Key Challenges For HR Team: Gen Y

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Enterprise Leadership 700252

Assessment task 2: ESSAY


Explain the special attributes of the generation Y (Gen Y) workforce and why managers may need to provide particular attention to these attributes. Discuss the four ways to shape behaviour, and how a manager might use these to promote learning amongst a GEN Y staff cohort to ensure a productive work environment. Use illustrations and credible research to support your points of discussion.

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The purpose of the draft to ensure you are effectively developing your Essay towards

relevant, enriched, and quality content/context, and to prevent unnecessary errors for

the final submission. You are expected to include;

1- An Introduction with general statements, a clear thesis of the topic in question, and an outline of the main arguments.

2- Develop a planned structure that consists of a logical progression of ideas and/ or events relevant to the topic specifications.

3-A minimum of one illustration as well as elaborations supportive of the topic questions.

4- Provide evidence of research and data to assist with illustrations supporting the points of discussions. A reference list and in-text citations must also be present.

N.B. The criteria in the draft essay marking guides form part of these instructions and must be complied with.

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You must develop a complete written Essay successfully addressing all components

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  • Use the WSU Library Database. Business Source Complete is recommended. The database selected is visible in your List of References.


Go through the essay writing process by analysing the question, brainstorming, research and reading, note taking and organising your information. Write an essay plan, draft and re-draft, write and then proofread your final draft. Read and understand the marking criteria. Seek advice from your tutor when necessary and consider the services of The Study Lounge. Also the LIBRARY tab in vUWS has a multitude of services to help you with the completion of this task.

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Managing Employees: Generation Y


Today, due to increased globalization, several organizations are aiming for expansion in other parts of the world. They want to improve their revenues and subsequently focus on improving bottom-lines of the organization. However, the top-level management will be facing key challenges regarding management of the human resources in the organization (Gold, Thorpe, & Mumford, 2010). They need to hire new staff as well as manage the existing staff for such expansion plans. 

Second, they also need to adhere to the culture of the new location and follow the values of the local culture. It will help them to get adapted to the new working conditions. Also, the Human Resources (HR) department might require to hire new employees from the new culture (Gold, Thorpe, & Mumford, 2010). Hence, for this purpose, they need to organize training programs so that both the entities get adjusted to each other and the work approach. 

It will establish a common working platform wherein the new employees will be working to achieve the desired objectives of the organization. However, the framework for the work approach and the work environment will be provided by the HR team of the organization. Today, however, the challenges might increase due to Generation Y or commonly known as millennial. 

The new generation employees will demand a new and technology-based wok culture. This report will thereby discuss on the characteristics of Gen Y from the organizational perspective; it will also identify the key challenges faced by the HR team in handling them and will provide necessary recommendations to solve the given situation.

Managing Workplace at the Organization

To manage the workplace effectively at the organization, the manager and the HR team need to first communicate the objectives of the organization. The team, first, needs to focus on communicating the vision and mission of the organization (Gold, Thorpe, & Mumford, 2010). Second, they need to instruct employees on the work modules and subsequently guide them toward the goals of the organization. 

To improve the workplace environment, the HR manager first needs to motivate the employees; also, they need to be provided with appropriate resources so that they can continue working in the organization as well as complete the assigned tasks within the given timeframe. Further, the employees can also share their feedback about the workplace and other issues so that the project manager can take necessary steps for further improvement (Kouzes & Posner, 2008). 

The role of the project team is to achieve the desired objectives within the given timeframe and also as per the expectations of the organization. However, through continuous learning approach and through knowledge management and knowledge sharing programs, the workplace of the organization can be effectively managed.

Special Attributes of Generation Y (Gen Y)

Gen Y is the fastest growing segment in the recent times. The desires and the attributed of this generation separates them from the rest others as they can perform better through their knowledge and other skill-sets. They are techno-savvy and hence will be armed with laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets. 

They will be suing these technological means for the purpose of text messaging, email communication, and interacting on the social media platform. They are also family-centric and hence will prefer to work for flexible working schedules (McShane, 2013). They want to focus on their work-life balance so that they can devote time to their families. 

It does not mean that they are not committed toward their work in the organization but they are professionals with a different vision of workplace expectations. They will prioritise family over work and hence will prefer to spend more time with the family. They are also achievement-oriented and hence will prefer to work in an ambitious environment (McShane, 2013). 

They will fulfil the expectations of the employers; they are more of curious toward their working approach in the organization. Hence, it might seem little difficult to manage them but the HR team can deploy innovative strategies to overcome the workplace challenges and subsequently achieve desired objectives in a given environment.

Ways to Shape Behaviour

To shape the behaviour of the employees, it is first important to identify their attributes, workplace approach, and their attitudes in the organization. The HR management can thereby formulate strategies based on the requirements of the employees (McShane, 2013). The HR team also needs to train them on the working modules and other aspects of the organization. 

It is important for them to develop a flexible work environment so that the employees can mould as per the work expectations of the organization. Second, they need to be provided with learning opportunities so that they can increase their technical knowledge and apply the same in their fieldwork (Oeij et al., 2014). The on-boarding programs should make feel employees belonging to the family of the organization. 

It will redefine their vision of working in the organization. Further, the role of the ethical principles at the workplace is important as it will shape the employee's behaviour toward the working place and also toward the values of the organization. It will help him prevent against deploying unethical practices in the organization.

Promote Learning among GEN Y Staff

To promote learning among Gen Y staff, it is important to deploy knowledge management techniques in the organization. For this purpose, the organization can develop an internal portal where every employee will be sharing his experiences, their contributions to the work, and their approaches to the work (Knudsen, Busck, & Lind, 2011). It will help other employees to follow the necessary guidelines and subsequently improve their work practise in the organization. 

Learning can also be promoted by organizing seminars held by the expert panels. They will be linking the theoretical knowledge with the practical examples and applications. It will provide a better overview of the workplace and the technical challenges that the employees might face in a given work environment (Knudsen, Busck, & Lind, 2011). 

The top-level management needs to motivate them through different ways and thereby lower employee turnover ratio in the organization. It will automatically increase the employee's satisfaction levels in the organization. The role of the HR team is vital as they need to deploy a collaborative work culture across the organization (Chawla & Guda, 2013).


To improve the workplace environment and to overcome the challenges faced by Gen Y staff and the HR team, it is important to create opportunities for social interaction. For example, the HR team can conduct happy hours or can organize scavenger hunts in the organization (Oeij, Dhondt, & Korver, 2011). Second, they need to provide necessary training to the employees through different training programs. 

Further, the recruitment programs need to be restructured so that employees from the new location and new culture can be recruited in the organization. The employees need to be motivated based on the different motivation factors of the employees. It will improve the relationship of the employees with the organisation. Further, it is important to manage Gen Y employees in the best possible way to create a win-win situation for both the entities. Finally, the performance appraisal process needs to be revised so that these employees can focus on improving their overall performance in the organization.


To improve the workplace environment, the HR team needs to deploy new innovative programs through which the motivation levels of the employees will be increased. Further, the employees need to be trained on the aspects of change management and performance management so that they can perform in the new work culture and also as per the needs of the organization. 

This report has identified the attributed and characteristics of Gen Y and accordingly have provided recommendations to the HR team to improve the workplace environment. However, the top-level management of the organization needs to monitor these strategies and subsequently modify them as and when required. It will help them achieve desired objectives in a given environment.