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Report Writing for ISYS 2056 Assignment

This ppt is a brief overview and the Workshop mateial on CANVAS together with the Business Report Case Study instructions provide deeper and more valuable information to you

Business Report Writing

A Business Report is totally different from an Academic ReportIt focuses on the salient points in short, to the point sentences/paragraphs supported by relevant charts/tablesie Clear, Concise language, Short sentences, Charts (and Tables if necessary)

Report Format ISYS2056

Title page Table of contents Introduction Analysis & Discussion Major headings and1-1    Subheadings relevant to the questions posed  Conclusions Recommendations Appendices (could be used but better to include charts in the body of the report)

Cover Page




Student name & Student number


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

States the:

Purpose and scope

Structure of the report

For this report, this should be only a paragraph

NB Know your audience For ISYS2056 the person receiving the report is the owner of the business, therefore ensure you do not provide information in the introduction that is already clearly known by the reader, eg History of the organisation.

2. Analysis & Discussion

3. Conclusion

4. Recommendation

5. Appendices

WEEK 3 Forms of Business Analytics

Business Analytics takes three forms:

Descriptive Analytics: The use of data to understand past and current business performance and so make informed decisions. Not just Macro need Micro 

Predictive Analytics: Analysis of past performance in an effort to predict the future by examining historical data, detecting patterns or relationships in these data (i.e. creating a “model”), and then extrapolating these relationships forward in time. Eg Trends

PrescriptiveAnalytics: Using a model where the output of the model can be optimised (maximised) by adjusting the input alternatives, so “prescribing” what the best decision is.

Analysis & Discussion

Considers what needs to be known before making business decisions


The findings of research/analysis, 

The interpretation of the findings, generally through charts and tables 

A significant discussion/interpretation in words of the analysis

Uses consistent major and minor headings relevant to the questions posed in the assignment and from analysis.

Is presented in an order that leads logically towards the conclusions and recommendations

NB For ISYS2056, It is expected that analysis and discussion will be both Descriptive and Predictive

sales performance to target


Contains your major findings based on the evidence presented 

No new material is introduced

Follows logically from the Analysis & Discussion


Focus on future action

Prescribe what needs to be evaluated against the report’s original purpose 

Must be based on the evidence presented in the body of the report

Are appropriate to the organisation represented, particularly given your knowledge of their income and profit

Is not simply your opinion

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