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The aim of this assessment task is to investigate a specific blockchain case study to understand how blockchain can be used to achieve competitive advantage.


  1. Download the bookTreiblmaier, H. and Clohessy, T., 2020. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Use Cases. Springer. (available on the library website – use Google Scholar and search for the book name)
  2. Select one of the following chapters in the book (the one that is of most interest to you) that evaluate a specific blockchain solution:
    1. What's in the Box? Combating Counterfeit Medications in Pharmaceutical Supply Chains with Blockchain Vigilant Information Systems
    2. A Use Case of Blockchain in Healthcare: Allergy Card
    3. A Blockchain-Driven Approach to Fulfill the GDPR Recording Requirements
    4. Wibson: A Case Study of a Decentralized, Privacy-Preserving Data Marketplace
    5. Business Process Transformation in Natural Resources Development Using Blockchain: Indigenous Entrepreneurship, Trustless Technology, and Rebuilding Trust
    6. Smart City Applications on the Blockchain: Development of a Multi-layer Taxonomy
    7. Analyzing the Potential of DLT-based Applications in Smart Factories
    8. Next Generation Home Sharing: Disrupting Platform Organizations with Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things?
    9. Using Blockchain for Online Multimedia Management: Characteristics of Existing Platforms
    10. Supply Chain Visibility Ledger
  3. For the blockchain case selected answer the specific questions outlined below:
  4. Explain which case study you selected and why
  5. Explain the business problem that the blockchain solution is attempting to solve in the case study
  6. How does the blockchain solution (application) work (from a business perspective)?
  7. How can the blockchain solution in the case study solve the business problem? To what extent do you think blockchain is the right solution to solve the business problem?
  8. What are the limitations of using blockchain for the problem in the case study?
  9. Research other examples of how the specific business problem has been resolved without a blockchain solution (could another technology solution solve the problem?). Use the library to find sources to support your views.
  10. What are the implications of this specific blockchain solution for cybersecurity (for the case study you selected)?
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