ITECH2305 Strategic Analysis Of Organisation: Analysing Modern Business Assignment 1 Answer

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ITECH2305 Analysing the Modern Business 


Assignment 1  Strategic Analysis

For this assignment, you will analyse the strategic plans of two different types of organisations, and complete some specific tasks to perform activities of strategic analysis. This is an individual assignment. The work must be your own work.

Assessment Details / Tasks

You are required to select and complete several analysis tasks using the actual strategic plan for 2 organisations, one of which is a Secondary College. At the end of the assignment are listed the possible choices. You must select one from group 1, and one from group 2, to do the work of this assignment.

No other organisation is allowed to be chosen.

You must not select organisations that you have used in any other assignment (for this or any other course in your degree or past studies).

Read your selected strategic plan, and then complete the following tasks in Microsoft Word. Please do not write an essay. Just answer the tasks by doing the activities described.

Describe the current state of the selected organisations

For each of the selected organisations, describe the current state in no more than 300 words for each. You need to describe:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Description of what the organisation’s purpose is / what sector they operate in – i.e. what is its main reason for being?
  • What the organisation does or services or products they currently provide
  • How the organisation is currently structured – what sorts of staff roles are there? What sort of physical presence does it have?
  • Describe any technology they currently have.
  • Describe briefly any other organisations they have relationships or dependencies with and state the nature of that relationship (e.g. financial, obligations, etc.)
  • Describe any identifiable constraints the organisation is under
  • Identify the key external influencers impacting on the organisation

Conduct a SWOT analysis for the two organisations at the current point in time

Summarise your analysis in a grid/table where there are 4 quadrants: Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat. Use bullet points. Aim for 2-4 items in each quadrant

Complete a Business Model Canvas for the two organisations. For each of the two organisations, create a Business Model Canvas. Please use the template provided in Week 2.

Make sure you produce your Business Model Canvas based on the current states of each organisation.

Describe what Changes the Group 2 organisation is looking to make

Consider the information available about your selected Group 2 organisation. Identify 3 key things that the organisation wants to change about the current state – write 1 paragraph for each key thing. The paragraph about each key thing should also identify what key performance indicators or metrics the organisation has identified that would show it is reaching or approaching its desired future state, (or if they did not identify any KPI, you should propose KPIs for it).

Identify key requirements

From the information available about your selected Group 2 organisation, try to identify 3-5 business requirements that the organisation is trying to address and list these.

Try to identify whether there are any solution requirements implied by any of the information available to you, and list these.

Are there any transition requirements? If so, list these.

Document the key stakeholders involved in the transition (for the Group 2 organisation only)

For the selected Group 2 organisation, identify who are the key stakeholders that will be involved in the transition from the current state to the proposed future state, and explain their role or level of involvement in the transition.

For example, will particular staff roles within the organisation be involved in bringing about change?

Are there any external parties (customers/clients, government, other organisations) which will be involved in some way or needing to be informed or to whom the organisation has a responsibility?

Complete a RASCI Prioritisation Matrix (for the Group 2 organisation only)

For the identified stakeholders, complete a RASCI matrix of their priority/roles in relation to the change or activity that the organisation is pursuing.

There is a video in the week 3 lecture which explains what a RASCI matrix is.

General Advice:

You may use information from external sources, such as the news media or reports, to help you gain further information to support your analysis, however you MUST reference all such information clearly in your report.

Some strategic plans you find, may not provide enough information to be able to clearly address all the requirements of this assessment. If you cannot identify the appropriate information for a particular requirement, you need to document this shortcoming in your report as a deficiency in the strategic plan. You may then be able to fill, or partially fill, some of the gap through additional research which must be referenced. You will not be penalised for missing information if you follow this guidance.

Your report must provide a link (URL) to the online version of the strategic plan and any other resources you accessed for information to inform your work, so that any person reviewing your report is able to access the strategic plan for their own reference.

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