MAN6702 Attracting And Retaining People

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Assessment 1  
Sessions of this unit are a collaborative learning process for the benefit of all students and are most effective when you are prepared and participate.

Value:  50%
Format:  Ongoing
Due date & time:  As per class schedule
How to submit:  In Class/BlackBoard  

Unit learning outcomes:
  An understanding of contemporary organisational issues  
  Professional knowledge;  
  Awareness of political, social and ethical issues;  
  Problem solving and decision making
Course learning outcomes
  Ability to work in a team
  Ability to communicate
  Ability to generate ideas
  Critical appraisal skills

Assessment Task 2

Value:  50%
Format:  Written Report with Appendices.  4000 + or – 10% words (including executive summary, table of contents, and end-text references; excluding ECU cover page and appendices).    Please include ECU Assessment Cover Sheet, in-text and end-text references. 1½ line spacing. Font size 12point.
Due date & time:  Week 13 – Tuesday 30th of October by 5 pm.
How to submit:  Electronically, via Turnitin on Blackboard>Assessment folder > by 5 pm.

Unit learning outcomes:
  Demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of an
organisation’s attraction, selection, orientation and retention practices.  

Course learning outcomes
  Ability to communicate
  Ability to generate ideas
  Critical appraisal skills

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Executive summary

The current report highlights the processes required for the implementation of attracting the applicants in an organization. There are several stages included in the selection procedure, which includes the organization to perform better for its development. The report also includes appointment and rejection procedure. It has also provided the legal compliance along with orientation and socialization. On the other hand, it has also provided few strategies and recommendations that will help in the development of the organization. 


The current report mainly focuses on attracting and retaining people in an organization and the processes involved with it. This report will discuss the responsibilities of a retail manager in an organization, the procedure involved with their selection in the organization. The organization selected for the current report in Wesfarmers. It is said to be the largest private employer in Australia. It is also considered as one of the largest Australian company by revenue. 

The report includes the development procedure of the selection criteria for a specific job role in the organization. The report will provide short-listing documentation, interview or other assessment documentation along with the scoring methods. On the other hand, the report will also discuss the decision-making approach that are involved in the selection procedure. The report will also provide a number of strategic recommendations that will help the company in managing their operations in a proper manner for its growth and development. 

Job analysis

Job descriptions 

The role of a retail manager in a company is to run the business in a successful manner. In the workplace, they need to always stay in contact with the customers and thus they are capable of knowing and understanding the current and future requirements of the customers. They are responsible for the performance of the staffs in the organization in providing quality service to the customers. They are also required to monitor the financial performance of the store. The other typical responsibilities of a retail manager are to recruit capable and potential staffs in the organization and provide them with proper training. The retail managers are also required to supervise the staffs and also appraise them. They are also required to focus on the management of budget within the store. For the purpose of achieving financial objectives and thus they prepare an annual budget, expenditures and scheduling. They are also required to maintain a record of their finance and statistics. They even deal with the queries of the customers and solves them along with their complaints regarding the products or services. They manage the stock control and pricing of the products within the organization. They need to incorporate various security systems for securing the merchandise. They need to maintain the reputation and the stability of the organization by complying with the legal requirements in a proper manner. They need to attend educational workshops for maintaining technical and professional knowledge required for their job role. They are also required to contribute to the team effort, it helps in performing the functions in a proper way in the organization (Price, 2016).

Person specifications 

The retail manager of the company Wesfarmers need to complete the requirements of the operations in the store by assigning potential employees and by scheduling. They are also required to maintain the staffs in the store by the process of selection , recruiting and orientation. They need to provide proper guidance and training to the staffs within the organization. They also maintains the staffs in the store by providing them with proper counselling and coaching. The retail managers plan, monitor and appraise the job results of the staffs. They need to analyze the variances and are required to take initiatives for any kind of corrective actions. They need to focus on identifying the requirements of the customers by interacting and communicating with the customers, this enables the managers to understand the requirements of the customers. The retail managers are also required to ensure availability of the merchandise and the services and thus they are required to approve the contracts and along with that they are required to maintain the inventories. However, the retail managers are required to have some skills which is needed in their profession. The key skills that they are required to have are mainly enthusiasm to manage an entire store, need to have knowledge regarding IT. Communication is said to be one of the most important skills in any profession, therefore, the retail managers need to have good communication skill, which will help them in interacting with the customers and will be easier in understanding the current and future requirements of the customers. They need to have skills to manage a teamwork and need to be have commercial awareness. They also require proper training and guidance to play their role in a proper manner (Waugh, Smith, Horsburgh & Gray, 2014).  

Process and implementation of attracting applicants

Key existing features and processes in Wesfarmers towards attracting applicants

According to the gender balance, Wesfarmers has balanced workforce with approximately 54% of females are team members. There is room to maintain the gender balance in roles of management. Gender Balance defines the teams which have approximately 40% of any gender and at this time approximately 28% of roles of senior management occupied by women.

At wesfarmers, their concentration is on enhancing and rewarding the multiple powers and leadership methods (Johnson, Lukaszewski & Stone, 2016). These methods are brought by the people to Wesfarmers workplace. The team members of wesfarmers experiences comfortness which keeps their best selves to the workplace. They are creating on the strengths of diversity of teams. wesfarmers  provides and understands the multiple needs such as professional and personal both. It is critical to make sure that the wesfarmers provides flexibility, needs and supports in their career path to the team members. The opportunities are given to both men or women team members (Stone, Deadrick, Lukaszewski & Johnson, 2015). Wesfarmers  applies a multiple tools to make sure the hiring procedures expose the abilities of all applicants and they develop the present skills in the teams. 

According to the hiring procedures, office staffs has implemented an amount of processes to make sure that the power of men or women both are closely visible by each journey of applicants. Candidate data monitoring by the applications, shortlisted applicants, interview, selected candidate and offer stages of the procedures has displayed the HFL procedure (Dineen & Allen, 2016). The HFL procedure has explored in a proportion of offers. The offers is balanced even when the applicants’ proportion is not.


For an organization, an integrated recruitment procedure describes the multiple stages through which the pool of applicants can be attracted and the existing staff can be retained within the firm. In the current context of Wesfarmers, somecore stages of the recruitment process to attract the applicants have been identified. The stages of the recruitment process need to have a goal to capture the attention of the candidates and positively convince the perception of the organization (Slavić, Bjekić  & Berber, 2017). This whole process is often referred to as Employer Branding  which is the key implementation strategy for the firm. Employer Branding is thus, the marketing strategy to attract applicants by the company’s branding image, identity and workplace facilities. 

The definition of employer branding has some strategies. 

Employer identity  is the identity of an applicant. A specifically essential factor is the environment of working where the candidate will work (Stone, Deadrick, Lukaszewski & Johnson, 2015).

Position of employer value is every movement which people feel in a business relationship with the organization.  In specific, staffs , remuneration, environment leadership and satisfaction at work. The co0mpany needs to identify the employees’ needs  and requirements of their corporations or target candidates (Johnson, Lukaszewski & Stone, 2016).

Employers of Choice  describes the organization as the proper workplace for new present candidates and employees. The most essential aim of  strategies of employer branding is the positioning of the Employer Brand (Dineen & Allen, 2016) .

The promise of Employer brand is behaviour of the employer proposition of value to the target. It is generally enhances in the form of slogan or claim (Dineen & Allen, 2016).

Selection procedure 

Development of selection criteria 

In order to evaluate the applicants for a specific position, the organization is required to create a set of written criteria. Selection criteria are said to be the required qualification for the job role in order to obtain effective performance from the employees. In order to set criteria for the selection of the employees, the organization is required to pay attention towards the mission, vision and goals of the organization. The main factor is to focus on the requirements of the organization from that specific job role on which the criteria is dependent. Selection criteria is said to be an important factor as the recruitment of the employees depend on the selection criteria (Townley, 2014).  

Short-listing documentation 

Short-listing is a term that is involved with the process of recruitment of the employees. It is mainly defined as a reduced list of the applicants from the entire list, who are appropriate for the particular job role. Qualified candidates are required for a particular job role, from there a selected group of candidates are selected, which includes the most qualified candidates for the job role for the approval of higher management. There are several steps included in the process of short listing candidates. The first step is to determine the criteria for shortlisting the applicants, for instance, the qualities required for the job role and the qualities present in the top performing employees who are currently playing the role. However, it cannot be based on any personal opinion or relation between the candidate and the hiring managers. The shortlist criteria mainly includes, previous work experience, competencies, educational qualification and skills and knowledge regarding the job role they are going to play (Van Iddekinge, Lanivich, Roth & Junco, 2016).   

Interview or other assessment documentation 

The interview session is mainly formed with the shortlisted candidates. In the interview session, they select the candidates who are appropriate and potential for the specific job role. A set of standard interview questions are created for the interview, which the candidates are required to answer. The questions include the details regarding the description of the job position. The interview session is started with a small introduction, where the candidates create their first impression by following few etiquettes. After this, in order to develop a rapport and make the situation comfortable they start with a small talk. It helps them in moving forward to the next step. The next step includes information gathering from the candidates. The third step includes asking questions, that is the interviewer is ready to give answers to the questions of the candidates if they have any question regarding the job or the organization. After this interview session is over, they select the potential employees for the job and appoint them for the job role (Helm, Renk & Mishra, 2016).  

Scoring methods 

Scoring method is defined as the process of scoring, which includes the forecast that are as reliable as possible on the basis of the experience gathered from the previous job. Therefore, in the selection procedure of the candidates the hiring managers mainly focus on their experience, which will benefit their company. This is because, if the candidate is already experienced, he will be better in managing the operations of the organization. Along with experience they also consider the qualification of the employees. It is generally termed as credit scores. These are generally calculated by credit bureaus (Stoughton, Thompson & Meade, 2015). 

Decision making approach

The decision making approach includes several steps. The hiring manager need to consider few factors while he is taking decision for hiring employees. They need to consider recruitment as an investment for the organization. Therefore, they need to take proper decision while recruiting an employee in the organization. They are also required to examine their potential in playing the job role in a proper manner. They need to select the appropriate person for the job role (Betsch, 2014). 

Appointment and rejection

Employee appointment: the success organisation depends on the deployment of the right resources right time. Talent acquisition and management is one of the crucial functions that an organisation plays. The HR team of a business entity is responsible for deploying the right talent for organizational need. Based on the eligibility and suitability of a job aspirant the hiring and recruitment process is conducted. There could be diverse ways of recruitment and the HR team needs to be diligent enough to hire the right personnel for the fight reason. According to () , employee engagement is a complicated task as it requires lot of research and brainstorming by  an HR team. In fact with the advent and spreading of globalisation, the employee engagements has become even tougher owing to the availability of diverse talents from across the globe.

Employee rejection : unlike the appointment of an employee, rejection is yet another function that engages sincerity and urgency. Rejecting employee or job aspirant unnecessarily without citing any reason for that matter is definitely unethical and nepotistic. Hence, it is important for the HR team to be flexible and agile enough to understand the organisational needs and accordingly select or reject an employee based on the respective pitfalls. There Are industrial employee contracts according to which every organisation and its employees must be bending regarding its set rules and regulations. The employee rejection must be done on the basis of valid reasons and relative logic. 

Appointment and rejection in wesfarmers: considering the case study of Wesfarmers, it can be assured that this organization has been on a consistent pedestal of success owing to its intelligent business staffies and highly skilled employees. The employee count for the organisation numbers at 200,000 and are still growing. The stability and credibility of the company is reflective of the engagement of the right employees at the right time. According to Slavić, Bjekić & Berber(2017), Wesfarmers is an epitome of intelligent resource management and handling . The appointment procedure is quite rigorous and scrutinised in this case. This company has specific a Code of Conduct that enables the employees and the hierarchy to determine the rectitude behind engaging the employee base. According to the Code of Ethics that this organisational follow, no employee or shareholder can be rejected or abandoned right way owing to any given reason. There has to be a proper procedure and both the parties should be allowed to voice their opinion prior accepting the decision. The concussion of exit interviews and one on one interaction with the employee help the management to comprehend about the actual situation of the company before recruiting or rejecting an employee. Since the organization has global operation therefore, the recruitment of expatriates are also evident within the employee count. Therefore, it needs to be stated that Wesfarmers is an iconic demonstration of sound and safe work atmosphere. 

Legal compliance

Importance of legal compliance: off late the influence of legal compliance within the business operation has become an imperative inclusion. According to Stone, Deadrick, Lukaszewski & Johnson(2015), legal compliance is an indispensable aspect of business. Missing out on complying with the legal poetical can prove o be careful and dangerous for resignation in the long run. It is important for organisations to understand the values and issue of legal compliance in order to gain greater perspective and advantage in business operations. By aligning with the legal protocol enables an organisation to grow in a safe and sound business environment. Further it creates a  secured working place for business organisations to be in tandem with the external legal factors. In addition to this, it helps in developing better public relations and causes higher employee retention and engagement. 

Legal compliance in Wesfarmers: wesfarmers is reputed for its contribution towards a sane and safe business environment. It has a apsce ifsc Code of Conduct According to which each and every employee and stakeholder is supposed to act. The legal infrastructure of this organisation is also solid and is complacent with the Australian trade and consumer law. The Code of Conduct of this organisation has several principles that are stated below:

To act according to the legal rules and regulations

To act with honesty and integrity

To identify the responsibilities of each employee and stakeholder in the retail market

To develop corporate social responsibility and organisational sustainability

To manage conflict of interest

To treat employees with respect and ethic

To abide by the Australian legal framework

To follow the rule stated in Corporations act and ASX rules

Orientation and socialization

Impact of orientation and socialisation: with the growth in business diversification and talent management, the training and development programs are also changing. Business Entities are engaging in diverse team works and knowledge transition programs to effectively manage resources and talents. Every business organization, especially the large scale company are conducting orientationprograms and induction trainings to upgrade the employees and hone their skills for the long run. Orientation and socialization program are penetrating into the crux of an organizational crux and are enebolig the employees to easily familiarise with the organisational system and principles. Such practices enable employees to comprehend the organizational needs and accordingly self develop the required areas. This ensures greater productivity and effectiveness.

Orientation and socialisation in Wesfarmers: Wesfarmers is well known for its excellent induction and socialization programs to enable the employees to become long term assets for the company. The initial training and induction program is conducted for the new joinees in order to create an organisational cognizance among them and also remove the inhibition and fears about the company . It not only enables the employee to know about the company but also allow the new joinees to express their objectives and areas of interest. This orientation program help in retaining the employees significantly and avoid employee turnover. The socialization programs are also conducted periodically and enable the employees to upgrade themselves in the organizational context. These programs allow the company to get the best out of each employee and also ratify them a space to deliver their innovative and creative thoughts. 

Strategies to ensure that the employees are retained in the organization

The corporate and strategic planning is the process by which the management team of the Wesfarmers can determine their future goals. In addition, this strategic planning will also help the employees of Wesfarmers to perform in an effective way. This technique will also helped the company to enhance their business process in the global market as well as it has also helped the firm for achieving their future goals and objectives. Furthermore, it has been evident that Wesfarmers become one of the largest company in Western Australia. The company has more than 200,000 employees and 450,000 shareholders. It has also been evident that the firm operates various businesses such as retailing, insurance, industrial and others (Kang, Gatling & Kim, 2015). The company Wesfarmers can follow different strategies in order to retain the employees such as proper strategic management, performance appraisal, proper recruitment and selection and human resources information system.

Proper strategic management process

The strategic management planning will help the employees of Wesfarmers to achieve their future goals (Petrou, Demerouti & Schaufeli, 2018). In addition to this, the strategic management planning will also help the employees of the firm to perform in an effective way. It is very important for an organization to motivate the employees by which they will be able to achieve their goals and objectives for the development of the organization. Therefore, the management team of the company Wesfarmers must motivate their employees so that they can achieve their future goals and objectives. This strategy will also help the firm to enhance their business process within the global market. 

Performance appraisal and reward system

The performance appraisal system is the method which will help the company Wesfarmers to retain the employees. In addition to this, the performance appraisal method will also help the employees to perform in an effective way. Therefore, the management team of the firm must implement this performance appraisal system within their business process. This process will also help the management team of the company Wesfarmers to develop the performance of each and every employee (Aguenza & Som, 2018). Moreover, the company Wesfarmers will get several benefits from performance appraisal system such as documentation, structure, feedback, clarify expectations and annual planning. With the help of documentation, the management team of Wesfarmers can create a record of the employees performance. Moreover, the structure process will help the manager to meet and discuss about the performance of the employees. This process will help the organization to motivate the employees (Petrou, Demerouti & Schaufeli, 2018). Furthermore, the management team of the firm must give feedback to the employees on the basis of their performance. Therefore, this system will help the employees to perform in an effective way.

Proper recruitment and selection

The company Wesfarmers must follow the strategy of proper recruitment and selection in order to hire the employees. Therefore, the organization must hire the employees only who are suitable for the position. This will help the firm to enhance their productivity and also the management team will be able to build a potential relationship with the employees (Kang, Gatling & Kim, 2015). Moreover, the company must provide detailed job description in order to attract the individuals who are suitable for the job. Therefore, the manager must focus on the recruitment and selection process of the company in order to retain the employees for a long time.

Role of human resource information system

The role of human resource management (hrm) is very important for the retention of the employees. It is the duty of the hrm to train the employees of the company Wesfarmers so that they can perform in an effective way for the development of the company. In addition to this, proper hrm system will also help the company to build a potential relationship with the employees. Moreover, it is the duty of the hrm to keep all the records of the employee's performance and also the hrm must increase the salary of those employees who are performing well in the organization. Therefore, proper human resource management system will help the firm Wesfarmers to retain the employees (Petrou, Demerouti & Schaufeli, 2018).


Non-monetary retention rewards- Non-monetary retention rewards are said to be very effective for the employees. The organizations are required to mentor programs that teach employees job related skills and provide them proper guidance and teaching for the improvement of their interpersonal relationships. The non-monetary retention program includes flexible work hours and schedules and also their need to be opportunities that in case of any problem they are able to work at home. The managers and the leaders are also required to appreciate the employees if they have done anything good in their work. Non-monetary rewards generally motivates the employees to work more effectively and efficiently (Aguenza & Som, 2018). 

Positive working environment- Another important factor is to create a positive environment in the workplace. The employees need to have friendly relation with each other and need to avoid conflicts in the workplace. The leaders and managers of the organization need to give them proper guidance and need to give support to the employees. For this, the managers are required to be trained properly so that they are able to give proper training and guidance to the employees (Marodin, Waterhouse & Malik, 2017). 

Development of skills- The employees need to be provided with proper training in order to improve their skills so that they are able to perform more efficiently in the workplace. It will help in the growth and profitability of the organization. Therefore, the employees need to focus and pay attention towards developing their skills in the workplace, so that they are able to give much better performance to the organization. It will help both the organization and the employees (Dong, Bartol, Zhang & Li, 2017). 


From the above illustration, it can be concluded that, the report mainly focus on attracting and retaining people in an organization. This includes several processes, which are discussed in the report. There are a number of procedures involved with the selection of the employees in an organization. The report has also discussed few strategies which also helps in retaining people in the organization. On the other hand, there are few recommendations which helps the organization to attract and retain people in their organization. Maintaining the strategies are said to be the most important part in attracting and retaining people in the organization of Wesfarmers.