ITECH2305 Business Analysis Case Study And Presentation Assignment 2 Answer

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ITECH2305 Analysing the Modern Business (2020-20)

Assignment 2  Business Analysis Case Study and Presentation


For this assignment, you will propose solutions to address an identified business need for an organisation. After performing strategy analysis of the current state of affairs, you will identify and manage a set of requirements, design possible solutions, analyse and compare the solutions for potential value and make a recommendation of a particular solution. You will communicate your analysis, designs, and recommendations through a written report and an oral presentation.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

  • K2: Discuss a variety of contemporary tools and techniques used for business analysis and when these are appropriate to use
  • K3: Identify and explain the core concepts of business analysis
  • S1: Analyse, document and manage business requirements
  • S2: Investigate and compare various business analysis methods, tools and techniques
  • S3: Identify and apply appropriate means of communication for disseminating information between stakeholders
  • S4: Determine a variety of possible solutions and make recommendations to address business needs
  • A1: Develop, manage, and effectively communicate business requirements
  • A2: Analyse and critique the implementation of a business solution
  • A3: Prepare and justify a case for business change

Assessment Details / Tasks


You are required to identify an opportunity for a change to an organisation or sector, where that change will involve an Information Technology solution. That means a change to or introduction of an information system which stores/manages data in some manner.

You are then to perform a range of business analysis activities, in order to prepare a document proposing at least 2 solution designs, as outlined in more detail below.

The focus of your “opportunity” must be related to some current issue as reported in reputable Australian news media. “Current” means anything that has come to the world’s attention since August 2020 until

April/May 2021. “Reputable media” means organisations listed in the Appendix at the end of this document.

Some past examples of “opportunity” involving an information system solution, include the following:

  • When there are large-scale bushfire events which require citizens to be evacuated, people often want to know if their relatives from the affected area are safe and accounted-for. What sort of Information System solution could be developed to enable the authorities to coordinate the process of accounting for the whereabouts of citizens who normally live in the evacuated area so that relatives can know if they are safe?
  • When the Coronavirus is identified in the general community, government health authorities need a way to be able to contact everyone that the person has been in contact with over a period of a fortnight. What sorts of information systems could be developed to help make the process as quick and reliable as possible for the government to contact the close-contacts so that they can be tested?
  • The government had a program of trying to recover from citizens, social security payments that had been made to the citizens, in the case where it was later determined that the citizens had possibly not been eligible to receive those payments. This process was being done by an automated information system which had a poor algorithm, that relied on poor data sources, and was referred-to by the media as the “Robo-debt” scheme (because of its automated nature). What would be a more appropriate design for a system to perform this function and how could the data sources be made more reliable?

You cannot choose those past examples. You will need to choose something that has arisen since August 2020. You should check with your tutor that the issue you choose is appropriate. You tutor may even suggest possible topics.

In clarifying what the opportunity you end up focusing on is: it could be inspired by identifying an area for potential growth through observation of a current issue being experienced (as the examples listed above were), or from perceiving (from your own observations and experience) an opportunity to improve an organisation’s current systems.

You cannot simply describe an already existent IT-based process; you must be proposing some change. (For example, if you had chosen the issue ‘contact tracing’ which was applicable in previous semesters, you could not just discuss the CovidSafe App which was a solution the government proposed to the identified need which it addressed  you would need to propose your own alternative).

Once you have identified an opportunity, you are to image that you have been assigned the role of Business Analyst to work on this project. Important Note: You must not contact any actual organisations. Instead, you may conduct research using online and library resources and ask your tutor or other students / friends to provide different perspectives – any such assistance from other people must be fully acknowledged in your assignment.

Your role entails performing tasks from across various Knowledge Areas of the BABOK that are covered in the course (and listed below). You then need to present the outcomes of that work in a report.

Your report must:

  • Include an Executive Summary (no more than 10 lines) of the report contents, providing a brief overview of the analysis and also the recommended design solution.
  • Document the outcomes of the tasks you perform (see on next page), so that the analysis and design work you have undertaken is clearly identifiable. This should enable another person to see the work you have completed and understand the outcomes you have identified. (Some of the information may be difficult to represent professionally in a report, such as diagrams produced on computer– in such cases you may use screenshots where appropriate to show the relevant information, and submit the complete model-files separately from the report.)
  • Be presented in a professional manner suitable for issuing to an executive team at the organisation. It should have a table of contents, and pages should be numbered. If you refer to any books or websites for any information, this should be cited in the body of the report, and the citation should appear at the end of the report under “references”.

Remember, a report is not an essay. It is a technical/business document, which will include paragraphs but also diagrams/figures.


Perform analysis to Identify Current State

You need to gain a clear understanding of the current situation of the organisation or sector that has an issue that you have identified you wish to address.

Consider the aims and strategy of the organization/sector. Consider the existing processes and roles within the organsiation and how they interact. This is likely to help you to identify exactly where the problem or the opportunity sits.

In your report you need to give an explanation of your findings from this analysis, in particular you should:

  • Explain the organisation or the sector of the economy where the issue arises – what are the key aims or business objectives of the organisation/sector, and who is served by the organisation/sector.
  • Identify key processes or capabilities that are already in place – list these. Additionally try to describe 2 of the processes using either BPMN or detailed use case descriptions.
  • Try to identify the current organisational structure – what roles exist within the organisation to support and execute the proc
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