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College: Stanley College

Unit code: BSBINM601

Unit name: Manage knowledge and Information

Performance objective:

You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to design, test and update systems and communication plans to disseminate information to the organisation.

Assessment description:

Using the simulated business information provided, and in response to a scenario, you will ensure up-to-date, relevant and accurate information is documented and disseminated according to organisational needs, a communication plan and within legislative requirements. Information systems used to capture, document or disseminate information are designed, tested and updated to meet information requirements of decision makers.

CoffeeVille – your brief:

Emma and Rufus Belcastran have decided to expand rather than contract their business. They have chosen option 3 and are in the process of planning their new take-home and meal delivery venture.

They also feel that they would have identified their recent business issue sooner if they had access to better information faster. As a result, they have asked you to investigate management systems for their business.

The business currently uses the following computerised systems:

1.Integrated food and beverage system:

-Point of sale ordering system

-Inventory control

-Basic customer relationship management (CRM) system including customer database and loyalty options

2.Accounting system.

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Answer :

Assignment 1: Written Report 


A business has to follow certain criteria and strategies that fulfills majority of the functions of the organisation. The current report of investigation is based on a business that deals with the new planning for a new venture of CoffeeVille. The organisation is won by Rufus Belacastran and Emma who are likely to expand their business into the venture of meal delivery and he take home venture. Therefore, the organisation requires a proper report that investigates different business functions of the organization. Hence, the report has been produced in close competence of the organisation CoffeeVille. The business systems are discussed along with finding of the appropriate business system for the new venture of CoffeeVille. The organisation business makers will also be discussed with, which is again dependent on the information system of the organisation.

Types of systems that sought to be appropriate for the business strategies 

Each business is comprised of a system that defines the organisational information system. Besides describing the information system of the organisation, the business system can also be contributed to improvement of the efficiency of the organisation as well as its effectiveness in the market. There are a number of business ystem that are into use in the organisation, but only one of them is used by an organisation. 

The variety of business systems

Decision support system: Such a system, also known as executive system is associated with involvement of the higher management system of the company or the executives in making of business decisions for long term business conduction (Demirkan & Delen, 2013). Such kind of system is flexible and does not interferes daily functioning of the business but stresses on the ultimate business outcomes.

Management information system: Here the custom is to involve the middle management system and hge lower management system. Hence, it looks forward to the empowering of the

middle and lower management of the organisation. The facilities as provided by following of such as system are the gathering of information that are relevant for the organisation (Zsambok, 2014). 

Knowledge information system: Such a system is included in an organisation that allows easier creation and dissemination of the relative information. The system is largely based on the employees who are related to creation of new knowledge and has gained expertise in sharing the same with other employees in the organisation or the colleagues (Bonczek, Holsapple & Whinston, 2014). Therefore, adequate classification of knowledge in the organisation and proper distribution of the same is facilitated in the organisation.

Transaction processing system: As suggested by the name of the system, it facilitates a routined system of information transaction process. However, a company usually deals with a number of transaction system including the billing and the accounting system (Sauter, 2014). A day to day transactional facilities helps in improving the quality of the employee performance and thus increase in the productivity is resulted.

In the context of the current functioning of the organisation CoffeeVille the system that is best suited for the same is knowledge management system and management information system. The organisation is developed on the norms of business that now focuses on a new venture that is meal delivery. Here, the delivery system of the organisation demands to involve the lower management as well as the employees such as delivery persons directly in the day to day organisational functioning (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). Therefore, it is important that the power of decision making is partially left on the members that are working in the executive posts of the organisation. CoffeeVille also strives to introduce a system that is in compliance to the take-home services of the organisation. In order to fulfil this purpose the organisation will have to introduce a system that would require building of outlets with an additional functioning. Therefore, the duties of customer handling and packing of the ordered material would require engagement of the lower level employees of the organisation. Hence, knowledge management system is to be pondered over so that flow of work is maintained without waiting for the decisions of the core committee of the organisation along with following of certain guidelines.

Showing the features and benefits of two types of management systems 

Among the different management or business systems a business should be acquainted with one system that would facilitate the functioning of the organisation. Therefore, two systems will be described in this part that is linked with the functioning of the considered organisation CoffeeVille. 

Management information system

There are a number of implications of the system where the middle as well as the lower management is supported. The functioning within the management information system enables the lower management people to make decisions in the organisation so that there is greater relevance of the decisions to the practical situations evolving during the course of functioning in the daily business occurrence. As the members in the functional committee is in direct interaction with the middle management section of the organisation, the executive members of the company will be privileged with direct communication about the shortcomings they are facing during their functioning (Al-Mamary, Shamsuddin & Abdul Hamid, 2014). On the other hand, there is also evidences of increasing efficiency of the lower level managers along with enhancement of the effectiveness of their decisions in the organisational functioning. The managers are also found to be growing efficient in providing quick solution to the queries raised by the executive members as they emerge in due course of dealing with the customers and the orders. 

Knowledge management system

The knowledgement system is the one that is built for complete empowerment of the lower level employees or the executive members of an organisation. In this section of functioning, the knowledge or the information is created by and among the employees. This is usually followed by quick dissipation of the information of the knowledge of the employees. Therefore, the communication among the colleagues are also facilitated due to effective responses as well as improved relationship between them. Besides, there is another significance of the system that it facilitates creating expertise in the organisation (Galliers & Leidner, 2014). Innovations are also facilitated in such instances making the organisation updated in the market situations. Furthermore, new functionality is also produced among the employees who tries to produce new ways of knowledge management by including the improvement of ways of communicating information from one department to another. A support of the new technology might be able to make the functioning modernized and efficient that would outstand in the industrial market. 

Implementation of such a system in the organisation has been found to have facilitating the classification of the knowledge. Hence, engagement of the expertised employees in course of time is induced in the organisation. Thus, intranets are set in the organisation which furthermore facilitates the knowledge distribution in the organisation.

Optimization of the efficiency of the system in the business along with the quality of information 

An organisation strives to provide optimisation of the efficiency of the organisational systems. Therefore, in order to maintain such a stature there is a need to make the functioning based on the lower level managers in the organisation. The lower level managers are the ones that are in direct contact with the employees as well as the core committee of the organisation. Therefore, in order to provide a functional flow in the core section of the organisation, knowledge based operation is to be integrated in the organisation (Hsu et al. 2014). Furthermore, decision making ability of the organisational members like employees or the executive members should be empowered in the process of functioning. This adds to the facilities of the organisation through producing direct communication among the employees. It has been found in many of the cases where the organisation has integrated main functioning in the lower level management stages that a better relationship is maintained in the organisational sector. This thus helps in developing well communicated and effective functioning in the organisation. The organisational benefits have a direct relationship with the effectivity of functioning. Therefore, enhanced profit making is facilitated in the organisation. 

Innovation is always welcomed in an organisation as it provides an opportunity to the company to remain updated in the market scenario. The market structure of an organization allows the organisation to evolve their functioning through incorporation of new technologies as well as new operating systems (Kim, 2015). Needs arise from the requirement which the organisation fails to integrate in its existing working system. Hence, the need to communicate among the peers or the colleagues steps up the services lining it up to new methods of information transfer and generation.

Listing the types of information that the company requires along with all its stature 

Functioning of a company is based on collection and generation of information within the organisation so that it is possible for the organisation to produce different functional points in the organisation. This part of the report is involved in recognizing different types of information that is attached to the organisational functioning.

Business is usually based on the types of information that is attached to the functions of different departments of the organisation, for example, senior managers require information that will facilitate the business planning at different stature. On the other hand, middle management of the organisation need detailed information that helps them to monitor or control the business activities from various aspects. Employees in an organisation must be provided with the information from the internal management of the company to allow them to carry out their functions. Therefore, the information that is provided to the higher and middle level managers are mainly sourced from the external environment. Therefore, such systems of information can be classified in two to three forms.

Executive support system (ESS)

The ESS has been designed to bring help to the senior executive members of the company. The senior management uses such information to make decisions in the organisation that would enhance the strategic movement of the company (Peppard & Ward, 2016). This kind of modelling system involves usage of a number of tools such as data analysis or tools for modelling. The data should be provided or reached to the senior management without any delay in the functioning. It is only helpful for a company when the information reaches with the scope of producing the strategies and implementing them on time. 

Management information system (MIS)

MIS is primarily concerned with the sources of information that is originated from the internal sources. These are mainly the information regarding the functioning of the workers where they are mainly instructed to produce functioning based on the same. Such information is originated as an outcome of the executive support system. The information is provided to the workers functioning under the lower level managers (Peltier, 2016). The source of the MIS is therefore from the transactional processes systems. Thus, this can be considered as a cyclic process where the information in originated, processed, solution is sought following its dissipation to the targeted section of the organisation. 

Office automation systems

Office automation system is one that has been created for facilitating the improvement in the organisational productivity. The organisational productivity is directly linked to the efficiency of functioning of the employees. The controlling and monitoring power of the managers are also considered as an aspect under the functioning of the organisation. It is the function of a department to receive and process the data or the information that is presented for the employees or the workers as the target audiences (Hashizume, Rosado, Fernández-Medina & Fernandez, 2013).

Describing the updating system of database information 

It is always important for the organisation to function within an updated system. Therefore, the updated system is to hailed by the organisation so that there is proper utilisation of the same by the executive as well as the senior managers of the organisation. Therefore, in order to facilitate such a system an organisation may either update the existing information system or also may replace the system completely to set up a new process of functioning. 

The present database format of the CoffeeVille is completely manual where manual orders are accepted. Besides, the execution of the orders are based on the manual systems. Furthermore, the system is also being updated by workers and the system is manual. However, the new inclusion of the take home and the meal delivery services in the organisation demands a large functional area where the organisation is expecting to receive databased information from the customers. Thereafter, the information will be accessed from the acquired databases and interpreted through updated database functioning system (Kim, 2015). Therefore, the functional system is intended to be fully controlled by the computerised systems. 

On the other hand, the record keeping is another important stature of functioning of the organisation CoffeeVille. The preliminary functioning of record keeping was primarily based on the manual record keeping. It included registering of the orders that is the information from the external sources used to encrypted through manual efforts. Thereafter, the execution of the order was manually sorted and hence the delivery could be marked in similar manner.  Therefore, the replacement of the system requires to be suited in CoffeeVille with computerised record keeping.

Outlining the related tasks for implementing the new management system 

Each new incorporation in any organisation requires to be backed up with certain additional factors that have been intended to be discussed in this portion. Therefore, incorporation of such factors should also be considered for better functioning of the organisation.

Few considerable numbers of changes should be addressed in the organisational stature. Foremost among them is to provide a set up in the organizational framework that would include a proper infrastructure for implementation of the new working procedures in the organisation. Therefore, the working conditions in the organisation as well as working conditions of the higher, middle and lower level or employees and managers should be facilitated with an appropriate framework. This framework should be provided with a supporting set up that would allow the functioning of the new systems of software (Peltier, 2016). This helps in updating the system or replacing them with an updated one. Furthermore, the company should also stress on the functioning capacity of the employees. The existing employees in the organization should be well trained so as to facilitate this updated structure of working. Besides, the organisation should also stress on the recruitment process of the organisation,. The recruitment process involves recruitment of the employees who are capable of handling the updated systems of working. The new technology should be given in expert hands so that there is no exploitation of the same. 

Security encryption of the organization as well as the business 

While proper functioning needs to be addressed in the organisation, it should be accompanied with an updated security system. Security of the acquired information should be dealt with competence so that there is no leakage of the same. The organisation thus should stress on the proper implementation of the security systems. The information that is included in the functioning of an organisation includes certain sensitive information such as client records. The client information further includes their location details, etc. Leaking of these information from the system of the organisation might prove to be deceptive for the organisation as it counters for the breaking of trust of the clients on the organisation (Hovenkamp, 2016). On the other hand, the internal information of the organisation includes the functional information of the organisation that is solely followed by the same. Therefore, leakage of such data can be problematic for the organisation when it reaches its competitors in the industry. Such a situation may harm the competitive edge of the organisation. Therefore, the security system should be addressed in the functional meetings of the organization. The information should also be dealt with care so the there is no access produced to the unauthorized members of the organization. Proper checking of the business data networks should also be included.

The suggestive requirement of the organisation should be handled with proper influence of the intellectual property rights. The legal rights of the organisation must be improved and all the legal conditions should be fulfilled so that the system can be dealt with proper functioning. 

Undertaken policies and the procedures for implementing new management systems within the business 

In order to comply with the new functional sectors of the organisation, CoffeeVille should be including certain new policies and strategies of functioning in the organisation. Therefore, there are certain factors that are influential in such factors. The implementation of new strategies require proper planning. The planning must be done with complete assistance of the experts. Hence, the planning includes consideration of the factors such as the current stages of functioning and the updated information about the new requirements of the company. On the other hand, other organisation should also consider the functioning procedures. The new venture of the organisation is aimed at incorporation of the system of meal delivery as well as packing of the orders for the take away purposes. Hence, this demands a system of computerised order checking and dissipation of the information to different departments that would execute the same. Hecne, new updated systems will have to be included in the organisation replacing the system of manual functioning. 

Certain additional requirements have to be planned for the organisational considerations such as strategies to train the existing employees so that they can assist the new models of updated functions. Besides, recruitment of the employees should also be involved in the new models of functioning so that the crew members are strengthened in their respective operations.


The functioning of the organisation CoffeeVille has been studied well in order to produce proper analysis of the functioning in the organisation. The organisation has been found to have introduced new stature of the functioning such as providence of take home as well as delivery services. Therefore, certain new incorporation has to be facilitated in the organisation so that there is compliance of the organisational function with the new system that the company is thinking to have expansion within its sector of functioning. 

Assignment 2: Communication plan 

Project team:
Situational   Analysis: SWOT
  • Customer Loyalty
  • 24X7 availability along with online facilities
  • Customers are allowed to customize their placed orders
  • Interactive Menus
  • Convenience of frequent ordering
  • Maintaining an own website with updated information
  • Greater accessibility
  • Diversity of foods
  • Inherently healthy beverages
  • Highly skilled subordinates
  • Advantage regarding the location

  • Absence of the ability to cope with latest technological   expertise
  • Major deficiency in the research and development aspirations
  • Restrained marketing and promotional budget in order to develop   the requisite brand awareness
  • Space crunch as an impediment to serve more numbers of customers   in a same time
  • High Sales cost as a by-product to abide by the notions of fair   trade and organic food
  • Absence of core leadership in cases of online ordering
  • Major loopholes regarding the segmentation of target customers
  • Major disabilities regarding the requisite management skills of   food delivery
  • Issues regarding the preservation of foods and other associated   stuffs
  • A flagrant communicational gap
  • Absence of machine incentives

  • Synergies regarding Acquisition
  • Encouragement of Innovative aptitudes
  • Consolidated Market Potential
  • Franchising and expansion
  • Corporate Catering
  • Enabling the customers to place orders or avail delivery apart   from the normal delivery hours
  • Update the standards of the deliverable in order to enhance the   quotient of hygiene
  • To attend the scopes of expansion in the virtual domain
  • Mammoth capital obtaining from the virtual industry
  • To exhibit growth and expansion in the metro cities instead of   the overseas markets   

  • Emerging political unrest and intolerance across the globe
  • Volatile international ambience along with rigid competitive   rivalry
  • Uncertainty of global coffee suppliers
  • Potential shifts of population during rehabilitation 
  • Respond or cope with the contemporary yet nascent food trends

  • To establish the existing concern as a foremost provider of food   and gourmet coffee for the Melbourne-intensive coffee drinkers with an   ethical and social awareness
  • To stimulate growth and simultaneously expand to a significant   number of major locations across Melbourne
  • To obtain a requisite 15% enhancement in the absolute sales   figure as compared to the sales performance of the previous year
  • To reduce the per store overhead in terms of ordered growth
  • To reduce the absolute cost of sales

Goals and targets
  • To exhibit a gross increase (15%) in the annual generation of   revenue simply by responding to the target market agenda
  • To impose a command in the budget in order to curb the direct   and indirect operational costs
  • To sustain the requisite standards of product with premiere   qualities of service
  • To obtain the reputation as an ethically sound and eco-friendly   unit
  • To cater the causes that directly caters the restoration of   ecological balance
  • To endow the workplace with competent, motivated and dedicated   troops of subordinates   

Audience   analysis
Internal audience characteristics
  • Individual takeaway; occupies a substantial moiety of the   estimated market size and exhibits a consistent annual growth of average 5%   annually
  • High awareness about the emerging social and ecological issues   increases the desired standard of food quality
  • Individual sit down: occupies a considerable moiety of the   estimated market size and inclined to exhibit a gross growth of annual 5%
  •  Organizations and   business catering; occupies a minor moiety of the estimated market and   inclined to exhibit a steady growth annually
  • Sensitivity to the outcomes of the peer reviews
  • Moderate price sensitivity
  • Considerably sensitive regarding the specifications and the   qualities of food 

External audience characteristics
  • CoffeeVille aims to adapt low risk and low cost means to   accomplish the requisite luxury of products in the course of global financial   turbulence
  • Core consumers are prone to pamper themselves with sound food   products in the spirit of compensating their inability to accomplish   big-ticket items
  • The alliance with rainforest might justify the ethical product   practice of CoffeeVille
  • Complying with the upcoming legislative reforms in accordance   with skills growth and growth of economy
  • Administering approaches that might promote to notion of better   training and simultaneously endow the customers services with expertise
  • CoffeeVille’s prime focus is to establish themselves as an   ethically sound and eco-friendly unit and they wish to promote their   responsibility as a socially concerned unit
  • Proper valuation of the perceptions of the customers and to   position the respective unit in accordance to that
  • Promote effective use of the websites and several other virtual   expertise in order to respond to the specific requisites of the core   consumers   

Key messages
CoffeVille   possess an embedded desire to establish the food delivery unit as a company   with premier coffee and gourmet menus with interactive menus and superior   standard of service providing. It is the moral wish of CoffeVille to   simultaneously establish it as an company with ethical soundness who are   devoted to cater the responsibilities regarding any social cause or related   to serving the restoration of ecological balance. The unit wish to expand all   across Australia with a considerable number of outlets across the major   cities while pursuing the scope and opportunities to stimulate growth and   further expanding to overseas markets.

Strategies and tactics
  • To enhance revenues simply by conducting segmented marketing   agenda
  • To attain the requisite command in direct and indirect cost of   operations
  • Retain supreme product and service quality with appropriate   standards
  • To develop a consistency of high level knowledge and expertise   with an aggressive and friendly workplace ambience
  • To establish the reputation of Coffe Vlle as an ethically sound   and eco-friendly company
  • To retain a trained and dedicated troop of subordinates