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Assessment Specification for ITECH1001 

Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
Week 4
Individual Report
Week 9
Group Presentation and Individual Reflection
Week 11


Course Objectives

The assessment tasks specified in this document address a number of the objectives of this course; these being:

  • use a range of effective communication strategies;
  • deliver effective oral presentations to an audience;
  • write professional letters, memos and reports using correct grammar and spelling;
  • work independently and in teams; and
  • adapt a communication strategy to suit the audience.


Choose one topic, either of your own interest, or it could be from the following list: 

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Wearable IT
  3. Natural Language Processing
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Data Mining
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Virtual or Augmented Reality
  8. Games Development

Annotated bibliography 


  1. Three different types of resources are to be used; these being a journal article, a book, and an academically suitable website (i.e. NOT Wikipedia).  You are only required to complete one of each type for the assignment.
  2. Your annotated bibliography should include a summary of the resource, an evaluation and the reason(s) why the resource has been selected for use.  Writing should be completed using correct spelling and grammatically correct paragraphs.  Bullet points/lists should be used sparingly.   Overuse of bullet points and/or lists will result in marks being deducted.  As a guide, each annotated bibliography should be approximately one (1) page in length.
  3. Your annotated bibliography should be completed using the templates provided at the end of this document. 

Submission Requirements:

The final submission should include:

  • An annotated bibliography on a relevant book
  • An annotated bibliography on a relevant journal or conference article
  • An annotated bibliography on a relevant and suitable website.

Use the templates supplied below, and include in a single Word document. Be sure to put your name and student ID at the top of the document, and include the topic you have chosen. If you have chosen your own topic, you must have had it agreed by your teaching staff.

Annotated Bibliography Templates (one for each resource type)


Website Title:                                                                         Author:
URL:                                                                                        Date accessed: 
Publication/last updated year:
Summary of site
Evaluation and Reasons for use


Title of article:  Author:
URL (if available): Date accessed: 
Journal Title:
Year of publication: Page Numbers:
Volume no: Issue no:
Summary of article
Evaluation and Reasons for use


Title of chapter/section:  
Title of Book (include edition number)
Author (s):
Year of publication: Relevant Page Numbers:
URL (if available): Date accessed: 
Summary of section/chapter being used
Evaluation and Reasons for use

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Answer :

Assessment Specification for ITECH1001 

Assignment 1: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Templates (one for each resource type)


Website Title: sas                                                Author: Jim Goodnight
Date accessed: 18/04/2020
Publication/last updated year: 08/08/2020
Summary of site
The site used is SAS insight which is a well- structured and well- informed website that provides legitimate information of the current scenarios in an understandable and easy language. The website provides innovative solutions to the customers faster and helps to comprehend the subject critically. It supports wide knowledge by providing the advantages, disadvantages and the uses of the topic in different situational areas. Moreover, it is a very reputed and best site due to its creative, inclusive and energized working culture. It is a leading website that deals in providing complete information about artificial intelligence and advanced analytical technology. 

Evaluation and Reasons for use

The website shares the history of the artificial intelligence that how and when artificial intelligence It has mentioned the diverse functions it performs in various areas such as healthcare, manufacturing, banking and retailing. This site also describes the advantages and disadvantages of using artificial intelligence in different areas and provides the challenges one has to face when working practically with the technology of artificial intelligence. The reasons for using this site are that the data provided is easy to comprehend and is concise. Due to the small size of the data provided and its accessibility, the reader feels relieved because more information can be gathered without trouble. No advertisements pops- up while reading which protects the reader from unwanted irritation. Moreover, it is free to access and requires no payments for diverse readings. 


Title of article:  Neuroscience- inspired artificial intelligence
Author: Demis Hassabis, Drashan Kumaran, Christopher Summerfield and Mathew Botvinick
Date accessed: 18/04/2020                                      Journal Title: Cell press
Year of publication: 2017Page Numbers: 245- 258
Volume no: 95Issue no: 2
Summary of article
The article explains that if the functioning of the human brain is understood thoroughly, then artificial intelligence can be linked with its functions and AI machines can be manufactured. These machines will then result in reduction of the manual workload during surgeries and other functions. The main objective of the article is to understand the neuroscience to a level where the knowledge of the algorithms, functions, architectures and representations can be derived for reinforcing artificial intelligence. The journal article describes the past, present and future of the artificial intelligence technology and its various purposes for the mankind. It shows the relevancy of the neuroscience to the development of the AI technology. The article determines the importance of the two completely different fields and how they can be fused together for better understanding.
Evaluation and Reasons for use
This article is a well described and well- informed article about the technology of artificial intelligence. It is used because it does not only study the future of the artificial intelligence but shows the development of the artificial intelligence from beginning and the scope it can have in medical sciences. The major reason for choosing this article is that it is published in high impact number journal which states that the results and the searches done by the researchers are legitimate and reliable. 


Title of chapter/section: Mathematics, phenomena, machines
Title of Book (include edition number): Introduction to artificial intelligence (third edition)
Author (s): Philip C. Jackson 
Year of publication: 2019Relevant Page Numbers: 33- 62
Publisher: Dover publicationsLocation: New York
Summary of section/chapter being used
The chapter that has been used to study the artificial intelligence was chapter 2 that deals with the background of mathematical operations that are the basic for understanding and applying artificial intelligence to different functional areas like healthcare and researches. This chapter discusses the automata theory, foundation of the technology of artificial intelligence, is a mathematical branch that deals with operations of the automated machines and studies the general phenomena of functions of machines to work without requiring much manpower. This chapter also shows that the chances of artificial intelligence to succeed are not obvious because its dependency on mathematical factors limits the zone of function of artificial intelligence. Finally, it describes the specific limits of the machines in the context of computational technology. 
Evaluation and Reasons for use
This chapter of this book is used for learning artificial intelligence because it links the AI with its foundation branch that is mathematics. It shows the link between mathematical and computational operations with development of artificial intelligence and the limitations that the AI technology can face practically. The major reason is that it considers all the algorithms, time phenomenon and finite machines that sets the background for artificial intelligence.