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You will need to write a report that compares the 2000 Healthcare United recruitment and selection guidelines against the newly developed 2010 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy and relevant legislation.  

You also need to recommend changes necessary to improve procedures and the overall process, based on current research.

You will be given copies of 2000 Healthcare United recruitment guidelines and the 2010 Healthcare United recruitment and selection policy.

1) An executive summary covering off the key findings and recommendations

2) An analysis of the following key areas for each procedure in terms of the 2010 Healthcare United Recruitment and Selection Policy, the relevant legislation underpinning each procedure and current research:

- Time frames

- Personnel

- Documentation

- Training and support

- Monitoring and evaluation.

3) Procedures to be analysed:

- Vacant position analysis

- Position description

- Advertisement

- Shortlist

- Interview preparation

- Interview applicant

- Reference check

- Job offer

4) Evidence and referenced sources, e.g. reading reference materials, internet research and direct research (contacting and interviewing organisations) that support your analysis

5)  Conclusion discussing overall process

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Answer :

Executive Summary:

This report is based on the 2000 and 2010 Healthcare United Recruitment and selection guidelines for the recruitment, induction and selection procedures of the applicant. The proper conducted analysis helps the recruitment and selection procedures. This helps the company to get the exact person suitable for the required job. Moreover, the company carries out the interview and selection procedures for getting the exact applicants.  

Assessment 1 

Recruitment and selection procedure: 


This report is based on the information with comparison of 2000 Health care United Recruitment making with 2010 Healthcare United recruitment. The healthcare company tries to seek the best professionals in the healthcare (Moses et al. 2013).These come from the backgrounds of candidates that belongs skill, interest on the working field. The recruitment procedures are mainly based upon the candidate's on the interpersonal skills and performance. There are many procedures conducted at the time of interview, in order to select the right candidates for the perfect performance of the work. There are certain selection policy and key areas for each procedure. This belongs to time frames, training, documentation, evaluation and monitoring. These procedures are analyzed on the short list, vacant position, advertisement of the vacant seats, interview applicant, position description of the job etc. These procedures help to recruit the perfect candidates based on the recruitment and selection policy. 2010 Health Care United Recruitment and Selection Policy are based upon the relevant legislation that is made by FW Act and WHS Act (Friedberg et al. 2015). The firm mainly follows three steps that are recruitment, selection and induction. 


1. 2010 Healthcare United Recruitment and Selection Policy:

The health care united recruitment is the position in which the workers are appointed on the basis of professionals’ health care. Health care United Recruitment aims to become the number one position in health care in Australia. Moreover, the firm has professional employees of about 1400 widely carrying out the health care policy. The firm has started opening another office in Hobart.  There are certain problems based on 2000 recruitment and selection policy in health care. Now the improve procedures and modification helps the company to get better in the 2010 recruitment and selection policy (Patterson et al. 2016). There are certain key areas that need to focus at the time of improving the procedures and modification. These are analysis made on the vacant position, involvement in the personal, supports and training, timeframe estimation and exact documentation. These procedures are based on the recruitment and selection policy of 2010. In the analysis of vacant position, this responsibility is shifted to manager for the exact person selection based on skills and following the selection policy. 


2. Analyzing the 2000 Health Care United Recruitment and Selection Guidelines addressing with the selection procedure of 2010 policy and legislation:


Time Frames:

Time frames are the basic thing for estimation of the selection procedure. This provides a framework continuing of the procedures of about 4 to 5 days. These procedures are followed by the policy of 2010. This time frame is carried out for the maximum of 4 to 5 weeks depending upon the selection of the candidate. This time frame is focused by the selection committee of the company. This is the first procedure made by the Healthcare United recruitment (Abelson, Blacksher, Li, Boesveld & Goold, 2013). This time frame is based on the vacant position of the candidates. Time frames completely depend upon the applicant's performing at the time of interview. 



In the personal part, both the health care united recruitment of human resource and managers are involved. The main responsibility are been carried out by the human resource team. After the human resources intervening for the interview, the manager looks out into the matter. The final research is made by the manager of the company. Moreover, the manager looks into the personal involvement in order to properly completion of the interview process. Human resource person also plays a vital role on the selection of the right candidates. From the H.R selection, the managers execute the role properly and check the candidates based on the working of the company.



A proper documentation is provided to the right candidate after the selection for the required position. This documentation belong all the necessary documents required by the company after recruiting. It includes items such as advertising copy, description of the position, name of the search or the questioning paper of the interview members. In the documentation parts also includes with things related to the candidates. These are reference letter, resumes, reference check notes, working samples and questionnaires. Moreover, the documentation belong all the documents that are required at the time of hiring from the management. This documentation provides the exact framework for the duty performed in the copy (Patterson et al. 2016). 

This belongs as relevant information that are useful for the applicant in the future use. The documentation is very much valuable for both the applicant and management of the firm. This documentation provides farm evidence to the candidates at the time of joining in the organization. This helps in providing the search of the relevant information that are required at the time of interview. The documentation provides a relevant data at the time of admission in college and school. The documentation are arranged in the organized manner at the time of interview. Documentation provides the candidates to execute the planning of data properly at the time of necessity. 


Training and support:

The training and support are the vital parts at the time of selection and recruitment. The firm manager provides offer and support for the human resource at the time of procedure. This procedure is based on guidelines of 2000 Health care United Recruitment. A proper training and support needs to be implemented at time of 2020 Health care United Recruitment. In the training, there depend certain procedures that are used in the proper execution of the training (Murdoch & Geys, 2014). These depend on the right skills, attitudes and knowledge that are required at the time of achieving the objectives. The exact selection depends on the right candidates for the suitable position.  The recruitment procedures can be done both internally and externally. In the internal recruitment process depends on the recruitment formed inside the company. In the external recruitment depends on the people that are recruited from outside the firm. Training are based on the on and off the job performance of the workers. The proper training and support encourage the employee to perform their duty on the skills and performance. This is the responsibility of training department of the firm, to guide and train the workers on the basis of skills and development. The professional training helps to develop and build the career of the employee.


Monitoring and evaluation:

The monitoring and evaluation helps in recruiting the employee based on the performance. In the evaluation, there lies with the information that can be understood by the employee. The proper monitoring helps to judge the employee based on that evaluation is made. Evaluation acts as a tool that is used in the particular areas to improve the performance of the workers. This monitoring helps in making of exact procedures at the time of recruitment of the applicants. This monitoring and evaluation helps to judge the person based on their performance. In the 2000 Health care recruitment Unit has tried to improve the selection and interview procedures. From the 2010 Health care Recruitment has improved their working procedure at the time of selection of right applicant based on the right job. The manager of the company tries to carry out the monitoring policy after the working of human resources. Moreover, the proper monitoring policy helps to judge the candidates based on the interpersonal skills and training (van den Brink, Fruytier & Thunnissen, 2013). This helps to highlight on the main working and performance of the candidate. In many company, the monitoring are mentioned clearly at the time of daily performance of the employee.  

3. Discussing the key areas of each procedure:


 Vacant Position Analysis: 

The vacant position analysis is based on the contrary for the policy of 2010. In this analysis the responsibility are shifted upon the manager from the human resource level. The recruitment and the selection procedure are made on the exact vacancy of the applicants. In the 2000 policy, it has not clearly mentioned about the analysis of the vacant position. In the year of 2010 policy, there is a huge procedures made on the vacancy of the employment (Cushway, (2014). Moreover, the vacant position analysis creates a huge demand on the recruitment procedure. This position is properly controlled by the manager, in order to execute the right person for the right position. Moreover, the exact person is known by the managers of the firm. This is not based on the current legislation of the vacant position. The managers of the organization know interview and selection process and helps in the recruitment process.   


Position description:

The description of the position is very important at the time of vacancy. The hiring manager usually selects the applicants on the existing position. The manager knows the description of the job and determines the exact position of the person that is applicants. The proper job design helps in getting the exact working of the firm. The position description depends on determining the accountability and the task required at the time of requirements.    



The advertisement is the vital things at the time of selection and recruitment of the applicants. These help the applicants to know the exact description of the work given (Bryson, James & Keep, 2013). There are many advertisement option that includes with social media, flex printing, advertisement in newspaper and websites. The advertisement provides the main information about the company's requirement. These will help the candidate to get the right person for the exact job of the firm. 



The main process of shortlist is made by the manager of the company. The applicants are been shortlisted based on the selection procedure. Short listings are also made by the company selection committee of the firm (Cloke, 2013). The shortlist is the procedures that are enlist the applicant outcomes for the final selection. The committee offered the short listing list based on the merits of the candidates.  

 Interview Preparation:

The interview committee and manager provide the interview preparation that is formed for the applicants. The preparations of the interview are based on the merits of the applicants. Committee forms the interview preparation properly to select the required candidates for the job. 

 Job offer:

This is the final steps that are performed by the company. The job offers are made by the selection committee for the final candidates. Job offers are formed with a company policy based on letter, to carry out the company rules and regulations.  

 Interview Applicant:

The interview and selection is conducted on the applicant by the selection committee of the firm. Moreover, applicants play the crucial role at the time of selection for interview (Shekelle et al. 2013). The interview and selection are based on the merits of the candidates. 

Reference check:

The selection of the right candidates comes with the references of some persons for the particular applicants. This helps the committee to get the candidate based on the merits or skills. The exact reference helps in getting the suitable person for the job. 


Evidences supporting the analysis:

The exact evidence helps in supporting the framework for the selection and interviews of the candidate. This belongs to the internet research, reading references material and direct research. This evidence helps to support the analysis that is based on selection and recruitment procedures. This evidence helps in getting the relevant information for the selection of the candidate that are based on interviews. In the evidence there are certain key areas that the company works on especially 2010 Health care United Recruitment and Selection Policy. This evidence depends on the time frames, documentation, training and support, personnel, monitoring and evaluation. This procedure and current resources are made on the documentation that requires a high evident data of the applicants. Moreover, there are certain procedures there is analysis based on evidences (Sun, Ioannidis, Agoritsas, Alba & Guyatt, 2014)

These are shortlist, vacant position analysis, advertisement, position description, reference checking, preparation of the interviews and interview applicant. The accumulation of the evidence helps to get the relevant data of the selection and interview procedures. Moreover, these evidences also help the applicants the get the exact information of the collection of data. This collected evidences in different procedures helps to bring out the bigger outcome for the applicants. The candidates can easily keep the evidence as a proof at the time of requirements. This evidence provides exact information that are required at the time of investigation of selection policy. This gathering of evidence is beneficial for both the applicants as well as for the selection committee. 



In any organization Employees are the main pillar to run up a company; For that it is required to analyzed the resource of those potential employees. 

The HR department is responsible to notice and make assessment of the interview e candidate. It should be a major matter for any organization that by the process of interview HR department can judge the value of any candidate and making recruitment of those

By a potential and skilled staff a company can benefit themselves in terms of huge revenue.

The selection process should be more flexible by that one employee can expose their original talent and no firm is become unable to recruit a well known skillful candidate for their agenda. 


It has been concluded that the proper selection and recruitment procedures needs to carried out. In 2000 Healthcare United Recruitment and selection Policy had lower selection procedures for interview of the candidate. In 2010 Healthcare United Recruitment Board has made better procedures for the selection of applicants. In this report there are certain research work carried out at the time of interview and selection process. Moreover, the procedures are made on the shortlist, advertisement, vacant position analysis, reference check. It has been concluded that the right candidates are formed by the exact selection and interview process. This helps the selection committee to get the exact person for the right job.