ITSU1001 Introduction To Computer Systems And Networking

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Victorian Institute of Technology


Introduction to Computer Systems and Networking


The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to work in teams to review and propose a suitable computer system configuration for an organization within an industry. This task will help the students to expand their thinking through reading and sharing ideas.

Learning Outcomes

The purpose of assignment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes:

LO2 Identify the components and describe the functions of computer hardware and peripherals

LO4 Critically analyse the system requirements and demonstrate installation, configuration, and maintenance of PC workstations, different Windows OS and SOHO networks

LO5 Apply problem solving approach in adopting appropriate troubleshooting techniques and tools to effectively and efficiently resolve PC, OS, network connectivity and security issues

LO6 Practice and act in accordance with ICT industry standards and correct safety procedures

LO7 Communicate professionally and present work in various forms effectively within small groups

Assignment Details Background

In this modern-day computer system is used everywhere, example at Home, Business, Networking, Real-time, Communication. At home the computer systems are used for normal works like for study, searching information on internet, playing games etc, for that we don’t require a high-speed computer. Computer systems are inevitable in today’s competitive business world. There are different types of computer system: Personal computer, Workstation, Minicomputer, Mainframe and Supercomputer. They operate in various environments such as real time and networking to name a few.


For this assignment, the students will work in teams of maximum of three (3) members to review and propose a suitable computer system configuration for a chosen organization. Students may propose a mainframe, supercomputer, cluster, client-server or any other system depending on the requirements and budget limitations of the organization.

Upon selecting the organization within an industry, students are required to present their findings through the following:

1. Group Assignment Proposal

b. Group Assignment Presentation.

3. Group Assignment Report

Group Assignment Proposal

The recommended structure for the project proposal is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Detailed description of the system requirements of the chosen organization (250 words)
  • Concise description of the proposed system (100 words)
  • Project Schedule – Timeline for the completion of this project
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

Group Assignment Presentation

Each team’s presentation is expected to take between 15 minutes and 20 minutes. All team members must contribute almost equally to the presentation, and each team member's contribution must be clearly indicated in the presentation plan that is submitted to the lecturer.

The recommended structure for the project presentation is as follows:

  • Introduce your team members and the background of the chosen organization and industry
  • Chosen organization’s computer system requirements
  • Present the proposed system configuration
  • Reasons for your choice of this system configuration
  • Summary of Cost breakdown
  • Conclude your presentation by summing up and giving time for questions
  • Reference

Group Assignment Report

The final project report will take the form of an academic report of approximately 1500 words not including referencesYour report should present as a collective effort, not a series of submissions by various team members. It is expected to FLOW as one document. Each team member’s contribution should be clearly identified in the report, with a notation about which section he/she wrote about.

The structure of your final project report should include the following:

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction - Provide a general overview of the purpose this report (100 words)
  • Industry background - Review the industry domain of your chosen organization and provide a brief review of the industry environment (100 words)
  • Chosen organization’s computer system requirements (250 words)
  • Review three (3) different system configurations available in the market; include advantages and disadvantages of these systems
  • Detailed chosen system configuration – Hardware, Software and Networking specifications (Propose an appropriate system configuration for the chosen organization from the systems that you have reviewed)
  • Justification for this specific system choice (250 words)
  • System installation guidelines
  • Detailed cost analysis - Cost breakdown of individual system components
  • System maintenance tasks
  • ICT standards and safety procedures
  • Conclusion - Summarize your report and provide any recommendations (100 words)
  • Reference list


Each group is required to submit a single proposal, report and presentation PPTs via the given link on LMS. Each team member's contribution must be clearly indicated in all submissions. Use 1.5 spacing with a 12-point Time New Roman font. Citation of sources is mandatory and must be in the APA style.

Note that this will be a turn-it-in drop box and as such you will be provided with a similarity score. This will be taken into account when grading the assignment. If your similarity score is high you can re-submit your report, but re-submissions are only allowed up to the due date. If you submit your assignment after the due date and time re-submissions will not be allowed.

Late Submission

All work is due by the due date and time. Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day including weekends.

Marking Criteria/Rubric

Refer to the attached marking guide.


Feedback will be supplied through LMS.


Plagiarism is the presentation of the expressed thought or work of another person as though it is one's own without properly acknowledging that person. You must not allow other students to copy your work and must take care to safeguard against this happening. Note that incidents of plagiarism will be penalized as per the HE policies.

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