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KII6003 Business Analysis Review Report Student Instructions

Before you commence your Assessment, ensure that you have sufficient knowledge of the subject, have thoroughly read your Learner workbook, and clearly understand the Assessment requirements and the expectations of the Assessor.

You may be required to demonstrate knowledge and skills which may be difficult for the Assessor to witness. If so, an Evidence Record is supplied which will allow the knowledge or skill to be verified by at least one third party, and preferably two or more. These witnesses would usually be current or recent supervisors or your Assessor.

Explanations are given for each Task. If you have any questions, consult with your Assessor.

The assessment tasks may be answered using your workplace, the simulated business or a mixture of both as instructed by your Assessor.

Assessment Conditions

All assessments in this subject/unit must be completed in the class under the supervision of your facilitator. Once completed the assessments are to be uploaded on LMS ( ) in individual student profile for marking.

  • All assessments must be attempted
  • All questions must be answered in an appropriate manner as per the requirements.
  • Follow the Assessor’s instructions to complete the assessments

Assessment Task 1

This assessment consists of one (1) part all of which must be answered.

The instructions to complete this assessment are included on the following page. Follow the instructions with each question.

When you are confident that you have met all requirements for this assessment task, upload your file using your file using Learning Management System (LMS) for marking.

For the due date of the assessments follow the instructions of your facilitator.

Assessment Task 1

Business analysis review and report

Conduct an analysis of business strategy, framework and performance, as well as an analysis of industry/market conditions, using appropriate templates/tables and compile a report of approximately 1200 words.

Scenario or background information:

Many large corporations today are facing uncertainty in light of economic pressures and increased competition. As a result companies have to constantly keep evaluating their current business models, what capabilities they possess and how they can drive efficiencies in what they do. The external environment for most large businesses is extremely competitive and new. Disruptive products/services and technologies are constantly shaking up industries and demonstrating new ways to do business. Sometimes they reinvent a tired category, other times they combine different approaches or they just simply deliver a more efficient, logical way to do business. Either way, a company that does not change soon becomes irrelevant, ineffective or disappears. It is crucial to maintain a thorough understanding of not only the competitive landscape they operate in, but also have a finger on the pulse of trends and consumer behaviours.

Your task is to:

  • select a company from the list below and conduct an analysis of their current business model
  • examine or determine their strategic direction
  • consider their historic approach to business
  • investigate the industry they operate in
  • investigate the competitive landscape including trends, behaviours and preferences are apparent within that industry including the audiences they service

From this analysis, you are to identify some changes to the current business model that are required in order for this company to remain relevant and to still achieve their stated or determined strategic directions. This shall be in the form of an analysis report, with the senior management/board as the intended audience


Read through the resources included at the end of this assessment and research additional websites and other sources on one of following companies to assist you completing the assessment.

Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion)
Blockbuster Entertainment
Australia Post
Nintendo / Sony
Sizzler Restaurants

Select one of the above companies. Analyse it and the industry in which it operates. The next two assessments will be based on your research of this company.

Develop a detailed analysis report for the senior management of the company you have selected.

Industry feedback

  1. For this section you are required to join Linkedin and become a member and then find the change management forum to network specialists in this area. To join Linkedin you will need to supply personal details. If you are already a member of Linkedin then sign in.
  2. Once signed in you can join a number of professional networks including the change management forum. Look for a discussion thread on a particular topic and engage with the member.
  3. Read the feedback relating to the discussion to see how this relates to this assessment in terms of the following: Company analysis, industry analysis, SWOT analysis.
  4. Summarise in one/two paragraphs what the discussion thread/s were about and how you can apply that feedback to your assessment in terms of company analysis, industry analysis or SWOT analysis as per item c) above. Take a screen shot of your discussion thread/s or evidence of your communication.

When you have completed this assessment upload your file to LMS.


The assessment should be able to demonstrate competency in the following:

  1. Intro/Purpose of the report: The report should clearly state why it was undertaken and what methods and/or approaches were used to identify the various change requirements/opportunities discovered. The learner has to demonstrate to their management (teacher) the rationale for the change.
  2. Company analysis: The learner is required to investigate and review the current set-up of the chosen company (not a ‘cut and paste’ of the ‘about us’ page), and describe in their own words how it operates, its current strategies, its policies and directions, what kind of structure it has in place to support its business, what kind of reputation does it have in the marketplace and a simple assessment of its financial current financial position. Compare or contrast this with its ‘stated’ strategic objectives. This can be supported (not replaced) by links to company reports, financial statements, company profiles and industry articles discussing the company.
  3. Industry analysis: The learner must demonstrate, through research and referencing, a review of the current state of the industry that their chosen business operates within. Based on the research, the learner is to give their opinion and rationale of the identified forces affecting their company and the trends that may indicate the need for the company to ‘change’. The learner should also support (not replace) their statements with the inclusion of tools such as Porter’s five forces or a PESTLE.
  4. SWOT, Gap and Cost-Benefit analysis: The learner must undertake the three analyses and outline the company’s capabilities to meet potential changes or opportunities and identify and describe any gaps or vulnerabilities that may impact or threaten the company either internally or externally. The learner must also review and prioritise any changes and evaluate the potential benefits.
  5. Industry feedback: The learner must join Linkedin and the change management forum group on this site and provide evidence of engagement with specialists and experts in the industry. Provide a summary in one/two paragraphs of what the thread/s were about and how you can apply that feedback to your assessment in terms of company analysis, industry analysis or SWOT analysis.
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