LML6002 Conditions For Visa Application: Australian Migration Law Assessment Task 1 Answer

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Graduate Diploma in Migration Law


Assessment Task 1 PART 


Jack Smithers, a citizen of the United Kingdom, has been in Australia for the last 2 years on a Student Class TU sub class 500 visa valid for 3 years. He is studying a Bachelor of Economics at Monash University.

He wishes to apply for a Partner Class UK/BS subclass 820/801 visa as he met and married an Australian citizen, Mary, last week. They have been living together for the last year.


  1. What mandatory conditions would be attached to his student visa? Explain the conditions.
  2. What are the application fees payable to the Department of Home Affairs for the partner visa? If paying the application fees by Mastercard, what is the credit card surcharge, if any?
  3. What are the requirements for Jack to make a valid visa application for a partner visa?
  4. If you are a registered migration agent and Jack requires your assistance to lodge the partner visa application, how would you answer Jack’s query about the probability of success regarding the partner visa application and what are your obligations under the Migration Agents Regulations 1998?

You must support your answers by reference to the specific legislative provisions.

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