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ITECH 5402 – Enterprise SystemsAssessment Tasks 4&5 – Research Report and Presentation

This assessment task has been designed to help you deepen your understanding of ERP/Enterprise Systems. It comprises of both team and individual components:

(a) Form a team of between 2 - 3 members. Minimum 2 members; Maximum 3 members

(b) Meet virtually as a team, and select ONE of the below-mentioned research topic. 

  • Enterprise/ERP Systems and its connection to Digital Business Transformation
  • Enterprise/ERP Systems integration with organisational systems, such as Cyber-physical Systems and SCADA Systems.
  • Enterprise/ERP Systems and its connection to Digital Process Automation
  • A comparison of Enterprise/ERP Systems' Vendors and Products
  • Enterprise/ERP Systems’ integration with Internet of Things (IoT) 

(c) Based on the selected topic, each member of the team is expected to select, and summarise (in 500 - 700 words) four peer-reviewed articles. (5 Marks) - this summary should be included as an appendix in the team report.

(d) As a team, write a report of about 3000 words based on the selected topic. The report must include at least one case study/example to reflect the topic of discussion. All selected papers should be discussed and integrated, hence forming the team report. (10 Marks) 

(e) The team report should include a summary of a short case study that highlights an aspect of the topic selected. The report will be submitted through Turnitin.

 (f) Prepare a 10 minutes overview of the findings documented in your Team Report. (Presentations should be recorded and submitted in Week 11) (7 Marks). Team presentations can be recorded using any application of choice e.g Skype/Microsoft Teams

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