ITAP3006 Advanced Java Programming Project Assessment Answer

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ITAP3006 Advanced Java Programming


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ITAP3010 Developing Data Access Solutions Project

The purpose of assignment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes: 

LO1: Describe and apply advanced features and techniques to develop Java based applications

LO2: Design and develop Java programs to efficiently handle user inputs, exceptions and multithreads 

LO3: Analyse specification and build Java programs with database connectivity Knowledge

LO4: Develop client-server programs based on enterprise requirements

Marking guide:

Note: This Marking Scheme is used as a guide only to the final grade, and rubric will be created upon.

Criteria (used as a guide only)
Level of Performance 
Application code (NetBeans Project folder): Consistent and well written code with proper comments and no errors.
Database Design: Design and create a normalized Database with valid primary and foreign keys (if required).

CRUD operations and error handling: Graphical components added for all CRUD operations with proper error handling.

Database connectivity and GUI: The application connects to database with presentable GUI component.

Report documentation layout (Table of Contents, list of figures or list of tables and page number), grammar checking and screenshot of each step. PDF file will not be accepted.



Project Submission

The Java application along with the database model developed must be submitted in a zip folder on the LMS in the available link. The zip folder should include:

  1. A well layout (TOCs, list figures or tables and page number) document that consists of the first two pages of this project, introduction, database model with the attributes and references for this component as well as screenshots for step and output. Note, PDF file will not accepted.
  2. The NetBeans project folder with all the source codes (.java), document containing database model and the database (.sql) file.

Put (1) and (2) together in one zipped file (must use built-in Windows function. RAR version will not be accepted) called ID_Fname.

Please be clear that the unit coordinator will not be responsible for a student who is unable to submit successfully working copies of files in their submission. The student will have no further chance to submit files or receive any remarking, if this is the case. Make sure you have fully tested your application before zipping and submitting. Your submission will be unzipped and placed into the marker’s folder directory for marking, so keep this in mind.

If there is any exceptional case where a student’s project is unable to be marked, which should not occur, the project will be marked out 10 and the student will receive this mark out 10 as the final mark.

You will submit the zipped file at the “Project folder on Moodle”. This form is shown to you when you click on “Project” from the Assessment areaThe form page contains the terms and conditions of the project such as declaring that you have not plagiarised, have kept a copy of your work, etc. In uploading and submitting your zip file, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, which you are being bound by in submitting work for the project and receiving a mark for it.

Advanced Java Programming

Banking System

In this assignment you are going to develop a standalone Java application with a GUI using NetBeans RCP components to manage a Banking System. Using this System, you will be able to perform basic CURD (Create, update, read and delete) functions related to banks, branches, customers and accounts information.

Using this system, you must be able to 

  1. Insert information about a bank, branch, customer and account.
  2. Delete information about a bank, branch, customer and account.
  3. Update information about a bank, branch, customer and account.
  4. View information about a bank, branch, customer and account.
  5. Transfer money between two accounts.

Database Model

You will be using the following database model to store the information needed.Database Model

Figure Database model


You must user software mentioned below.


  • You must use JDK 1.8 (or higher) and NetBeans 8.2 editor to develop the GUI. You must use NetBeans RCP (Rich-Client Platform) to come up with the expected output.


  • You must use MySQL 5.7 to implement the database and MySQL Connector Java 5.1 or above as the database driver.

Key Points to Note

  • The assignment is an individual assignment.
  • But you are free to discuss with other students.
  • Your program must adhere to all the standard object-oriented program design and implementation guidelines including modularity, reusability, extensibility, maintainability and adaptability.
  • Your program must adhere to all the standard Java programming style guidelines including code readability, logical clarity, scoping rules, proper use of class and instance variables, encapsulation, naming conventions for classes, methods and variables and concept of variable-free programming.
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