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University: NUC Newham College University Centre

Section 1: What’s the module all about?
This module combines academic theory, practical team work, coaching intervention and reflection to develop learning on groups, teams, and the roles in group behaviour and performance.
It requires students to work as a group or team and to consider their and others’ roles and impact on the success of the team project.

Section 2: Module and Programme Learning Outcomes
This module has its own specific learning outcomes and also contributes to the programme learning outcomes.
Module Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
1. Critically analyse key concepts for understanding the nature of groups and teams and their effective performance
2. Demonstrate insight into the role of self and others in group behaviour
3. Identify interventions for improving team and group performance
Programme Learning Outcomes
A1 Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of organisations, the external environment in which they operate and how they are managed
A2 Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of markets, customers, finance, business operations and strategy
A3 Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of people, operations and information system
A4 Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of communication and information technology, business policy and strategy and pervasive issues eg. globalisation and sustainability
B1Make effective use of critical thinking, for example, in evaluating statements in terms of evidence
B2Make effective use of analysis, for example, to detect false logic or reasoning
B3 Make effective use of synthesis, for example in formulating and solving business problems.
B4 Make effective use of the principles, processes and evaluation of research and various data sources
C1 Make effective use of communication, IT, numeracy and quantitative skills
C2Make effective use of models of business problems and case studies
C3 Make use of effective self-management in time, planning and behaviour

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This study signifies the necessity of teamwork and the understanding ability of the team members with each other to execute a common goal. It is a project work, which considers the viewpoint of the youth of Newham about a particular survey. Therefore, this study is going to build up the strategies, which can create a positive effect on the togetherness of the team members. Team effort is essential nowadays to ensure the successful completion of a project. A proper set of questionnaire should be designed for each of the respondents and the uniformity of the team members can represent proper collective information regarding the perspective of the youth (Galegher et al. 2014). This study is going to define the team building theories and its proper formulation for the betterment of the project work. The outcome of the project will represent the collaborative thoughts and ideas about the mitigation of criminal activities in the Newham area of London. This study represents my reflection of teamwork to conduct a survey on youth of Newham.

Analysing the nature of groups and teams and their effective performance

This project ensures the key features and effective strategies for the formation of a team, which is able to conduct a proper survey work. An effective teamwork is needed for the successful execution of the data collection and its analysis (West, 2012). This study is helpful to represent the key concepts and important characteristics of a team for completing a project within a defined structure. I was a part of the team of 10 members to conduct the survey process in the Newham area. My role was defined to me and I was able to follow the common objective of the team. A proper training had been given to us prior to the initiation of the survey. The effective leadership was helpful for me to conduct the project in a proper way. The interrelationship among the team members was in proper manner and I was able to share my thoughts and ideas to the superiors. The strategies of the team were dynamic in nature and it covered all the important aspects for the successful execution of the survey work. Our effective communication and strategic leadership were helpful for us to regulate the work in a proper manner.

Team role

The role of the team represents the togetherness towards execution of a work and in an working environment every team member gets a defined job role and responsibility (Weaver et al. 2010). Therefore, a team needs to form in a proper way for enhancing the deliverance of the workforce. The role team represents several duties and responsibilities of the team and its individuals. A proper team role was defined for us to conduct the survey process in proper manner. All of us had a common objective in the work process and we were able to maintain the uniformity into our work structure.

  • Every team member must be aligned towards a common goal and it should represent uniformity in the teamwork. The job roles and responsibilities must be defined to each of the team member (Yang et al. 2011). A proper job role was defined to us during the project work.
  • The effectiveness of the team depends on the deliverance of their work. The team handling quality and the interrelationship of the team members could enhance team effectiveness. It considers several factors like communicating with each member, decision-making and problem solving skills of the team and team responsibility and its recognition. Our team was capable of taking right decisions at the correct moment and there was a healthy relationship among the team members.
  • It enhances the capacity of each team member, where the person is able to make better decisions and channelize the work in a positive way. They should have proper access to the data sources, which can enhance the quality of the project work. In this project, I had the accessibility to the required data sources and my superiors were attentive enough towards my decisions and opinions.
  • It was a team of 10 members where 5 of us were interviewers and 3 of us were analysers. Therefore, the distribution of the work was proper in order. Other two members were focused into the promotion of the work.
  • In this way, we were able to cover a large sector of Newham, which was helpful to complete the project within stipulated time.
  • The team was able to make proper decisions and a proper leader guided it.
  • The innovative thoughts and ideas were considerable within the team.


The teamwork has enhances the quality and speed of the project work. Different set of thoughts and ideas were helpful for producing a proper outcome of the survey. Due to the collaborative approach, the project was completed within the stipulated time. The teamwork has increased the interpersonal relationship and the communication level has been enhanced through this. It also represents the work integrity among multicultural environment. It presents the thoughts and strategies regarding the formation of an ideal team, where members are open to new ideas (Van Wart, 2013). Effective team leadership also motivates the members and it brings uniformity in the work process. This also represents the necessity of proper communication in the project structure, where each member of the team is communicative enough to the others. Information exchange should be performed in methodical manner and the team should look after the privacy of the important information. Private information could not be revealed to the outsiders and all the members must maintain follow the security measures (Bolden, 2011). It shows the incorporation of proper methods and tools for executing the survey in a proper manner. All the team members must share their viewpoints with their leaders and co-workers to enhance the quality of the work. Defined job role and the segmentation of the work are helpful to achieve the goal in a faster way. It also represents the democratic work culture where everyone can establish the viewpoint. I have noticed some improvements in my work process and the teamwork has enhanced my capability towards the completion of a job.

Learning experience

Working with other persons in a team has enhanced my teamwork capabilities and I became more flexible towards completing a job. I have gathered different knowledge during the project work and I have grown as an effective worker. The team management and its strategies have been defined to me and now I am able to work within a team structure. It made me innovative in nature and my communication skills have improved a lot through this approach. At present, I am aware of several rules and regulations, which are needed in teamwork.

Self-assessment according to the theory of Tuck man

The Tuck man’s theory shows the important factors, which are necessary for the effective team development. Tuck man’s theory is able to enhance the performance and size of the team through several strategies (Walumbwa et al. 2010). It shows the need of problem solving skills, work plan and challenging characteristics for the team. It also ensures the proper deliverance of the project work, within a stipulated period. It helps me to understand the formation of a team, where several team members are intended to perform a common goal. It gives me the knowledge about maintaining proper attitude and behaviour towards the work. Storming stage considers the logical and individualistic approach of the team members (Muijs, 2011). According to the norming stage, I have learned to support the viewpoint of the team members and it represents a collective viewpoint of the team to me. In the performing stage, I have noticed the necessity of motivation and knowledge for my work improvement.

Future prospect of the defined strategies

I have worked in a group and I have learned a lot about the teamwork. According to these self-learning approaches, I can predict the future implementation of these defined strategies.

  • It ensures the togetherness in the workplace and better understanding ability among the workers
  • The collaborative thoughts and innovative ideas of each team member will improve the quality of the work
  • Assigned jobs could be performed in a faster way and it could be completed within the stipulated time
  • It will create a proper communication chain within the workplace
  • Effective teamwork is able to manage the multicultural environment and diversified work culture
  • The risks and hazards of the project work could be mitigated on an early basis

During the project work, I have learned effective team management strategies. If I have the opportunity to form a team and manage it effectively then I should take the following approaches.

First week
Forming the team in proper manner   and establish a good professional relationship with the team members
Second week
Notifying the team members about   the rules and regulation of the team, which is mandatory
Third week
Establishing a proper   communication plan among the workplace
4th week
Assigning proper jobs and   responsibilities to each member
5th week
Reviewing the work progress and   help the team members in certain levels

Action plan

The action plan defines the planned strategies, which I am going to implement for my team.

  • Sharing proper knowledge and ideas among each team member and making them aware about the objectives of the team
  • Involving the team members through realistic approaches
  • Reviewing the work progress from time to time and recognise their work in proper manner
  • Identifying the disadvantages of the team and take corrective measures


This study represents the necessity and effectiveness of team building strategies, where different factors of teamwork have been considered. This project work has been performed to perform a proper survey in the Newham region regarding their increasing criminal activities. As a team member, I have conducted the survey process and I have documented my knowledge and experience according to it. My project experience contributed a lot to myself development and it helped me to understand the team management strategies. Therefore, this study is helpful for my self-enhancement and it increases my understanding ability towards teamwork.