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ASSIGNMENT 2 – LITERATURE REVIEW 2,000 word graded paper

 This assignment will require you to prepare a literature review which encapsulates the findings of the literature and other information you have gathered.  The literature review to be conducted is a narrative review.  This is different to a systematic review which is usually undertaken in order to perform a statistical analysis of the findings of previous research.  A narrative review involves performing thorough literature searches, describing how these were done, grouping findings according to themes and showing how the articles relate to those themes.  It is important to accurately reference all material used. 

Specific assessment criteria In this assignment you should:

 • Succinctly state your aim for the literature review. 

• Succinctly your search strategy (this is to include databases, search engines, key words, time frame of search, inclusion and exclusion criteria, people who you will contact to discuss their work on this particular issue and any other strategies you have used to conduct a systematic search).

 • State the range of literature you obtained (number of articles and main focus).

 • Group findings according to themes and describe the process you used to identify the themes.   

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