Leadership Qualities Of Frontline Manager

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BSBMGT401 Show leadership in the workplace

Question 1 

Case Study 

Future Communication is a mobile communication retailer with several outlets in major shopping centres. The retail manager develops a performance plan for each team member that includes key performance indicators. Each team member is expected to reach monthly sales target. Team member’s wages include a base component and an additional component for achieving their sales target. The retail manager is responsible for managing the retail operations of the store including displays, point of sale, security and stock control. They are also responsible for recruiting, training and rostering team members. The retail manager is paid a base component and receives an additional component based on the sales performance of the team.

Future communication-customer service standards

Future Communication is committed to ensuring that each customer interaction meets the customer’s expectation in terms of excellence. To meet this commitment, we will:

Help you as quickly as possible  Greet you politely  Identify ourselves  Speak plainly  Listen carefully to your needs  Provide you with up-to-date information  Provide clear product information  Maintain your privacy  Provide you with a contact name or reference number  Be reliable and professional at all times  Treat you with respect and dignity  Record information accurately and store it securely  Ask you how we can improve our customer service  Act on the feedback you give us  Undertake ongoing training  Behave ethically and honestly  Never discriminate against you.

Future communication-value statement

Act openly, honestly and fairly and with integrity in all dealings in the workplace  Treat clients, suppliers and fellow employees with respect  Behave ethically

a) How can the retail manager and team members incorporate the organisation’s values and standards into their daily work performance? b) How should the retail manager respond if they were to become aware that team members were only offering customers ongoing contracts rather than pay-by-themonth plans (sales targets for ongoing contracts is higher than pay-by-the-month)? c) What factors in the organisation’s policies may be influencing the way that employees are performing in their role? d) How can the retail manager monitor that team members comply with organisational values and standards? e) What are the possible consequences to the organisation or employees of not complying with values and standards?

Question 2

Prepare an implementation plan for a change or innovation that could be introduced at your workplace or another organisation with which you are familiar with. You may wish to develop an implementation plan for the decision that you performed a risk analysis. Your implementation plan may be developed using the template used at your workplace or you may wish to use the previous example as a template. Your completed implementation plan should identify the titles (position) of any staff that will need to agree to the plan.

Question 3

In previous task, you have developed an implementation plan for the innovation or change that you are recommending to improve a specific organisation’s performance. As you have discovered, it is important that during the planning stage you give careful consideration to the methods you will use to gather feedback during the implementation phase. In this practice task, you are going to expand on the implementation plan you developed by identifying the feedback methods you would use

Question 4

In this assessment task you will gather evidence that you are competent to lead a work team in the decision-making process. To complete this assessment, you will need to write a report that describes how you have applied the knowledge and skills you have examined in this unit to a workplace problem. This could be a problem that you have identified in your workplace or in another organisation to which you have access. You may wish to base to your report on the problem that you identified in previous task. If so, you will need to expand on the implementation plan that you developed in Question 3 in order to provide sufficient evidence of your competence. The format for your report should adopt the following format. The report should address the following:

a) Identify the problem faced by the team. b) Describe the process that you followed to gather information about the problem. What sources of information did you access? How did you assess the relevance, accuracy and validity? c) How did you encourage team members to participate in problem-solving activities? What benefits were achieved from collaborating with team members? d) Describe the problem-solving techniques that the team used. How did you encourage all team members to participate? e) Discuss the process that the team used to arrive at its decision. f) What risks were identified with the options considered by the team? What strategies were developed to minimize or eliminate these risks? g) Identify the objectives of the solution that the team decided on. h) Describe the actions that will be required to implement the team’s decision. i) Describe the methods that you used to communicate with relevant people about the team’s plan. j) How did you gain commitment to implement the plan? k) What methods were used to gather feedback from relevant stakeholders about the implementation?

Question 5 

Robert has been appointed as project manager of a team asked to improve customer service across several departments in the organisation. He has planned a customer mail-out consisting of a mail-merged letter, a marketing catalogue (printed by an outsourced printer) and a flyer advertising the new customer loyalty program (developed in-house) as part of their program to upgrade customer service delivery.

The potential risks of this activity are as follows:

o Information needed for the catalogue is not received. o The printer may not deliver on time. o Key staffs are unavailable. o The desktop publisher may not be skilled enough to format the new design. o There may be no supply of envelope because the store person was not notified about the mail-out. o Not enough time was allocated and the activity is not finished in time for that day’s post. o The photocopier may break down.

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Answer :

Question 1

  1. What expectations and requirements would the organisation have about Jennifer's knowledge of the organisation, her performance and behaviour as a frontline manager?

The retail store expects Jennifer to play her responsibility right as frontline manager and display her best team leader quality in managing the employees and individual in the front-line department. As Jennifer already have previous experience of being a team leader, organisation require her to effectively manage team rosters and team members displaying behaviour of the professionally skilled frontline manager. The organisation also expects her to have proper knowledge over how this respective organisation work and how security and display be managed effectively and stock be controlled in order to increase the sales of products and increase the profitability of organisation so to prove herself an efficient frontline manager. 

  1. What are sources of workplace information available to help Jennifer in establishing the organisation's requirements?

In order to establish and meet the requirement of an organisation that largely includes management and development of team rosters, displays, supervision of team members, coordinating security in department and stock control, Jennifer only has her team members and team rosters as a source of workplace information. Team rosters helped her to know about functioning specific section of the store letting her plan accordingly in order to increase display of retail store. Whereas, other team members let her know about information over other sections of the store along with their previous sales and revenue records letting her plan accordingly to maintain potential sales or increase it.   

  1. How could Jennifer monitor her own performance?

In order to monitor her own performance to know how she is doing being in a position of frontline manager, she may collect weekly or monthly feedback from team members she is supervising in order to seek in-depth sight how her communications skills are? Is she able to communicate properly with team members and if they are able to perceive information and target being provided to them. Moreover, she can also track the number of sales, in-flow and outflow of stock to measure her responsibility in increasing productivity and overall profitability of the organisation by attracting more customers to stores, being a frontline manager. 

Question 2

Describe how Matthew can behave as a positive role model to his team during this period of change.

In the environment of organisational change, Matthew needs to have a positive approach toward employees that are facing the sense of fear and might resist change within the organisation. He will need to build and earn the trust of employees being a trustworthy manager so that employees feel comfortable and free in expressing their concern about change and what problem they are facing (Burke, 2017).  Matthew would require to make proper arrangement for employees who are looking for ways to manage their transport and family as the implementation of the rostering system will extend trading hours. He can communicate with employees who are resisting change about the advantage rostering system would offer over rivals in the marketplace making them agree to respond positively towards change. This is how he can be role model to his team in a period of change.

Question 3 

Describe the characteristics of an effective performance plan.

Performance plan would set up evaluating system from employee performance and their annual appraisals. A good performance plan must be straightforward and simple to understand in which plan being clearly defined with goals and scoring purpose making it effective in attracting the interest of employees to perform productively. Another characteristic of performance plan that ties employees with goals into the larger picture where employees should be informed about how accomplishment and the individual goal would help the company to achieve the overall objective/goal.

Question 4

Develop a range of key performance indicators that would be suitable to monitor and report on the performance of customer service officers.

The range of key performance indicator that Courtney being responsible for managing eight customer service officers might monitor it through several key performance indicators that will include ‘overall satisfaction’ of customers to the services provided to them as more satisfied customers better customer services. Another indicator is ‘conversion rate’, enabling how likely customers are making a purchase or other actions indicating effective communication of customer service officer. Thirdly, it is ‘average resolution time’ and ‘number of resolved issues’, these indicators will indicate assistance and quality of services delivered by the officers concerned where average resolution time must be low, and number of resolved issues be high indicating that customer service officers are performing their responsibility and job role effectively (Stark, 2015). Finally, ‘active issues’ must be low indicating that officers are quick in resolving issues fairly while respecting the privacy and needs of customers. 

Question 5

  1. Describe the method you would use to communicate with your senior manager regarding an issue you have identified with the organisation's standards or values.

While communicating with the senior manager one at the subordinate or employee’s position within the organisation must have respect towards the higher authority. In order to express issues in organisation's values and standards, one must use the method of direct verbal communication where one must be confident and have all authentic evidence to support their information avoiding the case of being wrong that may affect his relationship with managers. There should be logic in whatever being said and must know their numbers as they are speaking to high-level decision makers within the organisation. Statistical data and customer's feedback over the organisation's products and services being offered should be presented that will reflect perception and believe of customers over brand value and standard. 

  1. How would you respond if you were required to behave in a way that did not align with your personal values? 

In a situation where my personal values did not match, there would be internal turmoil inside my mind as for me my personal values are the most important element in building my personality. My motivation level of doing certain work will be low, and there are chances that I might leave that organisation/place of work. Moreover, there would be the consistent level of stress between the organisation and me as being part of the organisational function that would not be good for me and organisation work as well. The personal value of individual engages the energy, and in the case where the organisation does not value and violate it, restoration takes place where an individual finds new energy to overcome and perseveres (Corner, Markowitz & Pidgeon, 2014). 

  1. How would you model behaviours to team members that would encourage them to contribute to developing an organisation, which has integrity and credibility?

Towards encouraging the behaviour of employees in developing organisation function that will have credibility and integrity, the behaviour of respect for another individual within the workforce, their cultural background and feeling of integrity can be inculcated. For increasing credibility of the workforce, team members can be provided with training and development programs to increase productivity and profitability of the organisation. Additionally, performance appraisal of team members might be induced that will drive members to perform in an effective way. The practice of effective communication would be another characteristic that could be engaged to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. 

Question 6

  1. How Roshani and her team could go about resolving the problem of inappropriate use of the Internet and email by team members.

For resolving the issues of inappropriate use of email and internet at the workplace by the team member, Roshani and her conflict management need first to understand that responsible members are mostly adults and they are aware of what they are doing thus she needs to act accordingly. Group problem-solving techniques would only be effective if team members do have self-realisation that they are using the platform of online communication for wrong purpose (Jarzabkowski & Kaplan, 2015). The organisation must gather relevant information about who is responsible for the issues helping team members to act accordingly while decision making. Team members should be informed about legal complications they are going to face if they continue to harass others through sexually inappropriate materials. Timely communications should be done with every employee in order to know their issues that they are facing and regular monitoring of email, audio and video surveillance and internet content over organisation's site must be done on regularly in order to plan other measures taking strict steps.