MAN5902 Business Systems Analysis And Design Assessment 2 Answer

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MAN5902 Business Systems Analysis and Design Assessment 2: Exercise

Microsoft Word document (No PDF permitted)

  1. You are required to submit two draft
  2. Drafts will not be marked, but it should reflect your progress toward the assessment.
  3. You are required to submit both parts: Part I and Part 2.
  4. Failing to submit any of assessment parts can result to ‘zero’ mark.


Blackboard is a Learning Management  System (LMS) that is  utilised by many universities  and educational institutes across the world to support and manage students learning.  Blackboard supports students learning by providing an online environment  and  a  suite  of tools to enhance and extend the learning experience for students as well as provide some efficiencies for teaching staff.

Blackboard also provides the ability to develop online spaces to support various communities  of practice in Universities and educational institutes. For example, Blackboard has sites that support cohorts of students involved in a particular course, and sites that allow all staff in a particular school to collaborate and communicate online.


The university Blackboard consists of various tools and integrated with other systems that provide educational environment for students. These tools and systems  include  but  not  limited to: study zone (learning modules), discussion board, collaborate Ultra, attendance, library and reading, assessments, grades, and more.

 PART 1Assessment Tasks

You are required to develop an enhanced version of the current blackboard. As a Systems Analyst, analyse the current blackboard and propose a new system that overcome the current drawbacks of  the current blackboard system. Consider only five  tools and/or systems from   the current blackboard and develop the following:

  1. Develop a detailed system proposal that includes an executive summary,  the  requirements of the system, and identification of stakeholders.
  2. Identify user stories for the system.
  3. Develop appropriate process models: Use Case Descriptions, Use  Case  Diagram, Activity Diagram, and Sequence Diagram.
  4. Develop the appropriate data model: Class Diagram.
  5. Develop preliminary screen and report designs for each user interface identified above.

 PART 2: Video Presentation

For this assessment, you are required to create a Panopto video presentation (maximum  duration 10 minutes). In your video presentation, you should reflect on and answer  2  questions:

  1. Explain all parts of your assessment.
  2. Present a “pre-implementation review” outlining lessons learned - what  went  right and what went wrong on this project.
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