Key Data Science Job Trends

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STAT8271 Data Science Workshop

Assignment overview:

Understanding how the topic content relates to the real world is important.. frail students. There are growing opportunities for data science to be wiled across the world in every industry. This assignment will help you to develop an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to work as a data scientist and the career opportunity that exist for graduates in your workshop you heard from a careers advisor. This assignment allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the presentation and the importance of developing a broad range of skills and knowledge as covered in the topic

Topic outcome received

The aim of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate you understand the skills and knowledge required to practice data science, This assignment will require you to show what you learned in your third workshop. 

Career planning 

 • Read through at least 5 job vacancies on the web or in the newspaper in data science, statistics, data analysis, business intelligence or informatics (note that job titles may vary). Develop a list of the top 5 skills required in each position. State which are the most common skills required.     

• What are the trends in data science careers? What are a -main growth in data science jobs? 

• At least 5 different references are required in your submission. Any consistent referencing style is acceptable. These should not all b. same as any other student or zero marks will result for the assignment.

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Answer :

The job vacancies and related skills required are:

1.  Designation: Data Scientist that requires (Data Scientist, 2018):

  •  Statistics and Data science and/or Mathematics  background
  •  Javascript and Python
  • AWS technology stack
  • Focus on big data, analytics, machine learning
  •  Pattern recognition, Artificial intelligence, econometrics, or equivalence required

2.  Designation: Senior optimisation Analyst that requires (Senior optimisation Analyst, 2018):

  • Statistics and Data science background
  • Python, R or equivalent
  • Experimental design and research methodologies
  • Deep knowledge of hypothesis testing and associated statistical techniques
  •  Experience working on large and complex data sets

3.  Designation:  Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Statistics and Analytics) that requires (Lecturer, 2018):

  • Ability to undertake independent research
  • Should have been evidenced by publications, development of new research initiatives, competitive research funding, and the building of industry links
  • Experience supervising Masters and PhD research students
  • An emerging national research record along with an ability to manage an academic program team.

4.  SAS / Teradata / Data Science / Aus Citizens that requires (SAS / Teradata / Data Science, 2018):

  •  SAS / Teradata / Data Science experience essential
  • Requirements gathering and documentation
  •  SAS Intelligence Platform experience (DI Studio, Stored Processes, Web Report Studio etc)
  • Multi-platform experience (Unix/Mainframe/PC)
  •  Experience in data warehousing and SAS solution development desired

5. Designation: Data Science & Digital Marketing Consultant that requires (Data Science & Digital Marketing Consultant, 2018):

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science or other scientific fields 3 years’ experience applying data to solve business problems
  •  Understanding of digital marketing, key statistics, relationships and channels involved
  •  Be able to simplify and explain complex concepts
  • Python, R (preferred) or a deep understanding and experience with other languages
  • Experience in answering business problems using data, including data collection, manipulation, model development, evaluation and delivery

 The most common skills required for the above jobs are:

  •  Background in statistics, mathematics and data sciences
  • Deep understanding of languages such as, Python, Javascript, SAS, Teradata etc.
  • Multi-platform experience in Unix/Mainframe/PC
  • Ability to handle and simplify large data sets
  •  Prior experience in above

The trends in data science careers are (5 key data science job trends, 2018):

 The industry as a whole is picking up as more and more companies are hiring data personnel. The industry is dynamic in nature and constantly evolving such that the people from this stream have to update themselves continuously. The top trend includes automation and understanding of AI and machine learning. Another requirement of companies is to use the available data effectively. In other words, the ability to put right data in the right hands so that no data is wasted and available data is utilized effectively. Cleaning of data swamps and creating data lakes is another upcoming trend. This is clearly justifiable as everybody is collecting and storing data which is raw. It needs to be organized to gain some insights. Blockchain app development is another trend that needs attention