Lead Team Effectiveness

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BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

This unit defines skills, knowledge and outcomes required to plan and supervise the performance of the team and develop team cohesion.

It applies team leaders, supervisors and new emerging managers who have an important leadership role in the development of efficient and effective work teams.

Leaders at this level also provide leadership for the team and bridge the gap between the management of the organisation and the team members. As such they must 'manage up' as well as manage their team/s.


To achieve competency in this unit students must demonstrate their ability to:

  1. Plan to achieve team outcomes
  2. Lead team to develop cohesion
  3. Participate in and facilitate work team
  4. Liaise with management

Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

  • apply knowledge of organisational goals, objectives and plans
  • develop a team work plan including documentation of how it was generated and how it will be monitored
  • identify and incorporate innovation and productivity measures into a team work plan
  • communicate with team members and management to identify and establish the team purpose, roles, responsibilities, goals plans and objectives and resolve problems
  • use techniques to consult, encourage, support and provide feedback to team members
  • model team leadership behaviours and approaches
  • liaise with management to develop the teamwork plan, resolve issues and ensure follow-up action is taken.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must explain principles and techniques associated with:

  • delegation and work allocation
  • goal setting
  • group dynamics and processes
  • individual behaviour and difference
  • leadership styles
  • motivation
  • negotiation
  • problem solving
  • planning
  • workplace innovation
  • workplace productivity.


General Assessment Information

This information is designed to provide you with a full overview of the tasks you need to successfully complete to be deemed competent in this unit.

You must achieve a satisfactory performance in each of the assessment tasks in order to be deemed competent in the relevant unit. Where necessary, the assessment tasks are divided into parts or steps. These are designed to take you through a step by step approach to completing the activities.


First and foremost, please contact your assessor to discuss any necessary adjustments that may need to be made prior to completing these tasks. The instructions for each of the assessment tasks are logically sequenced. If you have any questions, contact your assessor immediately. If there is a practical component to your assessment, you will need to discuss the arrangements for its completion with your assessor in advance.

Assessment Cover Sheet

Once you have completed all of the tasks, complete the Assessment Cover Sheet, sign the declaration and forward along with your documentation to your assessor. It should be uploaded along with the assessment on to the RTO manager.

Submitting Assessment Tasks

All written assessment tasks must be typed and submitted with the provided cover sheet. 

Your trainer/assessor will tell you when assessments are due. It is your responsibility to ensure that assessment tasks are submitted on or before their due date. 

Extensions for individual assessment tasks may be negotiated with your trainer in specific circumstances. You must request this prior to the due date, and extensions due to illness will require a medical certificate. Extensions will be confirmed by your trainer/assessor.

Where assessment tasks are submitted following the conclusion of the unit of competency without a medical certificate or extension, a late submission fee for each assessment task will be charged. 

Assessment Outcomes

There are two outcomes of assessment tasks: S = Satisfactory and NS = Not Satisfactory (requires more training and experience). 

You will be awarded C = Competent on completion of the unit when you have achieved S for all completed assessment tasks and by meeting all the performance criteria. If you fail to meet this requirement, you will receive the result NYC = Not Yet Competent and will be eligible to be re-assessed according to George Brown College policy.

If you are deemed Not Competent by your assessor and require re-assessment, you will be informed of the process. A fee may be charged according to George Brown College policy.

If all assessment tasks are not completed for a qualification, a certificate will not be awarded. A Statement of Attainment for completed units of competency will be provided. 

Your Results

Your assessor is committed to providing you with detailed feedback on the outcomes of the assessment and will provide guidance on areas for improvement. In most instances, you should only need to complete the sections of the assessment that were deemed not satisfactory. However, it is important to remember that depending on the task, it may be necessary to repeat the whole task (for example presentations or the delivery of a training session).

You are entitled to view your results at any time by viewing them once they are uploaded on RTOManager.

Reasonable Adjustment

George Brown College supports individual differences in the learning environment and provides ‘reasonable adjustment’ in training and assessment activities to support every learner. If you have any special needs that make it difficult for you to complete your learning or assessments, you should discuss this with your assessor beforehand and will be provided with reasonable alternatives to assist you to complete the required tasks such as completing tests verbally or using an interpreter. 

What happens if you do not agree with the assessment result?

If you do not think the assessment process is valid, or disagree with the decision once it is made, or believe that you have been treated unfairly, you can appeal. The first step is to discuss the matter with your trainer. 

If you still do not agree with the results, refer to the GBC Complaints and Appeals Policy and speak to the Student Services Team. 


While we may not be in a position to assist you with language training or specific LLN training, our assessors will work with you to ensure that you are supported throughout your qualification. If you require individual tutoring this may attract an additional fee (see Student Handbook). Support may be offered by your assessor, or for more specialist support you may need to contact GBC administration.

A Note on Plagiarism and Referencing

Plagiarism is a form of theft where the work, ideas, inventions etc. of other people are presented as your own. Information, ideas etc. quoted or paraphrased from another source such as the Internet, must be acknowledged with “quotation marks” around the relevant words/sentences or ideas and the source listed in brackets. You must also list the sources at the end of your assessment. 

Sources of information, ideas etc. must be provided in alphabetical order by author’s surname (including author’s full name, name of document/ book / internet etc. and year and place of publishing) or may be included in brackets in the text. 

As a general rule it is advisable to never copy another person’s work. Should it appear that a student’s work has been copied or does not appear to be authentic, you will be asked to speak to your Course Coordinator and required to re-submit it. A fee may be charged according to George Brown College policy.

Contacting the RTO

If you should need further support or assistance please do not hesitate to contact The Student Services Team.


BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

There are two assessments for this unit:

1. Written Questions

For this assessment, you are to read the questions and respond in writing with the most suitable answer. There are sixteen questions, all of which must be completed. Most questions require short answers although some questions require a more detailed response. You may use various sources of information including workbooks, internet and other documents, but must list and reference their sources. Your assessor will advise you when this is due.

2. Project

For this assessment you are to take the role of team leader for a project in order to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to plan and supervise the performance of the team and to develop team cohesion. It is based on a simulated business in which your are to play the role of supervisors in a shop and meet to undertake a project as a team. Each student is to manage and lead components of the project. Team outcomes will be both individual and group. 

The purpose of the project is to enable you to demonstrate your team leading skills. 

There are three parts in this assessment. You must complete them all.

  • Part A: – requires you to form a team, allocate roles and develop a project plan 
  • Part B: – requires you to implement the project by meeting on a number of occasions to work on meeting the project outcomes. 
  • Part C: - requires you to reflect on the project and your own performance. It involves meetings and the development and distribution of a survey to be completed by team members. 

Your assessor will schedule time for you to meet and work on this project. Meetings will go for about one to one and a half hours each. 

Team members must also meet with the management on three occasions. Your assessor will act in the role of Sales Manager and meet with individual members of the team who will then report back to the teams. Each meeting will take approximately 5 minutes

You are to gather feedback on your performance as a team leader, through developing and distributing a questionnaire. You  are to summarise and reflect on this and include this in your final report. 

Note: In addition, your assessor will observe you participating in your team meetings, in order to assess your team leading and communication skills.

Templates are provided for the documents required to be produced from this project. 

Assessment Schedule

AssessmentDue Date
1.Written Questions


Student Name:
Student ID:
Contact Number:
Trainer / Assessor Name:
Qualification:BSB41015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
Unit of Competency:BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness
Assessment: Written Questions
Due Date:
Date Submitted:
If your assessment is being submitted after the due date, please attach a copy of the written confirmation of extension received from your assessor.
Declaration:I have read and understood the following information at the beginning of this assessment guide (please tick): 
 Assessment information
 Submitting assessments
 Plagiarism and referencing
I declare this assessment is my own work and where the work is of others, I have fully referenced that material.

Name (please print)

TASK 1: Written Questions

Read the questions below and respond in writing with the most suitable answer. There are sixteen questions. You must complete them all. Most questions require short answers. You may use various sources of information including your workbook, internet and other documents. Your assessor will advise when this is due. 


What is the difference between a group and a team? Explain the terms and give an example of each.


(a) What are team goals?

 (b) Why do teams need goals to be effective?

 (c) Give three (3) examples of team goals of teams you have participated in or are currently participated in, such as work teams, sports or college teams.


Team objectives are smaller, more short-term goals – the means by which your ultimate goals are met. They are statements defining how the team will measure their success. 

SMART objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timed. For one goal that you have related to your career or studies, develop a set of SMART objectives to achieve the goal.

Overall goal:

SMART objectives:
SpecificIndividual response
MeasurableIndividual response
AchievableIndividual response
RelevantIndividual response
TimedIndividual response


You are planning for a team’s work. Number the following activities in the correct sequence.


Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Develop a communications and reporting plan

Identify resources

Develop objectives

Identify the milestones

Set the goal

Set review dates

Identify tasks

Identify risks


(a) What is delegation? There are several definitions. Look up a definition from the internet. (Give your source.)

Examples include:

 (b) what do you think are the benefits of delegation when leading a team? (50 words)


Group dynamics is the ways team members interact and relate to one another.

(a) How important is it for team leaders to understand group dynamics? 

 (b) Explain what the following terms mean in relation to groups and how they function. Give examples of each.

TermsExplanation and examples
Organisational culture


List five (5) activities which encourage a work group to become an effective team and meet their goals.


What are possible causes of group conflict? List at least six (6).


As a team leader, how would you resolve each of the following problem situations?

May include the following or similar

Conflict areaHow you would resolve it
Ana is frequently late for work, stating that personal issues frequently prevented her from arriving on time

Ming is always working hard, staying back late and the first to put his hand up to do additional jobs. This is causing the others in the team to resent as they saw it as ‘sucking up’ to leaders, and it was setting an expectation for everyone else to work back late.

Michael takes a long time to complete work and frequently asks people to help with IT problems. It is annoying people as it is interrupting them in their work, and they feel they are ‘carrying him’.

Farouz never finishes his projects on time, and blames others for not forwarding their work; they complain he was disorganized and didn’t explain things properly


(a) In what ways may people in a work team be different? 

 (b) How can individual differences cause conflict?

(c) What attitudes and behaviours, including communication can help to avoid or resolve conflict based on individual differences? List at least four (4)


(a) Explain what is consensus

 (b) What is brainstorming?

(c) How can brainstorming and consensus help to solve workplace problems?


How can a leader motivate the team? (50 words)


Team leaders are often encouraged to change leadership styles for different situations.

Match up the following different leadership styles with the most suitable situation when it would be required.

A Telling /directing2. Team is not performing as well as it could in a new procedure and needs motivating into doing better
B Selling / coaching1. Emergency situation and staff need to evacuate the building
C Participating / supporting3. Team is experienced and has been working well. A new project is about to begin.
C Delegating/ observing4. The team is doing a new project and is worried about it as they have never done this type of work before.


What strategies could a team leader embrace to encourage innovation in the workplace? (50 words)


Negotiation is a method by which people settle differences. It is a process by which compromise or agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute. Describe two situations at work when you have needed to negotiate. Include:

  •  a description of the issue or area you were negotiating
  •  what you lost
  •  what you won
  •  the outcome you agreed on.

Question 16. 

Which of the following can help in encouraging productivity in a work team? Tick the correct answer/s.

  • Set work goals
  • Set objectives
  • Set KPIs
  • Firmly direct the team member what to do
  • Seek input from team member into work planning
  • Reward effort and achievement

TASK 2: Project


For this assessment you are required to plan and supervise the performance of a work team and develop team cohesion in a business. You must demonstrate your ability to:

  • Plan to achieve team outcomes
  • Lead team to develop cohesion
  • Participate in and facilitate work team
  • Liaise with management

In order to complete this project, you need to undertake and complete a number of practical tasks over a period of time. There are four parts. You must complete them all. 


You work as a supervisor in Proactive, a large, new sports store selling a range of high quality sports clothes, shoes and equipment. There are five sections on the shopfloor:  sports clothes, shoes, gym and activity wear, sports equipment and outdoor activity clothes and equipment. You look after one of the sections. 
You supervise 8 sales assistants, with 4 on at any one time, except for busy periods like school holidays and Christmas when you must hire more. You and the other supervisors report to the Sales Manager.
The business is working well and sales are good, but the company is looking for an edge that will make them stand out. Feedback has indicated that customers would like to receive specialist advice when looking to purchase sports gear. Most of the team know the products in their section but nothing about products in other areas. You have little communication with the other sections or supervisors other than at the monthly meeting. You also have little input into how the shop is run. As a result, you do not feel very committed to the company and think that many of the staff feel the same way.  
Overall goals for the shop are to: 
  • Develop a ‘competitive edge’ to make this store stand out from others
  • Deliver specialised service to customers on products
  • Increase the number of customers by more than 10% per year
Your manager has now asked you to work on a project with the team of supervisors to share information about their products with each other, and to develop some ideas for improving the services offered by the shop. You see this as an opportunity to help to build the group as a cohesive team.
You decide that you need to establish the common goals and objectives of the team, as a group. You then decide that you need a project in which each person should be responsible for a particular area of development, and lead a team working towards achieving the particular goals for that area.
The areas for development you have selected are:
1. Developing strategies for sharing information with the team to help improve the business and how things are done and improving communication between team members
2. Identifying areas and opportunities for offering better service to customers with a ‘competitive edge’
3. Identifying opportunities for learning new skills for the team members
4. Identifying ideas for social and team building activities 
5. Identifying ways for encouraging and rewarding team members for high level performance


You are to form a team of the ‘section supervisors’. You are to engage in a project to improve customer service for the business. Each participant is to select one of the areas for improvement provided. He or she will then be responsible for leading the team to carry out the associated tasks. The group will hold meetings to discuss progress with their team. Each member of the group will play the role of team leader for his or her own area. 

The team is to plan the project including work plans for the team, and then implement the project with each team member responsible for his or her own area.

In addition to achieving outcomes of the project, you are to provide evidence of how you demonstrated your team leading skills.  You must provide evidence in the form of reports, and documents such as plans, minutes and emails and evaluate your team leadership at the end.

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BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness


Part A: Planning to achieve team outcomes 

In order to plan to achieve specific outcomes, it is imperative to create specific goals and objectives for every member of the team. This will not only increase the overall outcomes but also helps in achieving the set standards in effective manner. 

ProjectThe project is the run is to develop a competitive edge by providing specialized services and increasing the number of customers by 10%
DepartmentSales Department
Project DescriptionThe objective of the team is to provide specialized services to its clients on the products they are already selling, the second objective is to increase the number of a number of customers by 10% and establish a competitive edge in the market (Kumar, 2011). 
Project GoalThe project goal is to achieve this objective in the financial year and strengthening the profitability and earning capacity of the organization. 
Approved by:  The project is approved the sales supervisor and handled to increase the working efficiency of the team members. 

Team Goals
Individual goals and actions Person responsibleDeliverables (outcomes)Due
To increase work experience and service excellence The lesser experienced employees to be mentored and trained under the high experience employees to gain excellenceThe employees with more than 5 years of working experience in sales Productive team with increased productivity and performance by 15%One month 
Timey achievement of the objective of increasing the customers by 10%. Increasing the meeting time with the new customers and increasing cold callingExternal sales and internal calling employees Number of converted leadsOne month 
Maintain healthy relations with the existing clients to improve word of mouth publicity

Introducing reward points, reward cards, cash back, discounts and outhouse functions and meet up programs for existing clients and sports enthusiasts The employees with more than 7 years of experience especially the supervisors already having good interpersonal relations with the existing clientsCreation of a sports enthusiasts community together with the store members  The ongoing process, first meet up to be planned in the coming 3 weeks.
Innovations and Ideas:
The store supervisor including the store sales representatives needs to create a group of existing sports items. The group can further be divided into different categories such as, customers who buy gym wear and equipment, sports equipment customers and customers of outdoor activity clothes. Programs such as sports activities, competition, and meetups can be introduced to bring the customers together. This will attract more new customers for the need to be a part of the group. This will be done to strengthen the efficiency of the sales supervisor and strengthening the work program. It will help in increasing the overall outcomes of the business. 
This group can include membership fees to earn profit and setting standards (Kumar, 2011). This will be another source of income for the organization which will eventually increase the overall return on capital employed of organization. 
Strategies for coaching and mentoring:
Coaching and mentoring strategies include 
For every event, some person from a gym, a healthcare personnel, and physiotherapist can be invited to instruct the employees as well the group of customers.
This will encourage and motivate the employees as well to stay connected to the stores and be a part of each activity, together with attracting new customers to join the group, purchase products, and exercise and meet occasionally to stay healthy. In addition to this, proper motivational program and theories could also be used to keep the employees motivated. The grievance portal will also be arranged to identify the issues and problems faced by employees and helps in assessing their proper work program for business development. 
Communication and reporting plan:
PersonInformation requiredWhen requiredFormat
Sales representativesRegarding the group philosophy and ideology and working At the onset of the planning Face to face 
 Marketing employees The information regarding the upcoming programs Before the program initiation to promote the program details Email and flyers
Project Schedule
Review dates:
Finish date:

Notes: The project undertaken will be properly communicated to each and every employee’s through the meeting or online portal. It will help them to understand their deliverables and undertaken work. 


Meeting with the staff members and employees to develop a competitive edge by approving the training program for providing specialized services and increasing the number of customers by 10%. The objective of the team is to provide specialized services to its clients on the products they are already selling, however, this agenda will further be followed by increasing the number of a number of customers by 10% and establish a competitive edge in the market (Kumar, 2011). 

Manager feedback 

Manager assessed all the internal and external business factors and gave the feedback that company needs to strengthen its communication strategy for easy flow of information among employees. It will lower down the discrepancies and issues in the work program of the system. In addition to this, holding meeting with the employees consistently will also be required for the smooth functioning of business. Manger has given main feedback upon the work process undertaken in the team and strengthen the quality of services offered by the employees. Consistent team building and undertaking work program is needed for better quality services to clients.

Relay feedback to the team from meeting with line manager and discuss and resolve any issues

As per the feedback give to the team from the meeting with the line manager, it is analysed that company should focus on holding consistent meeting with the employee members.  Creating groups and allocating different works to different employees will also make them more diversified in their skills. The group can further be divided into different categories such as, customers who buy gym wear and equipment, sports equipment customers and customers of outdoor activity clothes. This strategy will result to attracting more new customers for the need to be a part of the group. 

Part B: Participating in and leading the team 

In order to complete this task, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to delegate the tasks to the team and observe if they are able to achieve them in time and the difficulties that they would be facing. 

Tasks of project including finding out and documenting strategies and plans for own area of responsibility 

The first strategy would be to create a standard for the specialized service that the company needs to provide to the customers (Saada, 2013).  This strategy not only strengthen the brand image of company but also result to grabbing more clients in market. The cost leadership strategy would also be followed by this developed strategy. As, eventually this strategy will reduce the cost of the business and lower down the prices of the offered products and goods in market. 

Each employee is responsible to maintain the quality service which includes

  1. Providing service on time 
  2. Providing information regarding when and how the customers can log complaints 
  3. If the employees are unable to provide assistance it becomes their responsibility to transfer the complaint to the immediate supervisor or the concerned authority and keep a track if the issue being raised regarding any product is being resolved in time or not. 
  4. Keeping a track of the most common issues and making a list of FAQs to be resolved in minimized time in future (Bolden, 2016).

The strategy to create a group of customers for a mission to stay fit will help in increasing the new customer base as well as this will add competitive advantage.

Discuss any issues arising and record them along with corrective action to be taken

There are several issues that can be faced by the employees: 

  1. Selling the customer's group membership
  2. Pursuing them to join a club/group by picking out time from their busy schedules 
  3. Promoting this in a large number to attract new customers (Eagly, Lord, & Yukl, 2016).

Corrective action 

The responsibility of these lies primarily with the team handling the servicing and secondly with the sales supervisors and store managers.  Every day there must be held to identify the most common issues being faced by the existing and new customers and how these can be completely eliminated.  The record of the minutes of the meetings must be with the supervisors. There are following other corrective actions which could also be followed.  

Feedback mechanism: the teams will be encouraged and rewarded for eliminating persisting issues every week (Eacott, 2015).

Problem identification: 2 days the responsibility lies with the external sales representative and customer care (Northouse, 2018). 

Problem discussion and elimination: 3 days the responsibility lies with the sales representative and the supervisor and store manager (Thomas, 2015).

A satisfaction report or a document from the customer 1 day the responsibility is of the sales representative and relationship manager (Huber, 2017).

Prepare a written progress report 

After assessing the issues and problems in case, it is found that the main objective is to increase customer by 10% and create a competitive edge. Company needs to implement proper training and development program for employees so that better team management could be promoted in organization. It is important that the employees must be trained to use medical terminology and create awareness amongst the customers regarding their health, there must be a sporty and active environment within the stores, avoid low lighting and dull employee behaviour. Some gym freak employees can also be hired or replaced with the dull, lethargic and procrastinating employees. In addition to this, management also needs to strengthen the marketing plans to promote its offered goods and services in market. The activities must be promoted in the newspapers and media to attract new customers (Bratton, & Gold, 2017). In addition to this, different line manages would also be appointed in different process functioning of the organization who will indulged in promoting the team members to learn new skills in their work program.  Nonetheless, training sessions would be arranged for employees to learn health fitness related knowledge. To collaborate with the medical representative and gym person, it is recommended to start this activities to increase the customer handling activities of the employees in stores. 

Appendix 3 

Time:8:45 am 
Attended by:
Sales representatives 
Sales supervisors
Store managers  
Selling the customer's group membership

In order to achieve this, it is important that the employees must be trained to use medical terminology and create awareness amongst the customers regarding their health, there must be a sporty and active environment within the stores, avoid low lighting and dull employee behavior. Some gym freak employees can also be hired or replaced with the dull, lethargic and procrastinating employees.This needs to bring in practice immediately after the meeting for the customers to view stores from a different health freak perspective Relationship manager 
Pursuing them to join a club/group by picking out time from their busy schedules 

To pursue the customers it is important to partner with the physiotherapist and the medical staff who will convince them and will also help to add competitive advantageTo collaborate with the medical representative and gym person, it is recommended to start the activity asapRelationship manager 
Promoting this in a large number to attract new customers  

The activities must be promoted in the newspapers and media to a large number to attract more group members and new customers to be a part of the campaign stay fit (Bratton, & Gold, 2017).During and after the first sports activity or meet Marketing and external sales team
Setting quality standards for product and services The supply chain department must procure items only from the recognized brands (Oshagbemi, 2017).Immediately after the meetingSupply chain

Part C: Finalising the project

The team successfully accomplished the task of creating a group for a common goal of staying fit, wherein the majority of the existing customers enrolled and became members to participate in future events. 
However, 5% increase in the new customers is achieved given the target of 10%. 
This could be achieved by more promotional and branding campaigns (Higgs, & Dulewicz, 2016).
A daily meeting and 360-degree feedback mechanism are used to provide insights into the sales team regarding their performance.
Team members are also rewarded for every 5 new customers and 5 old customer’s enrolment in the stay fit group. 
 There is an online group of internal staff and external sales representative where each employee is asked to register their issue as and when they come across some. The issue is further resolved by the concerned person or any person in the group in the capacity to resolve the issue.
Employees at all levels are authorized to take action to resolve issues immediately after consultation with the supervisor and the store manager, this will speed the work progress and improve work process (Amanchukwu, Stanley, & Ololube, 2015).
The most innovative, creative and quick solutions are rewarded to keep the teamwork and work spirit high, this will motivate employees to work in the most effective and efficient manner.
The procurement of the items could have been from the quality manufacturers to eliminate the stack of existing low-quality items, however, some of these items will now be replaced and the others will be distributed to some NGO kids. This will add to the company CSR policy and will help the competitive edge. The second important outcome of this will be, the old low-quality products will be separated to achieve the objective of selling only high-quality products and services (Aycan, 2015).  

Post project Report 

Objectives achieved or not achieved

Team members of Company successfully accomplished the task of creating a group for a common goal of staying fit, wherein the majority of the existing customers enrolled and became members to participate in future events. However, the main failure to achieve the set objective was to create core competency in its procedural work (Higgs, & Dulewicz, 2016).

Reason of failure to achieve the objectives

The main reason of failure to achieve this objective was related to lack of working efficiency of the employees in their work. Team members were also lacking with the advance technologies which negatively impact the business outcomes. 

How problems were encountered and resolved 

Team encountered the problem related to collaborative working in its business process. Therefore, proper set program and quality training is arranged for employees. This will be used to set standards and quality check for the team workers. Nonetheless, setting up of proper collaboration in work program will also be necessary to strengthen the quality of the work delivery by the team members. However, team conflict due to the different culture of employees will be inevitable issue but by using the mutual understanding and consistent team meeting these issues could be controlled. In addition to this, to control the quality of the work process, The QC check program based on the six sigma work program will be used to strengthen the work quality of the team members. It will consistently motivate employees towards delivering the best quality services to clients (Higgs, & Dulewicz, 2016).

Provide own reflection on own performance as team leader

As per my understanding, my leadership style is more suitable to get the work done. It will help me to motivate employees and influence them in positive manner. Being a team leader, I have been positively influencing employees and they are already giving their best efforts. I have established nexus between their growths and success with the organizational development.

Team feedback

My team is more satisfied and happy with my leadership style. They gave the feedback that I kept them at their liberty and whenever it is required, I navigate them to better output.

Minutes meeting 

Name of the Company

Address- 388-A Sydney, Australia.

Topic- Meeting with employees on project of develop a competitive edge by providing specialized services and increasing the number of customers by 10%


YYYManaging Director
SSSSenior Manager
List of employees Employees and staff members 
YYYCorporate advisor and Company Secretory


SSSDirector Indulged in business development program

Agenda at hand-

Meeting with the staff members and employees to develop a competitive edge by approving the training program for providing specialized services and increasing the number of customers by 10%

Issues raised – Quality service program, standardised work system and strengthen the business service quality.


YYYOutsource most of the work 
SSSStrengthen the communication program among employees
List of employees Implementation of the training and development program
YYYInstall advance technologies and system to minimize procedural work. 

Decision – all the representative were given order to prepare the report and report the results to management

Task List:

YYYTaking updates from employees
SSSAssessing the communication development program

Future Meetings – 1st of the next following month. 

Notes section-

This team development plan will be beneficial to strengthen the business outcomes and efficiency work of the employees. This will help in grabbing new clients in market as well.

Written reflection on own effectiveness as a team leader

 As a team leader, it is the duty to conduct such meetings every day and record further difficulties and how the team can overcome these (Macdonald, Burke, & Stewart, 2017). I have interpersonal communication skills and positively influence others to get work done in effective manner. My skill will be positive factor for resolving complicating issues.  The first thing that could have been done is to motivate the employees for the better and effective services. I being team leader firstly focus on strengthening the communication strategy and promote all the employees to work as team member. It will not only increase the overall quality of the services offered in market but also helps in creating the synergy in business. The main strategy would be consistently communicating with employees through the team meeting and giving them authority to take their procedural decisions. 


Have you ever used/attended a team-building event as part of your business/employment?



What should a good team-building event offer to delegates? (select all that apply)



Team Spirit



Sense of Achievement


New Skills



Other (please specify)

Have you used, or would you consider using music as a team-building tool within your organisation?

Have Used

 Would Consider Using

Have you ever used/attended a team-building event as part of your business/employment?



Have you used, or would you agree to take training and development session on the health fit program?

Have Used

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