Manage Personal Work Priorities And Professional Development Assessment 2 Answer

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Question :

Assessment description

You are a Store Manager for Australian Hardware. You will develop a professional development plan with career objectives and an action plan. To assist in the development of your plan, you are required to seek feedback on your professional competency from your Chief Operating Officer, Mary Chu (played by your assessor) and a fellow Store Manager (also played by your assessor). You are required to keep a journal containing your reflection on, and explanation of, the process of planning professional development.


  1. Assess your personal knowledge and skills against competency standards such as enterprise specific competencies or nationally endorsed units of competency. In your journal, describe the process you undertook to assess your professional competency.
  2. Meet with your Chief Operating Officer, Mary Chu (played by your assessor) and a fellow Store Manager (also played by your assessor) to seek feedback on your work performance. Take notes to submit as evidence of your meetings. In your journal, describe the meeting, and the questioning and active listening techniques you used to elicit the feedback.
  3. Using the template provided in Appendix 1 develop a professional development plan. You should include:
    1. development opportunities, such as training; include opportunities to undertake within one year and within five years
    2. new skills you aim to acquire to achieve or maintain a competitive edge
    3. planned participation in networks or professional associations to enhance professional development
    4. timeframes in which to achieve development opportunities, new skills, participation in networks.

In your journal, you should discuss:

  1. how you analysed and applied feedback to your professional development plan
  2. the process you undertook to identify, evaluate and select the development opportunities included in your professional development plan – discuss learning styles and application to your planning
  3. new skills you plan to acquire – explain how acquiring these skills will provide a competitive edge
  4. examples of networking you have undertaken, are undertaking or will undertake to enhance knowledge, skills or work relationships
  5. how these plans align to the Australian Hardware simulated organisation’s policies and procedures and how they align to organisational goals and your work role.
  6. Submit your professional development plan, feedback notes and journal to your Chief Operating Officer, Mary Chu (played by your assessor) as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.


You must provide:

  • a professional development plan
  • meeting notes
  • a journal.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:

  • communication skills to receive, analyse and report on feedback
  • application of principles and techniques of planning professional development
  • knowledge of management development opportunities
  • knowledge of types of learning styles and application to professional development planning.
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Answer :


1) Assess personal skills and knowledge:

The competencies that are necessary among a store manager is five years of experience in management in an SME (DeHoratius & Ton, 2015). For being a store manager, the skills and knowledge that are necessary among an individual are a better commercial focuses and excellent leadership capabilities (Lehner, 2015). For being a successful store manager, offering proper guidance, support, training, interactive feedback and positive and productive reinforcement is essential. A successful store manager always has a focus towards making organisational profitability by overcoming regulatory challenges, maintaining quality of products and developing a better customer service (Ramanathan, Subramanian & Parrott, 2017). Therefore, it can be said that a store manager always has a better focus on the operation. A sound technical knowledge (inventory management, stocktaking and negotiation with vendors) is another competency of store manager. Having an excellent competency in communication skill is always essential for a store manager (Arrigo, 2015). Skills to make a decision, develop organisation and plan, solve the problem and maintain customer-centricity are some specific competencies among store manager (Rego, Júnior & e Cunha, 2015). Critical thinking and analytical skills are also crucial for store management.

After considering these set of competencies that are required among store manager, I have observed that I have good strength in some of the necessary skills. However, there are some skills in which I have seen some weaknesses. For the assessment of my efficiencies to be a good store manager, I have conducted a SWOT analysis. After applying the strategic tool, it is noticed by me that I have more than six years experience in the management in an MNC; therefore, I am capable of performing the responsibilities allocated to a store manager. I have a good record in maintaining commercial focuses on the organisation so that it can be helpful for Australian hardware in securing better profitability. The SWOT analysis has stated that I am a good leader who has complete control over the employees. I have sufficient focus on the operation of an organisation so that I can handle an organisational challenge and develop the right quality products and services. I am also competent in managing inventory and stock in my organisation. Therefore, it can be said that I have sound technical knowledge.

Inefficiencies in the problem-solving skill are the most significant issues among me. Due to having lesser PS skill, I have faced several problems in emergency handling.  I have negligible critical thinking skill and analysing skill that creates difficulties in investigating an issue from its depth that has created problems for me in identifying proper solutions. I have an excellence in communication skill that helps me in communicating with the suppliers as well as understanding the issues among employees and the customers. However, I have some shortness in written communication. For this reason, I cannot make the employee understand the importance of any situation with the help of written communication.

2) Feedback on the performance from COO and a fellow store manager:

For seeking the feedback from the chief operating officer and the fellow store manager, I have conducted a face-to-face interview where I have asked the question about my performance. This strategy can be helpful for mine in assessing my performance with efficiencies. The questions of the interview are shown below:

1) How far do you think that I am a good leader?

In this question, the COO has answered that I lead people by setting a good example which has made me a good leader. The COO has also demonstrated that I ensure risk-taking and consistent organisational improvement. COO thinks that I maintain excellent team dynamics, which increases organisational efficiencies.

For answering the question, the fellow store manager has responded to that I am capable of developing open communication with employees that increases bonding and cohesion among employees.  The person has also stated that I have a good focus on inspiring and motivating the team members that have established me as a good leader.

2) Do you think that I am a better operational and commercial efficiency?

COO has answered that I am competent in understanding business effectively. For this purposes, I always have a better focus towards making an informed decision which can improve the organisational profitability.  COO has also mentioned that I allocate the pro[er expenditure to perform a task which enhances operational effectiveness.

In this question, my fellow store manager has mentioned that I always guide the employees about how they can develop excellent customer services or handle the inventory, which increases the chances of profitability.

3) According to you, how much competent I am to resolve organisational issues?

For answering the question, the COO has mentioned that I have some disputes in handling the organisational issues. For this reason, they have to assign other people to resolve organisational problems.  

The fellow has mentioned that I became nervous in handling the emergencies, which reduces the scopes of grabbing different opportunity during the crisis. For this reason, the fellow store manager thinks that I need to improve this skill.

4) Do you believe that I am eligible in supporting employees in organisational premises?

The COO has mentioned that I am eligible in understanding the employee’s particular need that makes in offering proper support to the employees that they required. The COO has also described that my approach towards employees is highly effective in handling conflict in organisational premises.

The fellow manager has described that I have developed an honest and open communication with employees that helps me in assessing employee's need, which makes in offering proper support to the employees. 

5) Do you think that I have better customer-centricity? 

COO has mentioned that I develop every strategy in my organisation by considering the need of the customers. I always try to offer the best quality products by providing proper instruction to the manufacturing team. Moreover, I also help employees in developing adequate customer services.

The fellow manager has mentioned that I provide a proper guideline to the employees about how they should behave with the employees and how they will assess the need of the employees so that they can develop appropriate customer services. 

3) Developing a personal development plan:

TimeframeDescription of training and opportunityCompetencies that need to be developed
Three months
  • Play some brain games
  • Practice more problem solving
  • Developing learning about how different things work
  • Always develop better thinking about the decisions
  • Conduct a short-term course on analytical skill
I need to build my analytical skills so that I can analyse the organisational problem more profoundly and resolve it 
Four months
  • Work out for brain is essential with the help of puzzle games 
  • The utilisation of mind maps can be useful to identify and visualise the issue 
  • For improving the problem-solving skill, it is necessary to simplify different things 
  • List out a different solution for a single problem is important
  • Receiving training from the organisation for short-term in problem-solving is highly important
I need to develop my problem-solving skills so that I can resolve organisational issues and improve operational efficiencies
Three months
  • An short training to enhance critical thinking skill will be useful to improve the ability 
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of a particular situation or problem is essential to improve this skill
  • This skill can be developed by reversing a process or things
I must improve the critical thinking skill of mine for developing a more interactive solution of the problem so that it can help build excellence in operation


a)  From the feedback, I have observed that I have some issues in problem-solving skills. For this reason, I need to improve my critical thinking, problem-solving and the analysing ability. Improving these skills can help analyse a problem more deeply and develop a different effective solution for resolving the solution so that the issue can be solved with efficiencies.

b) For identifying the developmental opportunity, I have first identified the opportunities that are available in my organisation. After that, I have recognised strategies from the internet pages, books and journals to improve a particular skill. After that, I have identified different internet-based training opportunity available to me. 

c) Acquiring critical thinking skill can improve problem-solving ability. Developing problem-solving ability can resolve any organisational issues and improve the administration, productivity and operations. Analysing power can improve the capacity to explain a situation which increases the chances to develop a better corporate strategy for achieving competitive advantage.

d) I have developed networking with other managers so that I can gain some practical knowledge from them to improve my organisational efficiencies.

e) The plan has been developed in the way so that it cannot hurt a business ethically and legally so that it can align with the policies and procedures of Australian hardware. The plan has been developed in the way so that it can improve both the team and individual efficiencies of me so that the personal and the team goal can easily be achieved. For playing a role as store manager, improving problem-solving, CT and analysing skills are necessary; therefore, the plan also aligns with my role.