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Sun Microsystems introduced JavaFX, an Application framework which is used to create GUI Applications and RIA (Rich Internet Applications). Oracle has specified that JavaFX library is more advance than swing UI Library for Java SE. It provides advance library than Java swing which is also used for GUI Application development but Java swing is a step behind of JavaFX.

With very powerful library, it enables to create powerful GUI based java applications, interactive Web applications and interactive Rich Internet Applications. This framework can run on cross platform environments and using FXML same like XML structure, advance UI application can be designed. Its advance Library included many powerful 2D and 3D APIs for developers. This Application framework supports external CSS files and functions of JavaScript to customize the appearance of application. It’s a major used as GUI toolkit for Java, and its part of the regular JVM and JDK.

Java developers designed and provided the new application framework that is absolutely uses lightweight process to get the desired GUI graphical application. It comes with its own scripting language called 'Java FX Script' similar to Javascript and Actionscript. JFX library contain classes, objects, and event handlers designed to simplify the process of creating the UI applications with rich visual effects.

Key Features 

Developer found it quite easy to learn as well as extremely flexible and robust. It help the developers to built applications based on JavaFX completely or through collaboration with Swing where JavaFx proves to be much simple as compared to Swing. Further, there are several advanced features of the application that can be incorporate in the projects making it attractive for developers allowing development of feature rich applications. 

JavaFX releases total 13 versions and including the latest JavaFX13, following features have been included:

Java APIs: It is a step ahead Java library that consists of classes and interfaces that are written in native Java code. The APIs are designed to be a friendly alternative to Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) languages, such as JRuby and Scala.

FXML and Scene Builder: It comes with FXML is an JavaFX own XML-based declarative markup language for constructing an UI JavaFX application. A developer can code in FXML or use JavaFX Scene Builder to interactively design the graphical user interface (GUI). Scene Builder generates FXML markup that can be ported to an IDE where a developer can add the business logic.

WebView: It’s again a strong feature that uses WebKitHTML technology enables it to embed web pages within a this new application.

Swing interoperability: The applications can be embedded with the existing swing code by the Swing Node class OR by using powerful features of JavaFX, We can update the existing swing application.

Built-in UI controlsand CSS: The application provides all type state-of-the-art UI controls required to develop a full-featured application. With the standard CSS and Web technologies, the UI controls can be sensitive with it.

Canvas API : To work with graphical element and drawing, it provides API which works directly within an area of the JavaFX scene.

Multitouch Support: The library also support functions for multi-touch and gestures operations, which increases the capabilities of the principal platform.

Hardware-accelerated graphics pipeline: Its again a powerful feature of the new framework, which is  based on the graphics rendering pipeline (Prism). JavaFX offers control over activities of application through Prism at application, activity, view and window level, with a supported graphics processing unit (GPU).

High-performance media engine: It high-performance media engine supports the playback of web multimedia content. It provides very stable, low-latency media framework that is based on the GStreamer multimedia framework.

Self-contained application deployment model: Self-contained application packages is feature enables it to contain all of the application resources and a private copy of the Java and JavaFX runtimes which required to run the application made with JavaFX application framework. All the supporting resource distributed in native installable packages and provide the same installation and launch experience as native applications of that operating system.

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