Invitation Letter To Governor Of Al-Bathinah South On Graduation Ceremony Assessment Answer

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Q1 Keeping essential parts of a formal business letter, write an Invitation letter elaborating the details below in the body of the letter (the body of the letter must have a minimum word count of 200 words).

On May 25, 2020 Bathinah College of Science & Management is planning to have a graduation ceremony.

As the Dean of the College, write a letter inviting the Governor of Al-Bathinah South to be the Chief Guest of this important ceremony where 170 graduates will be awarded their degrees in different fields of science, technology, business and language. Inform the Governor that he is requested to deliver the key-note address where he can inform about job opportunities in his governorate and the various infrastructure which facilitate employment for the young graduates. Inform the ceremony details like: date, start and end time, welcome address by the Dean, Key-note address by the Chief guest, distribution of graduation certificates, thanks giving by the Assistant Dean, and invitation to dinner”.


Imagine you are the CEO of Al Waleed Chips Company.  As you have received the annual statistical growth report of the company. It was found that the profit of the company had drastically declined in the last year. The company which was ranked high had come down to the very last position.  You decided to conduct a meeting with the production manager, sales manager and marketing manager as an initial step to analyze the decline in the financial growth of the company. Ali, the marketing manager had suggested the effective steps to improve the marketing which will lead to better profit.  Ahmed, the production manager and Salim, the sales manager also had come up with their effective ideas to get more profit.  Finally, you have concluded the meeting and decided to write a memo to all the staff by conveying the suggestions from the three managers as well as your steps to solve this issue. Assume the suggestions and draft the memo

The body of the memo must not be less than 120 words.


Imagine you are the leader of the student council in ACT.  You got a chance to visit one of the charitable organizations in Oman with a group of your classmates as a part of social responsibility. As the team leader, prepare a report of 250 words on the complete trip details of the particular organization and your experience and with all the other important details. 


Mr. Ahmed is working as a marketing executive in Galfar Pharmaceutical Company. He reports every week to Mr. Ali, the marketing manager and giving proper suggestions and feedback to him. As per these plans they often make an analysis, and formulate effective measures to avoid the problems that may occur in marketing. Mr. Ali even discussed the plan with the production and operation manager in order to collect the feedback from them. Finally, all the analysis have reached to Mr. Hussain who approves the particular plans and he sends their requirement to the Financial Manager Mr. Majid.  The company had wide network in various countries. They often provide high quality products and enabled them to achieve great customer loyalty.   Mr. Abdullah is the Manager of Amelia pharmaceutical company in Dubai whom they had a business deal for the last 10 years. Mr. Hussain makes business correspondence with Mr. Abdullah for all the business activities and they have a strong bond which made them successful in their business. Mr. Hussain always conveys the major policies and plans of the company to the employees by emails. Both have great concern for each other and their success in business. The employees often represent their issues by writing emails to Mr. Hussain.  They never finds anything vague in his e-mails. The employees were highly satisfied by Mr. Husain. He provides full information in his writing and avoid irrelevant information. He often deals diplomatically to all employees, giving respect and appreciating them.  He often listens to employees queries and gives timely responses. 

i.       Identify any three process of communication from the case? Explain the process with examples from the case                                                                                                  

ii.      Identify the information flow of the Galfar pharmaceutical company and explain the information flow                                                                                                         

iii.     Which of the 7Cs of communication is applicable to Mr. Hussain in his dealing with the employees.  (Write any four)                                                                                         

iv.     Which type of correspondence do you find between Mr. Hussain and Mr. Abdullah? Does this correspondence is a permanent one? If so why?                                              Q5

A. Ahmed is the CEO of Al Majed Mineral Water Company LLC, planned to conduct a monthly meeting with Mr. Muneer the HR Manager, Mr. Adil the Marketing Manager, Mr. Faris the Sales Managers and Mr. John, the Head of promotions. He informed all these managers about the meeting through email. He had done all the preparations for the meeting. Many necessary documents have been made ready. Even though Ahmed instructed the secretary Ms. Ameena to bring the previous minutes of the meeting, she forgot to bring it.   Mr. Hamed, Manager was assigned to prepare the necessary reports to be presented in the meeting.  A well prepared agenda was also made ready and sent to the members. The main purpose of the meeting is to give information to the managers for implementing various plans and policies in their departments.

i.       Who could be the attendees for the meeting?                                                                                                    

ii.      Identify and explain the type of meeting in the above case.                                                                                

iii.     What are the documents needed for a meeting? Which document is missing as per the case and how is it essential for a meeting?                                                                  B.  Mr. Amjad the General Manager was forced to hold a meeting with all his subordinates as he had found out some major issues such as some type of malpractice has occurred in the company. As per the chaotic and unexpected situation forced him to conduct a sudden meeting without sending an email to the members. But the information was disseminated to the employees only by verbally. There were 30 staff working under him and he needs to discuss the crucial issue. He presented the matter to all the staff members. Mr. Ali and Mr. Abdullah the assistant managers did not attend the meeting as they had a complaint about the mode of information. They sent an email to Mr. Khalid the CEO and complained against Mr. Amjed for conducting the immediate meeting. As the CEO is out of country for an important meeting, he had a video conference call to Mr. Amjad, Mr. Ali and Mr. Abdullah and discussed the issue. Mr. Khalid solved the issue immediately.   

i.       Identify the type of meeting. Justify your answer.                                                                                         

ii.      What are the objectives of meeting suitable to the case                                                                                

iii.     What is the type of communication Mr. Khalid used to communicate with the general manager and assistant manager?  What is the important feature of this type of communication?                                                                                

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Answer :

Communication type

Answer to question-1

Answer to Question 1.

Bathinah College of Science & Management


The Governor of Al-Bathinah South,

Dear Sir, 

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the graduation ceremony in which the graduates of our college will be awarded with their degrees in different fields of science, technology, business and language. The ceremony will be held on May 25, 2020 at Conference hall of Bathinah College of Science & Management. 

The ceremony will begin with at 5pm in the evening with the welcome speech by the dean of college and followed by the key notes addressed by the chief guest. For such purpose we would like to request you to share your valuable experience and future job opportunities for our graduates in the governorate and the various infrastructures. We also request you to share enlighten our audience with the journey of your professional life which will definitely help to encourage our graduates. Afterwards the distribution of certificates will be done by the hands of yours. The ceremony will be closed with the thanks giving by our Assistant Dean and then the dinner will be organized for all the participants and guests. 

Taking into account your expertise and experience, we hope to welcome you at the ceremony.

Best Regards,


(Bathinah College of Science & Management)

Answer to question no-2


To: All Staff

From: The CEO

Date: May 05, 2020

Subject: Decline in the financial growth of the company.

Dear Coworkers,

It has come to my attention that the financial growth of the company has declined and in order to deal with the situation I have conduct meeting with the production manager, sales manager and marketing manager. They have given their suggestions to recover the financial sickness of company by introducing more effective marketing and promotional policies for our product and by establishing the engagements with several small vendors who are generally focused on the sales of snacks. 

Hence we have decided to work in order to improve these aspects of business operations with relevant of efforts of entire staff of organization. I am expecting the good out of best efforts from your side.

Thank you,

The Manager

Answer to question no-3

being the leader of the student council in ACT had a trip in the charitable organization in Oman along with my classmate. In that trip, we had experience of testing the various sustainable practice undertaken by the organization. We found that the organization is more into delivering the best outcomes to the society and providing the assistance to the needy people as its prime objective. I with the by seeing the nature and business complexities which that social organizational were having in its process, I realized that the process system was way too strong and people indulged in the process of inbound and outbound activities of the social enterprises were more focused to delivering the value to the needy people. These employees aligned their interest with the social and economic development. I helped my fellow members to divide the work of the inspection of the social business of the enterprises and how they are setting up the internal control system to mitigate the issues. I assisted my team members to understand the complexities and also together with them I realized that while working in team I could easily assess the business functions. The employees of that social enterprises collaborated with me and my team members (Mizuta, et al. 2008). They are very calm and supportive to make me and my team to understand the complexities of the process and how effectively we could gather the required information. The trip was good and gave me the good level of the experience for my own learning aspect. 

Answer to question no-2

There are following three process of communications have been found in the given case

Written communication- This the communication process in which information is communicated to the concerned person in writing. For instance, in the given case, Mr. Hussain makes business correspondence and provide the required information to the employees through the mail. The E-mail messaging is considered in the written communication type (Kim, & Park, 2012).

Oral communication – this communication type used by Mr. Ahmed with the Mr. Ali to communicate the required information. This is done through the phone or meeting. It was done with a view to share the feedback with Mr. Ali.

Visual Communication- This communication mode used when the arts of drawing, charts and graphs is used to communicate the information. Mr. Ali, uses this mode of communication to convey the message with the Mr. Abdullah (Essinger, et al. 2010).

Information flow of Galfar pharmaceutical company

The flow of information starts from the Mr. Ahmed and then it is passed to Mr Ali. After that, this information is convey to operational manager who further communicate this information to Hussain. Then after this information is communicated to employees. 

The 7Cs of communication

Mr. Hussain in his dealing with the employees and using the specific four types of the 7cs of communication. He has been very courteous, clear, concise and coherent while communicating with employees through email (Okoshi, Emura, Kikuchi, & Kersten, 2011).

The sales correspondence and internal correspondence have been found between Mr. Hussain and Mr. Abdullah. This correspondence is permanent one if concern related to the quality and customized products is required for the clients. 

Answer to question no-5


Attendee of meeting - Mr. Muneer the HR Manager, Mr. Adil the Marketing Manager, Mr. Faris the Sales Managers and Mr. John, the Head of promotions.

Types of meeting – Board meeting or team building meeting

Documents needed- the minutes of the previous meeting, notice of board meeting, object details of calling meeting. 

Missing document- the minutes of the previous meeting is missing and it is required as it would help in continue the adjourned last meeting and continue the matter in the meeting (Lee,& Lee, 2010).


Type of meeting – Status update meeting

This meeting was called to update the information to all the concerned person.

Objective of meeting

The main object was to disseminate the information to the concerned person about the issue in organization.

Type of communication 

The video conferring communication type or virtual communication is used by the MR Mr. Khalid with general manager and assistant manager.

The main feature of this communication mode is that it is recorded as evidence automatically.