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What is literature review?

Compilation of books, journals, articles, and information on a specific subject on which research is being conducted by the student is the literature review. The students are required to write a summary of the information being reviewed. Students are required to complete evidence-based and peer-reviewed professional articles on their chosen subject. The students are required to analyze, organize, formally critique and summarize research literature found on the topic of their interest. The literature summary shall describe the validity and veracity of the information found.

Literature review format may be different but most colleges and universities require that correct MLA or APA citations to be used in every article being cited. 

The literature review writing stages are as follows:

•    Evaluation of literature body related to the topic of literature.
•    Common themes or classification to be found through literature analysis.
•    Industry or field review.
•    Individual work or group work review.
•    Background for research topic should be provided.
•    Knowledge gaps to be filled on research topics.
•    Develop a powerful research question.
•    The validity of the research question and project shall be established.
•    The main and critical information shall be grouped together.
•    Main arguments in the literature shall be clearly developed and identified.
•    Provide the most current research information on the topic.

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