Linfox : Logistics Services And Supply Chain Solutions In Canada

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200843 Integrated Business Experience 2


• This group project gives students real-world experiences in understanding how to prepare and present a new market entry strategy in the Asia-Pacific (APEC) region. • That experience encompasses considering all the elements of launching a an Australian business in one of the APEC countries. Your team is to chose the business and one country for your report. • The report and presentation includes all the business, sales and marketing, finance, supply chain, R&D, functions in developing a viable market entry strategy.


• In groups, students must prepare the market entry for an Australian based organisation – in the APEC Market. • The group chooses the country. • The group chooses the organisation (a choice out of 3 organisations). • The report must detail the issues and opportunities with a new market entry strategy and provide the senior management of the company information upon which can be used to decide how and where to expand internationally.

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Key Activities

Linfox is one of the largest logistics and supply Chain Company established in Australia and is operating since 1956. However, today, the company has expanded in different parts of the world. It is now entering into Canada to provide different logistics services and supply chain solutions. 

The major activities of Linfox will include providing multi-layered supply chain security solution that will promote efficient movement of goods while maintaining a robust system. It will also overcome different risks and hazards and instead will provide 24X7 operational supports to their clients (Yu, Xiong, & Cao, 2015). 

The company focuses on delivering real-time safety and secured logistics solutions that include - drivers' compliance, weather report, flooding and hazard alerts, unrest areas, unauthorized stops and fuel theft, roadblocks, and performance monitoring systems (Yu, Xiong, & Cao, 2015). With their IT-security enabled solutions it will not only exceed the expectations of the customers but will also focus on customer's competitiveness through - improved visibility, reduced costs, industry-leading technology, and simplified logistics channels (Eshkenazi, 2015).

Key Resources

The reputation of the organization is built on safety, firm commitment, and compliance and hence will deliver excellent services to their customers. They will never compromise on safety and quality of the supply chain solutions offered to the customers (Chen et al., 2015). 

For the purpose of delivering high-security enabled logistics solutions they will require - IT-enabled systems, physical security at sites and warehouses, stringent subcontractor for compliance procedures, proactive monitoring systems, specialized security team, systems that will track the movement of drivers and fleet, and also fleet of vehicles that will be assisting the organization in transporting different products from one location to another (Paksoy & Özceylan, 2014). 

Also, they will need performance analysis mechanisms through which they will be able to analyze the performance of their fleet and other elements of the entire system. They can thereby plan their business strategies to meet the different objectives of clients in a given environment. It will not only improve the outcomes but will also help the organization achieve desired objectives in a given working environment.

Key Segments

The company helps feeding the companies that are looking for warehousing, distribution, and logistics solutions. They are thereby meeting the different demands of major supermarkets, departmental stores, and also store chains across Asia-Pacific region. With the objective of expansion in the Canadian territory, they can thereby first target the superstores, departmental stores, and other such store chains that are into the retail industry (Closs, Bolumole, & Rodammer, 2014). 

Second, they need to offer services of primary and secondary freight, warehouse management, and store delivery. In a given consumer-driven market, they need to scale their operations as per the needs of the customers in a given market of Canada. It is their responsibility to develop a safety and reliability culture of commitment that will avoid all types of errors and risk factors in a given environment (Closs, Bolumole, & Rodammer, 2014). 

They will also focus on improving efficiency to provide a competitive edge to their clients. It is however important for the top-level management of Linfox to analyze the internal and external environment so that they can plan their strategies accordingly in the new markets of Canada. They can also deploy the segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies to capture new customers of Canada. It is important for the marketing department to deploy a marketing campaign that will help the organization to attract new customers (Eshkenazi, 2015). 

Further, it will also make sure of increasing the customer base for Linfox in the market environment of Canada. However, it is the responsibility of the senior management as well as the Operations department to analyze the needs of the customers and accordingly provide them with IT-security enabled logistics solutions. 

It will subsequently help them overcome the market challenges and also adhere to the applicable laws and regulations in a given local environment. The Human Resources (HR) department on the other hand needs to train the staff in this direction so that they can get adjusted in the new market environment of Canada and will be able to deliver as per the needs of the different customers. It will subsequently generate desired outcomes for the organization.