MAN5410 Project Integration And Procurement: Management Assessment 1 Answer

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MAN5410 Project Integration and Procurement Management Assessment 1  Ethics Exercise

Create a single A3 page infographic (or 2 x A4 pages) and use this as the basis for an individual oral presentation no more than 15 minutes long created in Panopto with the link uploaded to the learning management system.
Course Learning Outcomes:
PGCLO5 - Justify decisions and judgements that address a complex project management issue considering the ethical and social consequences.

5.1. Examine and assess the intended and unintended impacts on diverse stakeholders.

5.2. Provide professional opinions or interpretations of project management matters applying ethical principles, codes of conduct and values.
Unit Learning Outcomes:
Assess project procurement issues in a variety of project settings and global environment.

This is an individual assignment. Instructions

This is an individual assignment. Before starting this assignment, you should read the guidance about creating a Panopto video and should make sure you know how to attach a recorded video to your electronic assignment.

For this assignment, you will need to create a single A3 page infographic (or 2 x A4 pages) and use this as the basis for an individual oral presentation no more than 15 minutes long.

Student members of the (fictitious) Professional Association for Project Management have invited you to create a recorded presentation that they will post into their secure website area and which they will use to help them understand a project management topic. These short, pre-recorded expert presentations are often accompanied by an infographic which summarises the contents of the presentation in a nicely designed, easy to read graphical format.

As a new expert in project ethics, you have been approached to create an engaging video and accompanying infographic that will be of interest to student members of the Professional Association for Project Management. The presentation should last no more than 15 minutes. The intention is to post your video and infographic to their website, and they will then use this to host local discussions about the points you raise.

The topic of your presentation and infographic is "In a global world, the realities are that embedding ethical rules, procedures and principles in projects has gone too far and has ended up imposing unnecessary constraints on the freedom that project managers need to complete projects within time and under budget”. Create a rational and logically argued position regarding this statement and ensure you support your arguments with reasoning based on theory and at least 3 case studies from the last decade.

You should research and prepare an infographic and then record an engaging Panopto video lasting no more than 15 minutes. The best pieces of work are likely to be supported by academic arguments based on literature from the leading journals, and project management best practice drawn from influential sources. The presentation should not be a run through of project methodologies; instead you should tailor your response to the specific project ethics issues in the question.

Ensure that your video addresses the information contained in the infographic. You may use parts of the infographic during your presentation but do not make the infographic the centrepiece. Ideally you should feature on-screen most of the time and should speak confidently, without reading notes and be as engaging as possible. Try to ensure that the audience will understand your arguments by making them clear and not speaking too fast.

APA 7th referencing standards will apply to all parts of this assessment. You can add a slide to the end of the video containing end text references.

Hints and Tips

  • It is recommended that you research the topic well, create an outline for your presentation based on your infographic, and learn it before recording it.
  • You are encouraged to dress appropriately for the presentation and imagine you are presenting in a professional workplace.
  • Note on the infographic – use this as the basis for your presentation but it should not be the over-riding focus. Do not use multiple PowerPoint slides. You may use a couple of slides to present the infographic but as this is a presentation from you, you must be featured on screen most of the time, rather than having the infographic/slide on the screen and you not on screen or hiding away in a corner!
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