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What is Kafka?

1) Kafka is written in Java.

2) Distributed, high throughput, pub sub messaging system

   - Fast, scalable, durable

3) Main use cases:

   - Log aggregation, real time processing, monitoring, queueing

4) Originally developed by linkedln

Kafka Strengths:

  1. Simple model, focused on high throughput and durability

  2.  O(1) time persistence on disk
  3.  Horizontally scalable by design
  4.  Push - pull => consumer burst tolerance
  5.  Replay messages
  6.  Multiple independent subscribes per topic
  7.  Online upgrades

Performance factors:

  1.  Broker does not track consumer state

  2.  Everything is distributed
  3.  Zero copy reads/writes
  4.  Usage of page cache backed by sequential disk allocation
  5.  Like a distributed commit log
  6.  Low overhead protocol

Kafka features:

Apache Kafka
Messaging semantics
Relaxed and proprietary
supported protocols
propreitary protocol written over TCP
standard messaging
supports only pub/sub with proprietary protocol
requires zoo keepemake a cluster
higher performance due to simpler messaging semantic and properietary protocol
Deployment complexity
complex deployment with multiple component deployed in a cluster
message flow control
need to be done at the client side
management console
no native management console
Need special connectors to be written for existing systems to connect with kafka
no SSL support