Life Cycle Stage Of The Industry: Industrial Analysis Assignment 1 Answer

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Assignment 1

Case for assignment

Read the case a few times carefully.Find out the case with your tutorLAT1 – talk with your tutorLBT1 - Carsberg

1. Macro environmental analysis - factors which are changing or impacting on the company and/or the industry– include some discussion as to what they mean for the company

2. Industry analysis 

•brief description of the life cycle stage of the industry

•Porter’s 5 forces analysis – conclusion regarding attractiveness

3. Company analysis: resources and capabilities – core competencies – include some discussion of which ones are/will be most effective in achieving strategies and objectives or are most important to identified environmental factors – macro and/or industry. VRIO Framework. 

4. Competitor analysis: 

a. Conduct the market commonality and the resources similarity Analysis. 

b. Discuss the competitors’ future objectives, current strategies, assumptions and capabilities.

5. Strategy analysis

a. Identify strategies - Business level

b. Analyse if working or not – why / why not

c. Suggestions for improving current strategies or suggestions for new strategies – link back to analysis and explain why you think they will work


a. Summary of the analyses of factors

b. Weigh up key arguments and counter-arguments and 

c. Reconcile them with rebuttal

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