Internet Marketing Plan For Event Planning Company

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Question :

Create an Internet marketing plan for your event or to market yourself as an event planner for your final project topic. Your Internet Marketing Plan will provide a review of your marketing and advertising ideas.

Some questions to ask include the following.
•       How will you advertise?
•       Where will you advertise?
•       What is your target market?
•       How much are you willing to spend on advertising for your event?

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Answer :


In this study attempts have been made to illustrate the marketing plan in relation to a specific event and what are the aspects it involves. In addition to that, efforts have been made to describe in details the budget requirements of the project, the target customers of the event band the methods to be adopted in advertising of the event.  

Marketing Plan

In  developing a marketing plan fort tn turnkey event for the American Society of America Executive Association it has been evident it has been evident that the plan has to be based catering to the business organization and the customers of the organization (Westwood, 2016). In this regard, it can be stated that there will be business among different companies and different customers throughout the world. In this context the plan will have to be provided (Moran, 2015). Two conference will be conducted in this regard. The plan for the events has been provided below.

 It will be essential that accommodation will have to be provided for the participant and the business executive taking part for the event (Appel, Kleber, Frischbier, Freudenreich & Buchmann, 2014)

In this regard, it can be stated here that the event will have to arrange for facilities in business hotels of repute to accommodate them. In this regard, the Hilton hotel will be chosen for the purpose. This will cater the participants in an orderly manner (Hollensen, 2015). 

Moreover it can be stated here that there will have to be arrangement for food and beverages to relinquish the stress. Here it has to be stated that for the event the food that will have to prepared will have to be international and therefore similar task will be under taken by the catering organization, as the participants will be from all over the globe.

Accommodation- Hilton hotel      

Food - Continental Food

Beverages - Hard and soft Drinks of different types 

Audio Visual requirement-There will be audiovisual requirement for presentation and portrayal of products by organizations and executives. Minimum arrangement of 6 projector will be required. Similar amount of television will also be required for the purpose.

Area required-The area required will be of minimum 60000 square feet of area where business and organization will be able to display the product.  

Recreational activity - at the end of the event a guided tour of the city of New York will be provided for refreshing the dignitaries and executives as the people are required to be tired.


In order to market the event, it is essential for any organization to develop a viable market plan and properly execute the same (Wolfe, Silmon, Plesko & Miller, 2014). With the growing complexities in the modern world, it is evident that the social media acts as a significant platform for the organization to market their products and services. Thus, in light of the present situation, it becomes very essential to make a plan to market or advertise the event on the social media platform (Hollensen, 2015). It will not only help to appeal to a large number of customers but will also help the event to get more promotions. The second step that can be adopted in advertising the event involves issue of prospectus in the market (Westwood, 2016). This method also will help to attract a large base of customers and provide the readers with detailed.  Information about the event. In addition to that, media channels like that of television,  radios can also be used to promote the proposed event. 

It has been evident that the advertisement will be done in the business magazines and the e commerce websites. In this regard it has been further been evident that the organization will have to be  done in television and newspapers as well. 

Target market

Another important factor that is to be considered while making a viable event plan is choosing the target customers. In context to the current situation, it is essential for the project planners to identify the potential customers in the market (Appel, Kleber, Frischbier, Freudenreich & Buchmann, 2014). For the current event the targeted customers involved are the organizations that will participate in the event. In this regards, the project planners needs to identify the potential customer like the big organization as well as the small and medium sized enterprises in order to attract them. 


The cost that will be incurred in the process will be in the as per the cost mentioned below. 

Food - 30000USD 

Beverages- 25000 USD

Venue-100000 USD

Accommodation - 2500000 USD

Advertisement cost- 25000USD

Total cost- 430000 USD


In concluding the project it has been evident that the participant of the events will be around 100 companies of international reputation. The total number of participants will be round about 6000 including both customers and business executives. Moreover it can be further stated that a fund of around will be about 430000 USD in conducting the event.