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The mini research report provides a detailed description of a proposed research idea. It is similar to an essay and needs to be in a formal style with introduction, body and conclusion. In addition it requires a critical analysis and a coherent presentation.


Each group is required to submit a mini research report (3000-3500 words excluding the title, abstract, table of contents and references/bibliography). The purpose of this task is to assist students to prepare and write a scholarly paper at an appropriate standard for this level of study.  

You have already done quite a bit of work for this research in tutorials: you should have a tentative research issue, strategies and evidence to persuade your readers about the significance of the problem you’re researching, as well as the validity of your research issues. You also should consider opposing views or good counter-arguments that you can address in order to help establish your credibility and enhance the relevance of your paper.

A. Report Layout (20%)

B. Reflective Journal (10%)

- Describe events and experience on weekly basis
- Interpret and evaluate the events from research perspective
- Reveal new insights, connections of reflective journals
- Work progressment process
C – Ethics Application(10%)

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In this reflective journal, the issues regarding previous work about the IT organisational conflicts have been discussed. The entire assignment demonstrates the reflection of the manager’s insight to generate the personal experienced during the research procedures. The challenge and the opportunities have been discussed with the help of weekly-recorded reports. The assignment describes a conclusion at the end of the reflective journal to make clear the findings of the events.

Describe events and experience on weekly basis

Week Reflective analysis
Week 1In the first week activities I   identified the challenges regarding the core management procedures to develop   the work ethics to eliminate the organisational conflicts.
Week 2In the second week of process I gathered   the information regarding the nature of ongoing work functions to evaluate   the alternative facts for the further improvement.
Week 3I constructed the induction process for   identifying the reason behind the lack of participation of the employees to   develop the optimal tactics to enhance the performances.
Week 4I conducted several meeting to set the   goal of the employees in a same level which helped to develop the team work   and eliminate the communication gap.
Week 5I implemented the several techniques to   manage the internal procedure and enhance the productivity of each individual   to increase the profitability of the organisation. 
Week 6I monitored the overall process and   nature of progress and the engagement of the employees to get the update   regarding the employees potentiality.
Week 7I collected the feedback of the   employees to better understand the requirements and negotiate to get the best   outcomes from the employees.
Week 8I eventually changed the procedures to   eliminate the boredom of the employees and creating opportunity based program   to enhance the involvement of the employees.
Week 9In week 9 I measured the progress of the   reinforcement of the techniques to evaluate the employees attitude towards   the changes which I made for the betterment of the4 organisation. 
Week 10The last week of the programme, the   employees were rewarded for their achievement. 

Table 1: Reflective analysis on weekly basis

(Source: self-developed)

Interpret and evaluate the events from research perspective

During the project I recognized conflict within the individual employee which affected the values of the work culture. The conflict affected the productivity of the organisations which caused the lack of innovation and creativity in the company. The skill of the employees were not sufficient to accomplish the activity based job. Furthermore, the conflict created the discrimination between the employees which has eliminated the overall work structure. I also observed the lack of knowledge of the employees mitigated the work efficiency and effectiveness of the potential outcomes. In order to diminish the problems I conducted induction programme to provide the employees the proper guidance that how to generate the work effectiveness to sustain the profitability of the company. I also constructed the tight guidelines for the human resource team to recruit the skilled employees (Mertens, 2014).

Another problem which I investigated during the project that the conflict between the individual and the group. The group activities are very important in respect to increase the outcomes of the development of organisational functions. It is very important to maintain the communication to encourage the motivation of the each employee. There are some advantages and disadvantages of group activities. I observed some employees were disagree to accept the group goals and thus the conflict was generated for achieve the goals. For this I conducted some meetings in which I demonstrated the advantages regarding the team works to enhance the motivation and involvement of the employees (Corbin, Strauss & Strauss, 2014).

Reveal new insights, connections of reflective journals

The high quality of insights generated the effectiveness of the business initiatives to control the overall work process in an organisations. I increased the attractiveness of the business insights to maintain the business policies and practices. I also developed the activity-based job to enhance the engagement of the employees for better outcomes. I announced the reward based activity to improve the activities of the existing team members. This could enhance the other employee’s motivational level, which could increase the productivity of the organisation. The procedures of collaborating with the new technologies was complemented the entire work progress to develop the team involvement (Johns, 2017).

Work progressment process

I conducted the several steps to process the business development procedures through the help of the collective and constructive steps of the planning procedures to evaluate the business potentiality. The steps, which I implemented during the process of the project, are mentioned below:

  • Identifying the objectives to develop the      business potentiality
  • Develop the strategic plan to meet the selected      objectives
  • Collect the resources which are needed to      implement the task
  • Implement the timeline of the procedure
  • Allocating the assessment methods of the business      initiatives
  • Construct the final plan to maintain the      productivity and profitability of the company
  • Distribute the task to all the departments for      progress the work
  • Monitoring the entire procedures for rectifying      the needs as per the requirements
  • Record all the activities


The study has conducted the awareness of the business initiatives to develop the effectiveness and efficiency of the company. The identification of the weekly activities can convey the pros and cons of the business potentiality to understand the further development. Furthermore, the study has identified the learning outcomes of the employees to understand the work ethics and develop the productive outcomes of the business. The study also helps to understand the enterprise related conflicts to mitigate the error occurrence functions. The study has illustrated the techniques regarding cover the issues.