MAN201 Organisational Behaviour: Individual Self-Analysis Assessment Answer

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Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:MAN201
Subject Name:Organisational Behaviour
Assessment Title:Individual Self-Analysis
Assessment Type:Written Report
Word Count:1500 words (+/- 10%)

Your Task

Each student is required to conduct the following personality self-assessment activities:

  • Myers Briggs Profile
  • Costa & McCrae Big 5 Personality Traits
  • McClelland Needs Analysis

Learning Outcomes:

LO1:Understand and apply the strategy of organisational behavioural theories and concepts to the workplace
LO2:Understand how attitudes, personality, values, emotions and motivation impact the workplace.
LO5:Reflect on your own learning and behavioural styles and use this knowledge to further develop your skills in lifelong learning and professional interactions.

Assessment Description

Over the first few weeks, you been asked to complete three (3) self-analysis tools to assist you to develop an understanding of yourself and your potential behaviour within an organisation. Based on your findings from these you will need to complete a critical self- analysis including:

  1. Provide a brief review of your personal self-assessment findings. You will need to attach your results from each of the three (3) self-assessment tools.
  2. Critically analyse the findings, using at least three (3) examples and four (4) references. to explain and support your findings. In order to be able to analyse and apply the tools, you will need to be able to demonstrate an understanding of the theory associated with the personality self-assessment tools.
  3. Reflect on your critical analysis and discuss what this means for you as a future leader or manager in a contemporary workplace.

Assessment Instructions

To ensure the success of your self-analysis, you should take account of the following headings:

  1. Introduction (only one introduction is required for the report). (100 words)
  2. Brief Review of your findings. Using the results of your self-analysis, clearly identify what you perceive as your strengths and weaknesses (400 words)
  3. Critical analysis of the three topics including a reflection on your future managerial or leadership skills in a contemporary workplace. You can choose to reflect on your current organisation or an organisation that you may want to work for in the future. (600 words)
  4. Recommendations to enable areas of development based on perceived strengths and weaknesses. (300 words)
  5. Conclusion (only one conclusion is required for the report). (100 words)
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