Loan Arrangments In Mortgage Broking Industry

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FNSFMB501 Settle applications and loan arrangements in the finance and mortgage broking industry

1. Pre-Settlement Requirements.

Develop a resource suitable to provide to clients explaining the following pre-settlement requirements related to loan arrangements:

  1. Pre-settlement conditions required by lenders.
  2. Pre-settlement evidence required by lenders.
  3. The following pre-settlement undertakings by borrowers, required by lenders:
    1. Sale and settlement of other property.
    2. Repayment of other debts.
    3. Provision of evidence of insurance.

This task must be completed within 30 minutes. 

2. Codes of Practice, Legislation and Statutory Requirements.

Develop a workplace resource, suitable to provide in the induction package for a new employee, outlining the key features of the current industry codes of practice, legislation and statutory requirements, including, but not limited to:

  1. National Credit Code.
  2. Privacy legislation.
  3. Credit legislation.

This task must be completed within 30 minutes. 

3. Policies and Procedures for Opening an Account for Funds to be Disbursed.

Identify and outline the relevant policies and procedures that relate to opening an account for funds to be disbursed.

This task must be completed within 20 minutes. 

Research Task and Written/Oral Questions(50 words each) 

Your assessor will take down dot points as a minimum if you choose to answer them verbally.

Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.

To complete this task, you are to research pre-settlement, settlement and security process and documentation management and recording and answer the following questions. 

  1. Why is it essential to confirm all the pre-settlement conditions of finance approval with clients? 
  2. Who are the various parties involved in settlement process? Explain the role of each identified. 
  3. Briefly explain each of the following types of documentation that are required by lenders:
    1. Credit check authority signed.
    2. Guarantees.
    3. Loan contract.
    4. Periodical payment authority.
    5. Signed application form.
  4. What are the 4 things that you will need to check and ensure about documents before they are sent to the approving personnel? 
  5. Briefly outline the common conditions relating to the taking of security. 
  6. What information is pertinent to include when you instruct the party acting for the lender to liaise with all parties to settlement and attend the settlement?
  7. Outline the steps in the process of registering security documentation.
  8. Why is it essential to confirm that all security actions have been taken?
  9. Outline how to arrange for the drawdown of funds, either by the client or by the solicitor acting for client.
  10. What do you need to consider and ensure when disbursing the funds? 
  11. What information will you need to advise the client about through the activation of relevant client correspondence?
  12. Identify and describe at least 4 settlement issues that may occur during a loan settlement. 
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Answer :


  1. Pre-Settlement Requirements 

A. The various implications for Pre-Settlement conditions that are required by the lenders are ascertained as below:

i) There involves a particular procedure for checking the existence of the various set of charges for registered company that are existing in nature. The appropriate consent is charged subsequently in the long run scenario. 

ii) The amounts and charges for the sole purpose of discharging the various implications of the debts have long run implications in the business scenario.

iii) It is necessary to gain a greater degree of consent for the first mortgagee in cases where the second mortgage security is being considered. 

iv) It is a mandatory to ensure that the borrowing parties have verified their identities so that they do not fall under any sort of fraudulent activities.  

v) The contracts are primarily ensured for the sole purpose of the transfer of the land. 

B. Pre-settlement evidence that are essential by the lenders

The evidences for pre-settlement that are mostly required by the lenders are:

  • Inspection of the pest for the purpose of transactions is determined for the purchases.
  • Documents that are required by the lender which are of crucial importance 
  • Providing utility notice and photo ID helps in  maintaining the validity of the process. 
  • A greater access of the certified funds is also an essential factor in the context.

C. The undertakings that are necessary for the purpose of evaluating the pre settlement loan processes are:

i) The sale and settlement hat are required by the other property ascertains the final inspection that have been made to the property. This has been done in a much legalised manner thus conforming the various set of rules and regulations of the regulators.  

ii) The different options that are ascertained for the purpose of repayment of debts majorly details value regarding the consumer credit counselling. Moreover, the debt management and the debt consolidation plan are also considered in this particular aspect of study. Thus, the debt consolidation and debt management implications mainly analysis the debt consolidation plans and policies that are determined in this case of study.    

iii) The provision for evidence for insurance can be held in a manner at the time of loss of any kind of property and at the time of insurance. At this case, the insurance and the proof of coverage are mainly provided in this particular aspect of study (, 2018).

2. Codes of Practice, Legislation and Statutory Requirements

This would be developed for the induction package that are ascertained for a new employee. 

The code of practices, legislation and statutory requirements are condignly taken into consideration at the time of induction package for a newer employee.  

The code of practices and the legislative requirements for a current industry features has been mainly into analysing the various code of practices that are determined for the particular point of study. Accordingly, the industrial system of statutory requirements, legislations along with that of the code of practices have been analysed in context to the induction of the new employees (Regan et al. 2015)

  • National Credit Code

The recent set of reforms that has been prescribed with that of the consumer credit policy has been playing a formidable role in this aspect. This has been regulated mainly by the National Credit Code in the long run implications of the business scenario. Here, the lenders basically are involved at the time of providing credit in the short term as well as in the long term scenario (Davies, 2016).  

  • Privacy legislation

According to the Privacy Act of 1988 the different set of implications which are analysed can be helpful in the regulation and handling of the personal information. On the other hand, the various implications for Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)mainly takes into account the regulation of the credit reporting prospects of the company, system of credit reporting, medical and health research and finally the tax file numbers. The APPs set out the several set of standards that are evaluated for the purpose of handling, utilisation, standards and obligations which can help in protecting and safeguarding the personal information (Lodhia, 2015).     

  • Credit legislation

The outcomes for the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) have well defined the purposeful engagement of the credit activities in the case of authorisation of the credit licence policies (, 2018).  

3. Policies and Procedures that are ascertained for opening an account for disbursed funds

The various set of policies are driven by the different cases of disbursement of funds and are pertaining to the definite implications which are in accordance with that of the disbursements and authorisation of the financial aiding prospects. Moreover, the relevancy in procedures and procedures can be relatable with that of opening an account for funds disbursement. Thus, the relevant policies and procedures are generally analysed as under:

i) The disbursement policies that are mainly determined for the completion of the payment period. Moreover, the institutional investment policies has been on par for the purpose of disbursement of the loan funds (Smith, 2016).

ii) Implementation of the case of Delayed disbursement for the purpose of dealing with that of the first time borrowers (James, 2017).  

iii) The loans that are dispersed are in accordance with the define requirements that are created for the approval of loan and the notifications that are generally received from the clients (Christopher, 2018).  

iv) Settlement of property and issue of cheque to a third party


  1. The pre-settlement conditions that are analysed in this case scenario are:
  2. Gaining a definite set of registered company where the subsequent charges are needed at the time of the appropriation
  3. It must take the interests of the lenders in the long run scenario of the organisational scenario of study. 
  4. A copy of approval must be given to the commerce developmental process who are involved (Silva et al. 2016)
  5. The parties that are involved in the settlement process are the borrowers and the lenders. Along with that, the other parties who are:

i)   The parties which the existing mortgage company is majorly discharged.

     ii) Moreover, the other companies are the warrants, caveats along with that of the memorials.  

  1. The credit check authority signed mainly takes into account the different credit values which are determined in this scenario of the study.
  2. The guarantees mainly involves the guarantees for the loans and credit
  3. The loan contract processes mainly defines the definite set of agreements for the lender along with the borrower that are made by the various party. 
  4. The periodical payment authority majorly implies the fact for the purpose of determining the contrary agreements between two or more parties on a daily basis.
  5. The signed application form mainly refers to the form that are determined at the time of loan approval process (van Fossen, 2015)

  4. The things that are to be ensured are:

i) Approval of the personal documents

  ii) hecking the definite application of security

 iii) Determining the periodical authority of authority

iv) Documentation of the periodical requirements

5. The common conditions that are outlined for the purpose of security purposes are related with that of the settlement issues of the parties (Saidu and Dauda, 2014)

6.  In order to instruct the settlement issues, the parties need to attend the settlement issues in the long run scenario (Schmulow, 2015).

7. The process of registering the documentation of security can be held through the various implications of the business that can help in regulation of the procedures.

8. The security actions that are taken have been mostly into ascertaining the definite courses of action which are implemented (Grayson-Morison and Ramsay, 2015)

9.  The arrangement for the funds can be made possible with the help of analysing the disbursement procedure of funds.

10. The disbursement of funds mainly describes the various implementations of business funds in the case of dealing with the major ascertainment of business

11.  Through the activation of the client correspondence matters various set of matters are to be determined in regards of the various managerial situations that are determined for the fund approval process.


  1. There arises the debt problem in context of analysing the various situations of debt settlement procedures (Holmes et al. 2016).
  2. There may be cases of debt cases which may hamper the long run approval of the fund.
  3. The settlement issues mainly relates with the major implications of the business scenario in the longer run.
  4.  There arises legislation or the settlement issues for the debt purposes which forms the major implications of debt settlement (Cook and Wilkinson, 2018)