Literature Review: Use Of Big Data In Aged Care

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Conduct a detailed literature review in relation to uses of big data in aged care. 

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The following report emphasize on the latest trend in computing world that is big data and its uses in aged care and medical line. It brings out all the features as well as the negatives aspects of big data for the medical industry. Several authors have given their feedbacks about the uses of big data and what could be done by the companies to use it appropriately in medical and aged care. In the world of technology where every data is recorded and stored with the name of big data could be very helpful in various sectors of human world. Big data in medical sector means information of the patient about everything related to him i.e. his previous records of diseases, current condition, personal information, etc. all this could be helpful. The report also highlights the comparison between all the positive and negative characteristics of the big data with respect to aged care. All the articles on this by different authors are explained with the same point of view to look into the scope of this literature review.


By the name “Big Data” it can be deduced that collecting large amount of data, stats and every single small information about anything and storing it on internet. This information stored on internet is collected through various sources and is used in many sectors of business in any way by different companies. One of them is medical sector, which is greatly helped through this data about people and analyzing the various health issues to conquer them. Australia is one the company who has collected very large amount of data in last 12 months about the health factors and systems of the people. Various strategies are being set up to make the use of collected data in effective way and help people with problems with health. 

Project objective and scope

The objective of this report is to look into what big data offers to the people in health care. The Literature review helps in the companies to increase their contribution to the health care and also increase the market surrounding this sector by stepping into the latest trend in computer world i.e. big data. The review of different author’s help the companies to make new and effective strategies to work accordingly and keeping in mind the challenges and hurdles of the big data to work with in aged care ('Analytics helps seniors to live safely at home', 2014). The scope of this literature review has a reasonably high output as for any company it’s always a positive factor to have knowledge of every relevant feature to work on any project. Big data being new in market is a risk to companies but has been growing with rapid speed which means it will be the future in computing world. In last two years it has been seen that 90 % of total data over internet is collected and will be more in coming years which means data in terabytes will be collected every day (Fukahori, Sakai and Sato, 2015)

This future trend will be very useful for companies and also health care department. The data collected at clinics, hospitals or even at medicine shops helps the companies to work through this data collected for making effective techniques for patient satisfactory care and results. The aim of this new approach of medical help is to provide best facilities for health at minimal cost to the patients as many can’t even afford the cost of treatment of the big diseases. Ngo’s have collaborated to companies working on big data to help as much as possible and with all new means of technology. The big data technology growth has been very fast which is why it can be said that in coming time there are no barriers for the health care or aged care to tackle big issues related to health using big data (Corder and Manton, 1996).

Literature review

As already discussed above big data is technology growing at rapid pace and is going to be one of the most successful computer technology in upcoming days so it is important to look into the various factors related to it through some of the reviews from various authors on how and what makes big data a useful tool for aged care at present and how much will it be beneficial in future. Following are some authors review and analysis related to them (Clarke, 2015).

As per the author in this review, the big data have given the health care department a push and the report form health department has proven that in last 12 months the quality of services by the aged care have been increased because of all the data collected on several health affecting scenarios (Austen et al., 2016). The author also stated that because of low knowledge about any disease in past, it took more time as well as fees by health care department to actually cure that disease but now because of big data the cost and time is decreased which is a big relief for the affected people with the disease. From a small bit of data about each and every patient the decision made for the health problem becomes easy and can effect in positive way (King, Svensson and Wei, 2017).

The author in this review is also supporting big data as a beneficial factor for the health care department by mentioning about the disease named dementia. Dementia is diseases which decreases the ability of an individual to do daily tasks. It mainly occurs due to dying brain cells. Due to big data, the information collected through various sources it can be tackled more efficiently. The author further added that as number of diseases is increasing day by day, records collected about them can even help the medical care to stop the upcoming diseases through predictive analysis and have a treatment beforehand. For aged care there has been a big problem that the patient under gone a treatment is actually helped or not. The collection of patient’s point of view is also something which has helped the aged care centers ('Supply And Demand: The Big Picture', 2003).

According to the author in this review the big data has done comparatively high profit  to the aged care Centre comparative to past but also being a new technology there are some issues which is faced by the companies. The data collected is not in a proper form or the data is in disorder which creates some problem for the medical department. Also as the data collected is from many different source so the format of the data is not same hence it has to be converted to particular format which is easier and simpler to be used by the aged care. Security of such a big block of data is another issue to be resolved. The author said that after these few hurdles are crossed the big data will be a great asset for the aged care department (Bennett, Ward and Scarinci, 2016).

As per the author in this review the use of modern day computing technique big data is helping aged care in various purposes of the health sector like quality information, administration and even in care delivery. According to him this step is very effective for the sector as the more information about any health will result in better research over the symptoms given by patients hence appropriate treatment could be done. The health care sector is the most important sector as with rapid growth in population and several new problems with health has to be tackled with equal rate of treatment which could be achieved by big data in future which is proved by current positive signs.

The author of this article makes a point on the techniques how the data is collected from the patient. The clinics, hospitals or even small dispensaries fills out a feedback form from the patients to fill out personal information, describe the current disease, its symptoms and also the steps done to prevent the issue. The small information’s helps the scientists to predict the outcome and analysis is done to conquer the future problems relying on the data collected. The author also praises the way IT industry is growing and trying to find every possible way to help the aged care. Several apps are created to collect the data and the problem faced by the individuals so that several steps could be taken to resolve the related problems (Miller, 2004).

On reviewing the authors in above section it can be said that the big data has helped the aged care. The data collected is ultimate aim of companies these days from any source so that it can be used by the researchers and scientists to do the needful and make several sectors particularly health department effective. The quality of the treatments for particular health diseases has increased which is a great achievement and can resolve many more issues through it (Broad et al., 2015).On comparing above discussed literature reviews few things can be analyzed. The most important fact that can be deduced is that the aged care is growing in quality of services with time which is totally a positive factor for them. The decrease of amount required to tackle many severe health complications. The improvement is seen in the aged care because of big data in last 2 years of time. Even though the problems present in the big data are complex & huge which will take time to get resolved as it needs a lot of development in future but has succeeded in enhancing the aged care by various factors as discussed by the authors in above reviews (Manteuffel et al., 2008).

Gaps identified

After the analysis done in the above section, various problems related to the big data have been identified. Starting with the complex form in which data is collected. The data collected and stored in is in very tuff form which can’t be directly used in research purposes hence first have to be standardized to help the research team. The data is in complex form due to different sources of data hence is in a hotchpotch form. Few things that the authors didn’t mention about the big data is how the problems could be tackled and skill set required by the people to do that. The big data technology is a unique and new innovation in IT industry which requires lots and lots of research still to be done in coming years which means lot of investment has to done to do so. Also the appropriate human resources with proper skill set are challenge for the companies to find due to very less development of the technology. The another gap which could be pointed out in the review is that the many a times the data collected or recorded can be fake which could lead to a very unsafe and uncertain situations for the researchers. The outcome from those could be way off the actual issue and can create more problems for the aged care department. All these factors should be taken care of so to make big data more useful for the aged care (Hougaard,Kronborg and Overgård, 2004)


After going through all the reviews and opinions of several authors it can be concluded that in overall the big data has helped the aged care in many ways and in coming future this ratio will go very high. The health facilities in Australia and also the world have certainly grown and also cost of various things have gone down. This ultimately affects the company in a good manner, which means the business of company grows every time the patient is satisfied by the service. Big diseases that were very dangerous in past, data collected about them has resulted in curing those big diseases. 

Health has always been an important issue to look upon and that too with growing pollution and other factors hence bringing big data in this play has certainly decreased the number of cases. Due to large amount of data about the issue has helped in predictive analysis about the problems and various informative measures have been taken. The obstacles in this new and fast growing method will ultimately be vanished and as time passes the efficiency will become higher. At the end it can be said that the big data has been very useful in the aged care.