Leadership And Ethical Behaviour: Reflective Learning Log Assessment Answer

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Master’s in Marketing

Subject: Leadership and Ethical Behaviour

Reflective Learning Log - Instructions and Format

Describing event or experience
Describes the event or experience in adequate detail including the context whilst also indicating why this event or experience was chosen

Reflective thinking
The reflection explains the student’s own thinking and learning processes, as well as implications for future learning

The reflection is an in-depth analysis of the learning experience, the value of the derived learning to the student, and identifies the enhancement of the student’s appreciation for the discipline

Making connections
The reflection fully describes connections between this learning experience and other learning experiences including life experiences and future goals

The RLL follows all elements of the suggested format

500-600 words per Topic

Don’t forget to include 2-3 references used. This is a Reflective Learning Log discussion form. Have an in-depth content and answer the question per topic with an in-depth explanation.

Discussion Forum Week 9

Iszatt-White & Kempster (2018) attempt to further explore the scope and understanding of Authentic Leadership. What do you see as the crucial components that define this approach? Do you believe it is a distinct approach or is it merely an extension of what is already known? Explain your answer

Discussion Forum Week 10

Bailey and Shantz (2018) identified a number of “Daily dilemmas that trip people up” (Pg.76). Pick any two of these and discuss in detail. Your discussion should specifically identify how such ethical dilemmas could be overcome

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Answer :

Discussion Forum Week 9

Description- I was a student admires Alon musk due to his achievements. Elon Musk, from the rational approach to authentic leadership, is a man of many achievements. Musk is regarded as an innovator, engineer and inventor. Also, he is Tesla Motors' CEO, SpaceX's CEO and CTO, SolarCity Chairman and Chief Product Architect, and co-founder of PayPal (Home, 2020). He is technologically savvy and has been interested in the development of spaceships, autonomous vehicles and the Hyperloop high-speed rail method. This interest in his leadership style and whether authenticity in leadership exists. 

Reflective thinking- I believe that authentic is a moral construct and shapes the workability of an individual. Authentic leadership is a form of leadership in which individuals are authentic, self-aware, and relationally transparent (Chaudhary & Panda, 2018). By constantly revealing who one truly is as an individual, and how it feels about the success of the employees, a genuine leader will inspire confidence and trust in the employees (Liu et al., 2018). The single best measure of the work satisfaction of an employee is authentic leadership. In leadership, passive aggression, indirect communication, and complicated input have no place. It's important that to remain sincere, transparent, and truthful with the team to help promote authenticity (Liu et al., 2018).

Analysis- IszattWhite and Kempster, (2018) states that in examining leadership, the notion of authenticity can have an important role to play. According to the methodological perspective of authentic leadership, even after previous failures that made him grow into the good leader he is today, Musk has confidence, trust and determination as well as resilience. With no short-term progress in mind, he still reflects on the overall picture and the end target (Landesz, 2018). Musk, a successful entrepreneur, has saved the resources that he trusts in and is not scared to make choices so that his innovations and dreams are not undermined. He is often asking for his workers' feedback as well as self-analysis to try to fix what he can do differently or how differently a method can be accomplished. Musk has grown into an exemplary authentic leader by his self-awareness, internalised moral perspective, rational thinking as well as relational transparency (Early, 2017).

Making connections- Analysing Musk's case it can be seen that authenticity in leadership is indeed an important aspect.  As per IszattWhite and Kempster, (2018) at the time two forms of involvement characterised the field: philosophical expositions and mostly quantitative research attempting to analyse its backgrounds and effects, moderators and mediators. While analysing Musk’s case I realized that the approach defined by IszattWhite and Kempster is already known and does show the characteristics and efficacy of authentic leadership but the authors failed to show it in their analysis. Further, the author still defines the need for future research although the given approach is not very clear and must be assessed that whether it aligns with the principle of authentic leadership (Alilyyani et al., 2018). Further, in my future practice, I will aim to be an authentic leader and showcase trust and relational transparency as key concepts.  

Discussion Forum Week 10 

Description- During working in XYZ sales limited I was made to tie up to a new team. The team were good and were performing their duties and work on time. The department’s boss was very strict and did not want to see any violation of the rules. Also, any shortcomings were accompanied by penalties such as salary deduction and losing the job. I had one of my colleagues, Rita. Being in a finance department she was fudging the number to hide the firm's underperformance for the respective year. This was unethical and also this was something worth conveying to the boss. This event is chosen as it efficiently showcases my ethical dilemma. 

Reflective thinking- I was in a great dilemma and did not know what to do. It was ethically unacceptable to hide such major issue from the company owners. Also, it could result in Rita losing her job. I could not understand whether to speak or not? Will it benefit one and harm the other. Also, I had the feeling of ethical disconnect as a violation of ethical norms was affecting the firm and its growth and as an employee, I was ethically liable complying with standards but such employees make it uneasy to work with. As Bailey and Shantz (2018) state that research is certainly showing that individuals often have a clear propensity to acquire a sense of moral fit. Further, I learnt that ethical dilemmas should be overcome with effective strategies that aim at benefiting the right and prevents the wrong (Othman & Hamid, 2018)

Analysis- The analysis of the situation shows that it is important to use the resolution principle to mitigate the adverse effects of ethical misconduct (Caulfield et al., 2020). The approach used in this case is “ends based principle”. The theory based on ends is also described from the Greek term telos, meaning "end" or "issue," as utilitarianism, consequentialism, or the teleological theory. The goal outcome of the action is analysed from an end-based solution to an ethical question. The question to be raised is, "What choice will produce a greater benefit for the greatest number of individuals?". Also, it requires good leadership skills to speak up against such instances and do the common good. Jolly et al. (2020) put forth that Leadership is commonly seen as playing a significant role in organisations in promoting ethical conduct.to overcome ethical disconnect I will choose the "and" that is good for unit AND good for the whole. The most right outcome will be care-based and this is followed by involving the team in the decision-making approach (Ferrell et al., 2019). 

Making connections- In my future placements, I will ensure that I will comply with the ethical norms. Also, I will speak up against any unethical steps taken by other employee and will what is good for everyone as a whole. I learnt that leadership is effective in facing such situations and hence I will develop leadership skills confront unethical conducts in the workplace (Van et al., 2020). I will not affect myself due to others work and will ensure that I deliver the best work without getting ethically disconnects.