LEMT305 Leadership For Managers: Southwest Airlines Assessment Answer

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COURSE:Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Accounting
Unit Code:
Leadership for Managers
Unit Title:
Type of Assessment
Assessment 2 – Group Report & Presentation
Minimum 15-minutes team presentation and written Report (under 1000

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed:
  1. Understand the concepts and theories of leadership.
  2. Identify the importance of leadership qualities for managers.
  3. Understand how leadership is applied in practice in teams and in an organisation.
  4. Enhance skills to develop leadership in an organisation.
Assessment Task:
Submit a Report online and deliver a Team Presentation in-class.


Students will be divided into groups consisting of THREE students in each group. The groups will be formed at the beginning of the trimester and should sustain for all the group activities across the study period.

The case study/topic for the Group report will be negotiated after group formation. No two groups can choose to work on the same case study/topic.

Students will need to analyse the case study and come up with appropriate solutions to the questions. Your solutions must be based on sound application of theoretical principles to the practical issues and supported by suitably referenced arguments. You will work with your group to prepare a power point presentation to be made in-class.

A summary of your solutions must be prepared as a report (within 1000 words) and submitted on the day of the presentation on Moodle.

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Answer :

Leadership for Managers


Through this report, the Southwest leadership would be understood through the characteristics, crisis management, having problem-solving skills and it should have a strong belief.  Southwest Airlines management should be understood through an unimaginable situation.  The main purpose of the case study is to understand airline challenges and outcomes, relating to the government order (Turnnidge, 2017).  As observed, in the case study how after 9/11, unlike the other airlines,  instead of cutting down operations and sitting still, have focused on the change in management skills and change in leadership style that can have an imperative and influential impact on the employees and the customers. It is also important to understand how the changing leadership styles, skills, and the derived practices can help in providing a positive or negative influence and outcomes related to the business organizations, employees, includes the customers along with the stakeholders.

Concepts and theories of leadership

Servant leadership would be best applied to the case study, where the employees and the leaders have to serve and ensure, how best they can serve others, that can look best for the organization. It is also important to apply in an organization that can best look at how to serve them,  and how one can it best applied in the organization (Stead, 2017). Managers include a servant leadership style which would ensure, how it can lend time and how it can be best applied to the best interests of any employees. This ensures, how one can require the need of others, apply authority and likeability which can create a positive change in the employee's lives.

When servant leadership is applied, in the case study the role of the leader is to ensure, how to make the employees happy. The role of the happy employee is to ensure, happy services to the customer and it helps in creating a recognized happy framework. It is also important how to make an employee feel valued, make them passionate about the job role and subsequently encouraged them to make them part of the company mission (Dugan, 2017). The happy employees are due to how the bosses treat them and also ensure a large portion. It helps to draw a deeper connection with the company and how it can be determined to see, how well they can follow the results.

For most of the managers, to ensure how to practice servant leadership, it should be dependent on how the employees are treated as special people, more than customers. Also, for the actual customers, it is important to have the second-most defined relationship with the employees, who are equally important to see counter-intuitive and ensure steps for the employee's to deliver such rich benefits.

Importance of leadership qualities for managers

The leadership qualities for the mangers in Southwest Airlines should be a driving force. It should be a driving force that can be helpful in every way. Through the manager's insights and guidance, it would help the employees to achieve job satisfaction and most importantly to have fun working ways. As a manager, it is important to focus on ways to celebrate, have a set party and do anything to ensure, how to values employees. The quality of managers is to ensure how to have an effective style of power and ensure a referential. It is also through the employee's genuineness and bringing out the charisma, that can help the employees to deliver the best as per the job. As observed, from the case study, though Kelleher being a  servant leader is far away from greed and also took a low salary of  under $400,000 (Arena 2016).

Leadership is applied in practice in teams and an organization

The leadership practices, was applied due to the CEO’s emphasis on instilling a  caring attitude towards the people and also providing how to put employees first to practice and have delivered the servant leadership. The concept of the servant leadership has been originated from the Robert K. Greenleaf that can help in delivering a rightful frame of the leadership which would ensure how to think about the servants first and also ensure to inspire the other employees and followers to have the similar heathy, wiser and more autonomous treatment (Ford, 2018).

Garry who has provided an edge by bringing advancement in leadership and also providing an edge over the credit to employees by bringing the most from the leadership working style on people rather than due to their position. Garry also ensured, to provide an effective servant leadership paradigm and to service an effective empowerment of people that can share a common insight (Meuser, 2016).  The CEO has also played a vital role to ensure a moral objective that can serve people by having a sensitivity to their concerns

Enhance skills for a leadership

Due to the Southwest practices, the management participative and Kelleher that can ensure a personal touch to the people, whether on the ground, in-flight crew or during the mechanic's operations (Stead, 2017). It also how the employees would have active voice concerns, which would be stepped out without any fear or overstepping the boundaries. It is a delegation duty that has played an important part in the Southwest organizational culture. At the same time, having the fit employees would help Southwest jump rightfully through the peer recruiting.  For example, pilots of Southwest Airlines would vet for potential pilots to join the company. The policies and the procedures, which the Southwest policy ensures to practice, is how there is a pilot who was not hired, as he was rude to the front office and while adhering to the "hiring and firing for attitude" policy (Turnnidge, 2018).  At the same time, how the employees view and perceive others, helps to draw the relevant perception. Even if the pilot would have a great caliber to show in working style, but eventually how much they are dedicated to their jobs, being able to please customers and treat the other employees rightfully.


To conclude, while Southwest Airlines has ensured to provide personalized experience, through guiding and mentoring the employees that ahs helped in sailing through the crises. The airline's hardiness has provided on a building on personal and organizational resilience that has helped in granting individual freedom.