MA609 Business Analytics And Data Intelligence Assessment Answer

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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Course NameMaster oProfessional Accounting
Unit CodeMA609
Unit TitleBusiness Analytics and Data Intelligence
Unit Learning Outcomes covered in this assessment
  1. Demonstrate advanced and integrated understanding of business and data Intelligence for organisational decision-making.
  2. Analyse critically, reflect on and synthesise techniques of data visualisation and data mining.

Submission Guidelines·   All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed
Assignment Cover Sheet.
·For Melbourne students: use Melbourne Campus Submission link.
·For Sydney students: use Sydney Campus Submissions link.
          ·  Reference sources must be listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using APA referencing style.

Assignment Description:

The assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate effective business analytics skills using optimisation methods. You will need to use linear programming skills to conduct the analytics and obtain the solutions. This is individual assignment and each student will work independently. 

Problem 1: Maxwell Manufacturing makes two models of felt tip marking pens. Requirements for each lot of pens are given below.

 Fliptop ModelTiptop ModelAvailable
Ink Assembly5440
Molding Time5230

The profit for either model is $1000 per lot.

a.What is the linear programming model for this problem (write objective function and constraints? (2 marks)
b.Show the solution graphically. (1 mark)


Let F = the number of lots of Fliptop pens to produce
Let T = the number of lots of Tiptop pens to produce

Problem 2: For this problem:

Solve the following linear program graphically and, (2 marks)

Show the feasible region and, (1 mark)

Show the optimal point. (1 mark)

Max5X + 7Y
s.t.  X           6
 2X + 3Y  19
   X +   Y  8
       X, Y  0

Problem 3: Consider below the linear programming problem: 

Max 3A+2B






The value of the optimal solution is 27. Suppose that the right-hand side for consraint1 is increased from 10 to 11. 

a. Use the graphical solution procedure to find the new optimal solution. (1 mark)

b. Use the solution to part (a) to determine the shadow price for constraint 1. (1 mark)

c. The sensitivity analysis for the linear program in this problem provides the following right-hand side range information: 

ConstraintConstraint R.H. sideAllowable increaseAllowable decrease

What does the right-hand side range information for constraint 1 tell you about the shadow price for constraint 1? (1 mark)

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