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In light of the growing complexities in the global business community, it is very necessary to market an event or project in a well-structured manner. There exists various method of marketing an event, which involves promotion of the event in the online platform, marketing through issue of prospectus, word of mouth, etc. This is done in order to make the potential customers aware about the upcoming event and appeal to them in the best possible way. In regards to this, this study attempts to illustrate the requisites of marketing a conference that is hosted by the American Society of American Executive Association. Efforts have been made in the study to give a brief about the marketing plan, the platforms that are to be used in promotion of the event, the target customers and the estimated budget this is required to conduct the event. 

Process of advertising:

In context of the current scenario of the two conferences planning, in a hotel with the American Society of America executive association, the advertising would be performed in the online media to attain wider and faster reach of the guests. The advertising would also promote the agenda of the conference along with the guests and speakers invited and performed in the conference. The key objective of the adverts in the social media to aware people about the conference and attract the same to attend the conference. In this context, De Mooij (2013) stated that marketing plan of a conference is targeted to ensure the success of the event along with spreading awareness regarding the agenda be discussed in the conference and such type of formal event. In this context, email marketing is one of the potential advertising plans that will help to direct, inform the guests and attendees of the conference with a detailed schedule plan of the conference and the associated activities to be performed at the concerned venue. On the other hand, social media advertising will be another way of advertising the conferences so that the local and regional public would be attracted to attend the conference to make it successful through conveyance of the concerned agenda and the importance of the conference for the target people.

Place of advertisement

In the recent times, internet and social media present for the best platform to promote and market be it a product or an event (Westwood, 2016). As evident from the previous section of the study, the planners’ attempts to market the event through social media, email marketing, issue of prospectus for the guests and marketing through other media channels (Chernev, 2015). The first step in this regard is defining the customer. It is as important as defining the event that is to be held. After identification of the potential customers, the planners must use the marketing mediums like social media or email marketing to reach out to the potential customer and invite them to attend the conference (Hollensen, 2015).

Target market

Target market reveals the targeted audience to be informed regarding the ongoing agenda of the conference. In case of the current conference, the business personnel will be the target market to be addressed. As the conferences will be on the business and economic aspects, local and regional business personnel will be the main delegates to be invited to the conference. In light of this target market selection, Tao & Qian (2014) cited that selection of the target market in marketing plan needs proper evaluation of the target audience to identify the benefits the target audiences would enjoy from this marketing plan and advertising campaign. Moreover, the same would be designed to provide benefits to the audience, ensuring success of the event. Current conference will make the people aware of different business expos and the products being operated and transacted over the international market. The event will also consist of the exhibition of the products to display and sell the products as well. Therefore, target market will consist of important delegates and local people to promote the businesses and associated products and services.

Estimated budget for the event

Estimated Budget ($)
Venue selection
Food and beverages
Venue charge
Ground staffs
Social media charges
Delegates charges
Printing and Stationary
Miscellaneous expenses


In light of the above study made, it can be established that, the event has been advertised and marketed in a well-structured manner. The event planners have used mediums like social media, email marketing, through media channels like television, etc. It is noted that, for reaching out to the potential delegates the planners have used the way of email marketing to personally invite them to the conference. The other audiences were notified about the event through social media and issdu3e of prospectus. It is noted that, a large number of audiences has appealed to the event. Thus, it can be estimated that the event in question will be a successful one and the purpose4 of conducting the event will be met.