helps in creating the content for the information of the business and helps in building channels for the organization that will allow the business to communicate with the customers. Blogging can act as a source for the company to gain more money as blogging platform allows the customers to buy product from the company. 

Social media websites: various social media websites will help the organization Smart Restoration Limited to communicate with the customers. These social media websites acts as a platform, which will allow the organization to get feedback from the customers (Carta, 2014). 

Part 3

3.1 Secondary market research to gather data on customers’ behaviour for online shopping based on statistical data 

Various characteristics define the customer’s behaviour on online shopping. Some of those characteristics are given below:

Personal characteristics:

Personal characteristics define the personal traits of a person that can be the age of the person, the gender of the person, the needs of the person and many others. All these characters influence the choice of the products that the customers want to buy. A research is done that shows the various aspects of customer’s personality that influences the product buying, hence allows the company to make changes in the internet marketing strategy whenever needed. 

Psychological characteristics: 

Various psychological characteristics like motivation, personality factors and emotion allows changes the views of the customers regarding the purchasing of the products based on the internet marketing that has been done by the company (Hair, 2015). 

3.2 Designing of online surveys for data collection on ‘what encourages shoppers to buy online’

Various questionnaires have to be provided in order to gather knowledge on the factors that encourage the customer sot buy products online (Hsu et al, 2014). The questionnaire has been provided below:

  1. Is      online purchasing an easier method of shopping? 
  • Yes 
  • No
  1. Do      the discounts provided in the online purchasing category is beneficial in      terms of buying the products?
  • Yes 
  • No 
  1. Is      there any difference between online purchasing and in store purchasing?
  • Yes then why
  • No then why
  1. Is      the quality of products better while bought online?
  • Yes 
  • No 
  1. Is      money saved in online purchasing?
  • Yes
  • No 
  1. Is      the return policy of online purchasing better when a product is bought      online?
  • Yes 
  • No 
  1. What is a better option for purchasing products online      or in-store?

3.3 Poster to demonstrate the use of electronic customer relationship marketing to manage and analyse customer interactions 

Customer interaction can be managed with the help of electronic customer relationship marketing (Peck et al, 2013). A poster has been created below.

4.1 Outline for an internet marketing plan for Smart Restorations Limited 

An outline for the internet-marketing plan for the company Smart Restoration Limited is given below:




Step 1

Content preparation

This step involves the preparation   of the content of the internet-marketing plan that involves preparation of   the management that will be taking care of the internet-marketing plan.

Step 2

Defining the strategies and   formulating the techniques 

This stage formulating the strategies   that is to be adapted in order to develop the strategies of internet   marketing and then applying those strategies.

Step 3

Setting the keywords and   implementing them

Setting and implementing the   keywords that will be used in the online portals, which will allow the   company to advertise its products to the customers (So┼étysik-Piorunkiewicz, 2014).

Step 4

Promotional strategies and   implementation

It is the implementing of the   promotional strategies that has to be adapted by the company in order to   promote the company in the appropriate way so that the customers get   attracted to the products and the services and avails them.

4.2 Presentation on pay per click advertising 

Slide 1


  • Also known as cost per click
  • Here the advertisers pays the publisher when the advertisement is clicked 

Slide 2

Need for Pay Per Click

  • Immediate result
  • Control on the promotion and the costing
  • Targets are met
  • Time is saved

Slide 3

Steps required 

  • Website analysis
  • Searching of the keywords
  • Structuring the campaign
  • Management of the campaign 

Slide 4


  • Unique way of advertising modelling (Kapoor et al, 2016)
  • Most powerful way of advertising


Thus, from the above report it can be concluded that internet-marketing plan has become the latest mode of marketing for the companies in different sector of the business market. It has been observed that with proper utilization of internet marketing plan the company Smart Restoration Limited can gather better customers and expands its business on a much wider market. The company will be able to expand globally. The use of internet marketing involves various criterions that include security of the details of the client and the company, maintaining a proper track of the transactions that are being made online, promoting the company in the most appropriate way possible.