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You will prepare a project management plan for a selected project.

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The management of projects requires knowledge of modern and traditional management system. The project management needs to have clear understanding of the design and the construction process in relation to the objectives of Sydney Opera house. The project management needs to adhere to the attainment of the objectives. Construction projects and project team management have definite set goals, objectives formulated in relation to the completion of the tasks.  The paper discusses the project management and development in regards to Sydney Opera House. The paper focuses on the scope of project, management team, management process, budget and stakeholder analysis, importance of communication process, resource availability, and importance of human resource management and other important aspects of project management. 


According to Turner (2014), project management is the process that maintains the discipline of initiating, planning, and executing along with controlling and closing of the entire work in order to achieve the specific goals to meet with the specific criteria. The main challenge of the project management is to achieve all the goals that are set by the project management team within the provided barriers. This particular set of information is provided on the project manual that needs to be created at the beginning of the development process (Kerzner, 2013). The main aim of this study is to evaluate the different aspects of the project management such as the time management, budget analysis for the project of Sydney Opera House. In addition to that, it also describes the communication process and the different risk s that can occur at the time of the project. Along with that, the study also provides a brief description of the different stakeholders and how they impacts upon the project.

Scope of the project:

The scope management of the project mainly refers to the set of different processes that mainly ensures the scope of a particular project. The proper scope management technique helps the supervisors in order to allocate the right resources to the right people. In case of Sydney Opera House, the project manager also needs to follow this particular aspect so that the entire project moves on a smooth path. Scope refers to the different set of deliverables for the particular project. These are derived from the requirement of the project. Therefore, the managers need to ensure one thing that the proper requirement for the project should be known to every stakeholder. There are mainly three factors that the project manager of Sydney Opera House project needs to take into account. These are the proper planning, controlling of the plan and the closing of the project. Proper maintenance of these factors may help the project manager in order to successfully conduct the project.

Work breakdown structure

WBS for Sydney Opera House

Figure 1: WBS for Sydney Opera House

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The above work breakdown structure mainly defines the different jobs that needs to be done by the project management team. There are certain activities such as the proper management of the plan, creation of the foundation along with the structure of the building, design of the interior setting and the planning regarding the landscape. In order to layout the foundation of the building a proper blueprint needs to be done by the team. After that they need to get the necessary materials for the project. Along with that, the proper interior design also needs to be done by the team. These are the certain aspects that the project management team of Sydney Opera House project needs to take into consideration while completing this project.

Gantt chart and time management

Timeline for the project

Figure 2: Timeline for the project

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Cost management and budget



Raw materials




Electric equipments


Land for the project


Interior designing


Overhead costs






Table 1: Budget for the project

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The above budget for the project is a kind of estimation by the project management team. The team needs to complete the entire project in the speculated budget. Along with that, the project may need near about 24 months to get completed. That is why the monetary planning can be changed according the necessity. The different aspects of the project need to be completed in the speculated time in order to create a good impression in between the people. However, if any problem arises the time of the project completion may vary.

Procurement of the project

Schwalbe (2015) said that, the project procurement process is a kind of collaboration with the outside suppliers in order to get the goods and services for the project. These kind of relationships are mainly created based on the contract so that the needed services along with the items can be received on time and they also meets with the standards that are requested by the purchasing organization. According to Mir & Pinnington (2014), the first step of project procurement process is the initiation and a proper planning. The project management of team of Sydney Opera House needs to initiate and have to set a proper plan in order to receive the different deliverables from their suppliers such as the raw materials. In the next phase, the project management team needs to identify the proper vendor from whom the team can get the different deliverables at the correct time. After selection of the vendor, the team needs to done the proper contract with the vendor and the budget for the entire project should be negotiated. The project management team of Sydney Opera House project needs to maintain these particular aspects in such a manner so that it can benefit them in order to successfully conduct the entire project. 

Stakeholder analysis

Weiss (2014) states that, stakeholder is the most important people who is associated with the entire project. The stakeholders are of two types. These are internal and external. In this particular project the internal stakeholders are the labors and the entire project management team. On the other hand, the external stakeholders are the suppliers of the raw materials, the Government along with the audience. After completion of the entire project both the external and the internal stakeholders would get the benefits from the particular project. In addition to that, both the stakeholders needs to know the actual planning for the entire project so that they can provide their view regarding the project. Therefore, there needs to be a proper communication in between the project management team and the stakeholders in order to ensure the fact that both the entities know the way through which the entire project can easily get completed (Mir & Pinnington, 2014).

Communication process:

A Communication Process that is referred to as Communication Management Process involves a number of methods that are established and undertaken by an organization. The Communications Process established and adopted by the management team focuses on evaluating stakeholder management process. Communication Process helps in fostering communication within an organization fostering project management effectively. The project management and business process in reference to Sydney Opera House involves a number of communication methods that include interpersonal skills and management skills. The communicative methods need to ensure the communication requirements of stakeholders, employees and members needs to be addressed (Gîfu & Teodorescu, 2014). In order to foster communication it is important for the business team and project management team to resolve conflicts and fights within the workplace. Effective communicative will help in enhancing meetings with stakeholders, project manager and build trust among individuals. The Communication process needs to evaluate and report the assessment of the stakeholders accordingly examine the stakeholder process. 

In recent times there are challenging opportunities that exists to support the Major Building Projects of Sydney Opera House. Therefore it is important to enhance effective implementation of communication strategies for Major Works that include upcoming and modified Vehicle Access & Pedestrian Safety project. Accordingly to Sydney Opera House it is proven that the experience of developing and implementing communications strategies are significant in relation to several of internal and external stakeholders. In order to procure effective project communication, it is important for the Sydney Opera House manager to examine use the stakeholder register and management process. The several tools that has been adopted and used by the project management team include need of communicative requirements communicative analysis, communication technology and models (Pesina  & Solonchak, 2014). However in relation to the Vehicle Access & Pedestrian Safety project the Opera House tends to generate  effective communication management plan that needs to be regularly updated, as the needs of stakeholders are yet  uncovered.

Human resources:

Referred to as one of the masterpieces o f the world is the Sydney Opera House considered to be as one most famous building known for its splendor and majestic exterior and luxury and grand interior. Sydney Opera House involves more than fifteen hundred distinct performances every year that involve opera, theatre, comedy, music, dance as well as children’s shows etc. In relation to several upcoming projects it is important to develop human resources and integrate human resource management and train the human service manger in guiding and training the employees for effective project management (MacDougall et al. 2015). Although, in reference to the human resource management the significant thing is to assess the project roles and responsibilities while relating the project development with the objectives of the House. Human resources involve project management terminology that deals with the availability of resources that are important in carrying out the project development tasks. The resources do not only determine the materialistic sources like equipment, funding, technology, but involve thousands of people and employees handling the projects of Sydney Opera House. Employees are an important part of the resource management in regard to the completion of a project task. In the development of the upcoming projects of The Sydney House the project team requires professionals and creative expertise in conducting the project team. Project development task is enhanced through mutual coordination among the members. Without effective communicative process, managing the time aspect, coordination, performance of the individuals would not be possible. Coordination and effective human resource management will lead towards the successful completion of project activities (Datta,  Samiei & Bodis, 2014).

Risk management:

Risk Management is one of the most critical Project Management practices in relation to the Sydney Opera House project activities. In relation to the fulfillment of project risk management needs to be effectively planned and strategized. Project management and risk management involve four important levels such as risk identification, risk estimation, risk response most importantly planning implementation of risks limiting strategies (Subramani & Rajiv, 2016). Risk identification focuses on identifying and assessing of the risks; risk estimation examines the risks at various levels and dimensions for planning and projecting while assessing the probability and impacts of risks; risk response determines the treatment of risks and the possible outcomes post the implementation of the risks in relation to the projects of Sydney Opera House.; finally it is important to is regularly monitor risks turn and understand the factors that would limit the risk probability and impact and help in the identification of possible risks for the upcoming projects and constructions of the House (Sousa, Almeida & Dias, 2014). The construction industry in reference to Sydney Opera House is prone to multiple risks, complexities and uncertainty as compared to industries. In the understanding and identification of the risks the industry needs to involve a large number of people with distinct innovative skills and interests that will help in the management of risks. As examined the Opera House has several; complexities and difficulties in facing with risks. Therefore, the management team needs s to undertake in meeting deadlines and cost targets. It is important to apply strategic project risk management strategies in regards to the upcoming constructions of the world famous Sydney Opera House.

Change control:

Decisions are constantly changed and adapted accordingly the global change and requirements keeping up with famous construction industry of Sydney Opera House.  The change control processes and control management is based on information, assumptions, data, resource and the personal experience of the construction professionals and employees. Project changes refer to the adjustments that needs to made in meeting Sydney Opera Houses’ project’s life cycle. Therefore, it is important manage changes effectively that will lead towards the success of the construction project. Change management in accordance to the objectives of Opera House requires an integrated solution towards maintaining discipline and communication process. It is the role and responsibility of the project control, manager and control developer in registering various aspects of the existing construction that needs undergo change processes. Such assessment will provide definite and comprehensive change directions (Rowlinson, YunyanJia & ChuanjingJu,  2014). The project management team during the construction process can face critical issues that need to be identified quickly.  However, the issues vary among several industries, with Sydney Opera House the issue needs to be accessed at maximum as it’s referred to as world’s famous tourist spot. Their construction needs to be unique and distinct and much different from other industrial sectors. Change and control management team needs have construction supply and distribution chains for short term project based and sue several sections of delivery chains in designing and control constructional changes (Mittal, Sharma & Mittal, 2013). The team needs to manage the change and utilize such changes towards expanding its scope in accordance to the designing of construction process.


The Sydney Opera House project has faced multiple complexities from management point of view. However, in recent times it has been successful in meeting the three major factors in relation to project management that include cost, time and quality. In relation to project development the project manager plays an important role for Sydney Opera House’s construction projects. Therefore, the project manager is responsible for the success of the projects of the House. In order to conduct successful project management effective communication process needs to be enhanced between of leaders and employees. it is an outstanding success for Sydney and for Australia as a country with the distinct constructional process and projects of Sydney Opera House being as one of the most recognizable and popular construction and buildings in the world that attracts millions of people across globe.