ITNE3006 Design Network Infrastructure: Network Design For VIT Assignment Answer

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Design Network Infrastructure

This Assignment contribute to 10% of the internal marks. The ULOs 1 2 and 3 are mapped with this Assignment.

This is an individual assignment. The assignment is divided into 2 parts. You may start working with this assignment from Week 5 and submit your answers before Week 10. A single word/pdf file may be uploaded by an individual.

The submission Link is provided in Moodle. Note that this will be a turn-it-in drop box and as such you will be provided with a similarity score. This will be considered when grading the assignment. Note that incidents of plagiarism will be penalized. If your similarity score is high you can re- submit your report, but re-submissions are only allowed up to the due date. If you submit your assignment after the due date and time, re-submissions will not be allowed.

Please Note: All work is due by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day including weekends.


  1. You are asked to create a network design for VIT. You have options to choose either

Hierarchical network model or Cisco enterprise composite network model.

Considering your campus, design network with respect to both the models and conclude which one you will prefer for implementation. Use necessary figures and explanations for both the models.


  1. Considering a LAN, list the designing policies you may follow for having a switching design for the network with maximum benefits. Consider all possibilities to improve the network performance including the use of hub/bridge/switch, switch placement, security, VLAN, redundant links etc.
  2. The network administrator is testing network connectivity by issuing the tracert command from host A to host B. Answer the questions based on the network topology and output exhibited on host A.

network administrator

a. Is the network fully converged?

b. Is router 1, router 2 or router 3 is missing the route to any network? If yes, mention the router and the missing network.

c. For this network, suggest a routing protocol and justify your selection.

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