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Assignment - Pajama Land


For this individual assignment, you will use skills acquired through practical laboratory exercises to automate a business process, and to visualize the impact of the automation.

You should use Microsoft Excel (or equivalent open-source software) for this assessment task.

Important: This assignment specification is generated just for you. Do not distribute this specification. If your personal specification is made publicly available online, academic misconduct charges may be applied.

Timelines and Expectations

Percentage value of task: 20%

Due: Refer to Course Description

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

A1. Prepare a basic solution to a business problem;

A2. Select appropriate IT solutions for business functions;

A3. Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes.

S1. Write basic programming logic;

S3. Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes;

K8. Outline the basic principles of programming.

Assessment Details

For this assignment, you will complete the following set of tasks using Excel, and create a report to describe your work.

Ensure you submit Excel files created for ALL tasks, along with your report.

Scenario details

Pajama Land is a small clothing manufacturer, specializing in creating custom, one-of-a-kind pajamas. They exclusively sell their product through their online store.

Pajama Land is run by a team of three staff members: Allen, Bakari, and Caesar.

Allen and Bakari work together to manufacture pajamas. Caesar manages orders, sales and delivery.

Team hours

Most of the time, team members work the following shifts: Allen works 6.5 hours on Mondays, Tuesdays;

Bakari works 6.5 hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; and

Caesar works 2.5 hours every weekday.

Additionally, Allen and Caesar share responsibility for managing the Pajama Land social media presence, with Allen working one extra hour in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Caesar doing the same on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


Allen and Bakari, as skilled manufacturing staff, cost $24 per hour to employ. Caesar, a part-time employee, costs $32 per hour to employ.

All staff are also entitled to four weeks of paid annual leave, during which a casual replacement is required at a cost of $36 per hour.

Fixed costs such as rent and insurance are $18000 per year, and utilities costs are $460 per month.

Task 1 - Costs of operating the business

Using Excel, create a spreadsheet called operating_costs.xlsx that calculates the projected annual outgoing costs of running Pajama Land.

Your spreadsheet should be configured such that the working hours, hourly rates, and fixed and utility costs can be varied easily.

Document your findings in your report (approximately 100 words).

Manufacturing pajamas

Pajama Land receive requests through their online store, and Caesar responds with a quote, after consulting with a member of the manufacturing team. If the customer confirms their order, Allen and Bakari manufacture the ordered products, and Caesar organizes delivery.

Currently, the process for generating a quote is entirely subjective, based on the requested material and pajama size. Staff members quote an amount based on their personal experience.

For several months, staff have been keeping track of the quote datematerialsizequote amount, and manufacturing cost for each order in a spreadsheet. As each product is hand-made, the manufacturing cost may vary between similar orders.

If a quote was not accepted by the customer, then manufacturing cost is not included. This spreadsheet is available for download on Moodle.

Task 2 - Order information

Using Excel, process the history of orders spreadsheet and use appropriate charts to visualize: How some aspect of quoting or manufacturing has changed over time; and

How the quote amount differed for each staff member.

You will need to find a way to use Excel to associate each quote with a staff member. Describe your approach and your findings in your report (approximately 250-400 words).

Task 3 - Price consistency

Using Excel, analyse the historical data you have available, and create a spreadsheet that allows a member of the Pajama Land team to enter the pajama material and size, and gives a quote amount.

Ensure that you include enough text and formatting to make your spreadsheet usable by a member of the Pajama Land team (or by a University lecturer).

You may base your quote amount either on historical averages, or to ensure that Pajama Land makes a profit.

Validate your quoting approach by applying your formula to historical data.

Justify your approach in your report (approximately 150 words).

Process improvement

The team want to improve their quoting process to reduce time spent waiting for customers to approve quotes.

They would like to start manufacturing immediately for orders that they might be able to sell in future, even if the customer does not go ahead with the order.

That is, they would like to change to the processes indicated in the following swimlane diagrams:

swimlane diagrams 1

 swimlane diagrams

Task 4 - Process improvement

Extend your spreadsheet page from task 3 to automate the above processes, allowing a member of the team to enter the pajama material and size, and in addition to the quote amount indicate whether to start manufacturing immediately.

It is up to you do determine how to determine which items are popular. Justify your approach in your report (approximately 150 words).

Bonus challenge task (optional!)

Disclaimer: This task is 100% optional, and you can receive full marks without attempting or completing it. It is intended to be a challenge if you are interested in such things, and the marks available do not reflect the significant research and effort required to implement it correctly. Tutors will not provide significant assistance for this challenge task.

Optional task 5

Reimplement Tasks 1, 3 and 4 using either Python or HTML+JavaScript.

Write a brief overview of how to run your solution, and attach a zip file containing your code submission.

There are no partial marks awarded for this bonus task - you must complete all features to attain the bonus marks.

It is possible to attain full marks for this assignment without completing this challenge task

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Answer :


Understanding the Digital Revolution

Pajama Land is a small clothing manufacturer. It specializes in custom made pajamas which are unique and one of its kind. The product is sold exclusively though online store. It is run by three members who divide the work amongst them.  The financial data of past is evaluated using Excel software and its advanced function to analyze and calculate the cost of the operations to the company. The historical data is also analyzed to provide management related information to the businesslike the changes in the pricing of the products, varying quoted amounts, etc.

  1. Costs: - The total operating costs of the business is primarily divided into three types. The wages cost, the cost of utilities and fixed cost related to rent and insurance.  The wages are calculated on weekly basis for 52 weeks per annum. The fixed cost are taken on annual basis and the utilities are taken on monthly basis for 12 months. The total annual operating costs for the business is calculated as $100,960. The working hours and hourly rates can be changed in the excel sheet to know the changes in total cost on any change.
  2. Order information:- The pricing process of the business is random and is subjective to the choice of material and personal experience of the staff member quoting the price. The historical order spreadsheet in excel is used to understand the change in price quoted for the products over the period of time and by different staff members. The pivot table and charts function is used in Excel to list the quoted amount of the pajamas for each type of material and size. The filter function is used in pivot table to enable the user to select the material and size of pajamas. The overall review of quoted price shows that there is high inconsistency in price quoted for the pajama of a certain type of material and size. The quoted price keeps on increasing and decreasing significantly. However over the time the quoted prices have increased for all products slightly. Further analyses in the quoted price shows a difference in the quoted price by each staff member. The business has Allen and Bakari who manufactures the pajamas and work on different days of week. Allen works on Mondays and Tuesdays while Bakari works on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  The data is presented in dates which is converted into week days using the “Text” function. Text(date, “ddd”) gives the name of weekday of the given date. Using the “if” function the staff who quoted the price for the product on a given date is identified. The pivot table is used to compare the prices quoted by the two staff members for the products.  The review of the tables shows that there is significant difference in the prices quoted by the two staff members for the same products. In the beginning Allen was quoting higher price for products as compared to Bakari but gradually Bakari has started quoting high price for products.
  3. Price consistency: For long term sustainability it is important that the business quotes similar price for the same products for a given period of time. A pivot table is created in Excel which gives the quoting price for the products and average manufacturing cost on selecting the material and size of the pajama. The quoting price is taken at 10% markup on manufacturing cost. The 100% markup price is taken for quoting as it results in constant pricing method of the product and also ensures that the business is in profit. The increase in manufacturing cost is automatically incorporated in the price of the product. Also the price to be quoted is free from personal subjectivity of the employee quoting the price. 
  4. Process Improvement: in order to increase the sales and improve the delivery time, Pajama land plans to identify few favorite products and start manufacturing them as soon as they receive the enquiry for the quote instead of waiting for the confirmation of the order.  The orders placed for each type of product n past data are analyzed and products swhich constitute 5% or more of the total orders are considered as favorites and the manufacturing for them starts as soon as there is enquiry for the quote of the product.