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What is Mahout?

  1.  Mahout is a scalable machine learning library from Apache.
  2.  Machine learning and data mining framework for classification, clusterning and recommendation
  3.  The apache mahout free machine learning library's goal is to built scalable machine learning tools for use on analysing big data on a distributed manner.
  4.  For performance and efficiency, it is better to

           - Understand the data set

           - Understand data mining

           - Understand the methodology

Apache Mahout vs others?

Many open source machine learning libraries either:

  1. Lack community
  2. Lack documentation and examples
  3. Lack the apache license
  4. Are research oriented
  5. Lack scalability

Distributed machine learning libraries:

  1. Scalable to reasonably large data sets
  2. Runs on Hadoop

Hadoop brings:

  1. Map/reduce API
  2. HDFS
  3. In other words, scalability and fault tolerance

Mahout brings:

  1.  Library of machine learning algorithms

Mahout Types:

1) Supervised: Using labeled training data, create function that predicts output of unseen inputs

2) Unsupervised: Using unlabeled data, create function that predicts output

3) Semi supervised: Uses labeled and unlabeled data