Job Application For The Position Of Microbiologist

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Question :

Your task is as follows: 

Q1. Select recent advertised vacancies from newspaper, or online job board, or career hub, for a job role in the area of your specialisation/expertise. 

a. Scan selected advertisement and attach it as an image along with your assignment. Give the source of advertisement. b. Think positively about the particular skills and abilities you possess which are suited to this position. List them. c. Prepare a covering letter for the selected position according to the guidelines listed in the advertisement. The covering letter should be between 500 - 650 words or roughly of two-page long and should briefly address each of the points in the selection criteria. It should relate your experience, skills and abilities you possess to the key qualifications in the job advertisement. 

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Answer :

Cover Letter 1

 Vacancy Announcement For Microbiologist

Dear Sir,

Regarding the position of Microbiologist/ Lab Technician advertised by your company, please find my resume for your consideration. The requirement conditions have interested me to apply for this job. I went through all the required points to work in the role of “Microbiologist” in your esteem organization and the requirement points quite well matches with my expertise and my qualification.

Knowledge in food science and technology is something that is the base for this job role according to me as the organization is a fisheries one and the organization is based on dealing with the sea fishes, testing them, checking their quality, assuring there quality and others. 

For this kind of job role the most important think required is knowledge of biotechnology and that is something I have and at the same time I have also worked in a fish growth related project after completing my BSC course. I think the experience or the knowledge I have can be utilized in this job role and there I would like you to consider me for this job. 

I would like to share a brief detail about my qualification and experience so that it is easy for you to consider my profile and also judge me on the basis o the requirement. I am a graduate (B.Tech) in the field of Biotechnology with many achievements and experience in the form of training and workshops attended to improve my knowledge and skills in the field of food science and technology. 

The requirements like knowledge in food science and technology matches with my qualification and my experience. My qualification is Btech in Biotechnology and my experience includes different food and cultivation like fisheries cultivation project, bio-fuel production and assessment project and others. The other requirement or qualification area like team player, hard work and extended hours of work is also associated or linked with my skill and efficiency. The qualification area like team player can be associated or linked with my activity like working with Red Cross as a volunteer and I helped the organization in a career development project for the undergraduate students and there were 200 undergraduates and all of them got benefited under this project which can narrate or cite the fact that team player and extended hours of work can be taken up by me. 

With due respect I would also like to stress on the fact that I have good communication skill, team player approach and motive and a motive to work hard and prove myself. I have further presented by resume but this is the place where I would like you to narrate about my interest in this job position and also my approach to this job position. 

With my current qualification and research interest, the current position is apt for my recent qualification and also for my recent job experience and knowhow and I am eager to work on this position. I am dedicated and committed towards my work and I can assure you that I will give my best to this job. I require one scope or opportunity and for me this is the one as this can fetch me new learning and also can fetch me ways to grow and develop thoroughly. My skill and efficiency includes working very passionately and hard towards my project and also having a strong and a fixed and firm determination to reach the target or the goal.  

I would like you to tell that I have worked in laboratory and also I have worked in cultivation of SPIRULINA and at the same time I have worked and assisted in the laboratory. These are some of the approaches that are taken up by me and I think these approaches are worth it as today I can totally realize the fact that these are actually beneficial when it comes to real job application and real time employment opportunity.

I look forward to an opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to bring the expected level of success to your company. 

Yours sincerely.