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Federation University, AustraliaAssessment Specification for ITECH1001 Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
Individual Report
Group Presentation and Individual Reflection

Course Objectives

The assessment tasks specified in this document address a number of the objectives of this course; these being:

  • use a range of effective communication strategies;
  • deliver effective oral presentations to an audience;
  • write professional letters, memos and reports using correct grammar and spelling;
  • work independently and in teams; and
  • adapt a communication strategy to suit the audience.


Choose one topic, either of your own interest, or it could be from the following list: 

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Wearable IT
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Data Mining
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Virtual or Augmented Reality
  8. Games Development

Annotated bibliography 


  1. Three different types of resources are to be used; these being a journal article, a book, and an academically suitable website (i.e. NOT Wikipedia).  You are only required to complete one of each type for the assignment.
  2. Your annotated bibliography should include a summary of the resource, an evaluation and the reason(s) why the resource has been selected for use.  Writing should be completed using correct spelling and grammatically correct paragraphs.  Bullet points/lists should be used sparingly.   Overuse of bullet points and/or lists will result in marks being deducted.  As a guide, each annotated bibliography should be approximately one (1) page in length.
  3. Your annotated bibliography should be completed using the templates provided at the end of this document. 

Submission Requirements:

The final submission should include:

  • An annotated bibliography on a relevant book
  • An annotated bibliography on a relevant journal or conference article
  • An annotated bibliography on a relevant and suitable website.

Use the templates supplied below, and include in a single Word document. Be sure to put your name and student ID at the top of the document, and include the topic you have chosen. If you have chosen your own topic, you must have had it agreed by your teaching staff.

Annotated Bibliography Templates (one for each resource type)


Website Title:                                                                         Author:
URL:                                                                                        Date accessed: 
Publication/last updated year:
Summary of site
Evaluation and Reasons for use


Title of article:  Author:
URL (if available): Date accessed: 
Journal Title:
Year of publication: Page Numbers:
Volume no: Issue no:
Summary of article
Evaluation and Reasons for use


Title of chapter/section:  
Title of Book (include edition number)
Author (s):
Year of publication: Relevant Page Numbers:
URL (if available): Date accessed: 
Summary of section/chapter being used
Evaluation and Reasons for use

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