ISY1003 Foundations Of Programming Assessment 2 Answer

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UnitISY1003 Foundations of Programming
Assessment TypePractical
Assessment WeightingProgramming Assessment 30%
Alignment with Unit and Course

Unit Learning Outcome
ULO 3: Describe and discuss the elements of effective programming style ULO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of the software development life cycle and apply sound programming analysis techniques (design, coding, debugging, testing and documentation) to justify simple programming problemsGA 1: Communication
GA 2: Collaboration GA 4: Critical Thinking
Assessment Description

In this project, you will work individually to write programs which demonstrate your understanding of IPO and usage of simple functions in Python programs.

Content and Structure:

You will have to write a modular program to:

  1. Perform a series of transactions
  2. This will be a project which students will choose and discuss with the lecturer prior to commencing.
  3. Examples could be a scientific calculator, expense management system, online shopping system, banking system etc

Program expectation:

  • The student must be able to explain the working of the program and its logic.
  • Program should be indented, proper comments should be given, modification history should be present, variable names and data types should be chosen appropriately.
  • The program should compile and execute to display the result.
The student must use programming constructs available in Python and follow coding standards.
Detailed Submission Requirements
  • Multiple program files may be uploaded.
  • Student will also need to demonstrate the working of the program along with a full explanation of the underlying code.
  • Follow coding standards, naming conventions for variables and functions.
  • Students will be asked to explain the working of their program and the logic they’ve used.
  • Coding should be modular and program should use all the programming constructs learnt in the course.
  • The assessment will be submitted through Turnitin via your unit page on Moodle.
  • Turnitin is plagiarism software, which will identify if you have copied information and included it in your assessment.
  • Copying information from others (i.e. websites, partner company information, or other students etc.) without the acknowledging the author is classified as misconduct.
  • Engaging someone else to write any part of your assessment for you outside of the group work arrangement is classified as misconduct.
  • To avoid being charged with Misconduct, students need to submit their own work and be able to explain the program logic and its working.
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