ITECH 5500 Tutorial Exercises And Reflections On Students Learning Activity Report Assessment Answer

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Task: Activity Report Week 5-9


The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to present the tutorial exercises and reflections on their learning from weeks 5 to 9.


You are required to work on a weekly basis to undertake and complete the weekly tutorial workshops and write up your reflections on learning each week. Then, compile the summaries of the weekly tutorial-workshops and your reflections of learning of each week in one single word file with separate sections on Tutorial-workshop and Reflections of learning. Each weekly compilation needs to be submitted via this link.

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Answer :



a). Definition of terms:

Paradigm means the set of belief or view about the world referring to the basic system of belief based on assumptions of ontology, epistemology and methodology.

Ontology refers to the study of our existence dealing with the nature of being.

Epistemology relates to the theory of knowledge examining the relationship between the expert and the invention or discovery. The focus is on investigation of the source, name and methods along with the limitations of people. 

Methodology is terms as the way of discovering knowledge in an organized manner that is based on practical experience.

Further the video talks about realism that is the belief in existence of truth followed by positivity that is related with practice of being optimistic while searching for facts. Further, modernism talks about the generalization of truth and relativism is associated with the knowledge relative to the limited nature of thinking. Furthermore, video talks of constructivism related with constructive nature of knowledge and critical theory presents further shifts from positivism.


It is really difficult to define us and it depends upon the situation, experiences, background and cultural and family values. I can define myself based on my attitude, personality and values.

The current nature of reality refers to a deeper consciousness underlying appearances and talks of a belief existing in physical nature.

The relationship between the researcher and the participant depends upon the nature of study and type of collected data. There is a need to ensure trustworthy relationship between the two parties ensuring collection of adequate unbiased information.

To gain knowledge from world we need to have direct experiences in different situations and meet people around us to interact and get to know their ideas and values. It is not possible to understand the world properly in an imaginative way and needs actual practical experiences to gain knowledge in a perfect manner. 


After assessing the TUTORIAL WORKSHOP 05found that it was about data gathering and methodology is required to assess the gathered data. Ontology epistemology method helps in gathering the types of different research designs.  By assessing this I considered that it explains how the sample is being collected and evaluation of the Ontology epistemology and methodology is used to complete the research paper.  Whether it is random or nonrandom. Random sampling can be done by 4 methods. Simple Random, where n number of sample size is picked from n number of population size.

Ontology epistemology method is used to choose randomly and the in regular intervals in the given tutorial and helps in assessing the gathered data. Different methodology such as stratified and sample survey is used to identify the gathered quantitative data for the research. In the Ontology epistemology, where most handy and convenient sample is used to reveals the key details of the Lectures and research given in the research. 


Answer 1: 

According to Dr Curry, qualitative analysis is a thoughtful study associated directly with the context and with the relative strengths and weaknesses of a qualitative method. The focus of this method is on methodologies that are well defined and established for collection, organizing and analysis of qualitative data.

Answer 2:

 She talks of an example of people with epilepsy related to proportion of people not taking the medicines for 3 consecutive days over a period of 6 months.

Also, she provided the example of people’s preferences for the services related to end-of-life terminal illness that is difficult to put a number on.

Answer 3:

 As per the views of Dr Curry, the key elements of qualitative study differentiating it from quantitative study is related to the method, approach, goals, setting, sampling, collection of data, and methods used for analysis of data. 

Answer 4:

There are some key products of qualitative research like:

  • Recurrent theme or hypotheses
  • Survey instrument measure
  • Taxonomies
  • Conceptual model/theories

Answer 5:

As discussed by Dr Curry, recurrent themes are concepts of unification identifying and characterizing the number of aspects of health while helping in development of hypotheses that can be tested.

For quantitative study, in an organizational scenario, the research question can be based on the study of numerical values like cash flow and profitability throughout the year.

For qualitative study, in an organizational scenario, the research question can be the identification of views and opinions of workers about opportunities of professional development.


Answer 1:

Activity 1: Paraphrasing enables you to express another's ideas and views more concisely. 

Activity 2: Student B’s paraphrasing is more relevant as it presents the complete idea in a concise manner. He did not miss any point of argument presented in the given quote.

Activity 3: The write of the best paraphrase:

  • removed or replaced unusual words
  • reduced the content of the paraphrase to keep it as simple as possible
  • expressed the main idea concisely
  • reformulated the main ideas in their own words
  • used a suitable reporting verb and provided an in-text reference detail

Activity 4:

The analysis of several surveys related to experience of companies about customer satisfaction programmes between 1997 and 2002 reveals that generally negatives overshadow the positives. The companies sending customers an “off-the-shelf” survey, or those from alternative company specifically report this. The results were considered unsatisfactory in about 85% of the cases (Shaw, 2002).

A majority of successful customer satisfaction programmes are reported those developed internally by the companies and prove to be highly useful to measure satisfaction (Shaw, 2002).

It is necessary to ensure careful planning while developing any programme of customer satisfaction. A thorough revision during the process along with input from front-line managers proves to be efficient in providing enhancements to such programme (Shaw, 2002).

A familiarity with the customer satisfaction programmes along with proper communication via internal communication channels makes efficient implementation of programme possible. It is a way to get feedback from employees for improvements that should be acknowledge through recognition and personal rewards (Shaw, 2002).

Answer 2:

(a).  Baltzan et al. (2010)

(b). Baltzan, P.; Philips, A.; Lynch, K. and Blakey, P. (2010). Business Driven Information Systems. p. 258. NSW: McGraw-Hill

(c): Among the four banks of Australia, Westpac Financial Services (WFS) serves millions of customers through a core system comprising of several different databases. All the critical information related to bank operations is stored in the databases that provide easy access to users requiring any stored information. However, there is an unfortunate incident of company’s failure to develop information-capturing standards leading to inconsistency in organizational information. For instance, one system had a field for capturing email addresses while other system completely lacking such a system. Another major issues arise in the form of duplicate customer information among different systems. There are cases where one customer hold different accounts with the bank, one with an insurance policy and other representing a credit card. There is no proper method with WFS to identify the different accounts of same customers and this becomes a major issue related to information quality matters. In order to remain competitive in market the company took a decision to purchase a software solution NADIS (Name & Address Data Integrity Software) helping them to filter information about customers, highlighting the missing or any inaccurate data. 

(d). Managing Information Quality Problems at WFS.

Answer 3:

(a) Moynihan (2002)

(b). Moynihan, R. (2002). Selling sickness: the pharmaceutical industry and disease mongering. BMJ. (2) 1. 324-353.

Copied Quote:

“Whereas some aspects of medicalisation are the subject of ongoing debate, the mechanics of corporate backed disease mongering, and its impact on public consciousness, medical practice, human health, and national budgets, have attracted limited critical scrutiny.”

(c). Paraphrasing:

There is a continuing debate over some aspects of medicalization; however, there is little evidence available about the inspection of the system and impact of disease baked by pharmaceutical houses on public cognizance, medical arena, human health and overall national budgets. 


I learned that designing survey can collect data and most of the data collected in this tutorial workshop is qualitative research that differentiates them from quantitative research. However, the analysis has been made on the Airbnb guests’ experience, which reveals their personal experience and their viewpoints towards the offered services. After assessing the tutorialworkshop, I analysed that we apart from using our analytical skills should also focus on using the divergent work approach. For instance, Node by dragging the picture in the file quantified skills, which help readers to understand the data more effectively. In addition to this, there should be proper details given in the file, which support the evidences given in the report numeric. To support hypothesis of the data gathered in this research, four kinds of data is gathered such as mutually exclusive category, descriptive and has no comparative size like gender. The stratified Random, sample population is used with different key group such as age group and clients details in the Airbnb guests’ experience.